Skanska wins £259m army vehicle storage redevelopment

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Skanska has won a £259m declaration with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to redevelop a British Army conveyance retention and attraction installation successful Gloucestershire.

The contractor volition present the construction, on with the mechanical and electrical engineering services of caller retention buildings, workshops and an bureau astatine the tract located successful Ashchurch, Tewkesbury.

A full of 58 buildings volition beryllium demolished, portion 12 caller buildings are acceptable beryllium constructed. One existing installation volition beryllium refurbished on with wide “site-wide” renewal of infrastructure.

It builds connected the firm’s semipermanent concern with the DIO and follows the palmy transportation of the £250m Worthy Down Camp tri-forces grooming installation successful Hampshire successful 2021.

Skanska, which volition enactment alongside Mace, has said that the enactment – acceptable to beryllium completed by 2027 – volition modernise the facilities to “create a sustainable and harmless way” of maintaining and protecting British Army instrumentality and conveyance fleet.

Modern operation methods volition beryllium utilized during the task that purpose to trim programme c emissions done offsite manufacture of cardinal components that volition beryllium installed connected site.

The task aims to execute Defence Related Environmental Assessment Methodology (DREAM) Excellent – the defence property biology appraisal standard.

Skanska UK enforcement vice president Katy Dowding said: “We’re delighted to proceed supporting modernisation of the defence property pursuing completion of Worthy Down successful 2021, truthful we’re excited to assistance alteration this tract to support and support this captious plus for the army.”

Managing manager for Skanska UK’s operation limb Steve Holbrook said: “We’re besides arrogant to proceed to assistance thrust greener solutions arsenic portion of this analyzable task and program to marque important usage of modern methods of operation to thrust down c emissions.”

The conveyance retention enactment programme (VSSP) volition redevelop the army’s conveyance retention site, which is besides utilized for grooming operations – ensuring the fleet's “operational readiness” and minimising the request for conveyance maintenance.

Demolition enactment volition statesman successful September, enabling regeneration of the tract by providing caller infrastructure and updates to existing buildings. Once complete, the Ashchurch tract volition supply Controlled Humidity Environment (CHE) retention for 4,100 vehicles.

Up to 400 radical volition beryllium employed by the project, including opportunities for section people, offering a scope of jobs done demolition, groundworks, structural steelwork and scaffolding. The task volition besides enactment 10 apprenticeships.

Senior liable proprietor for VSSP Belinda Lunn said: “We are precise excited to beryllium moving with Skanska to present this task which volition bring the Ashchurch tract backmost up to afloat operating capability.

"Whilst the bulk of the army’s conveyance fleet is either connected oregon grooming for operations, a sizeable fleet is centrally stored to guarantee that they are acceptable to deploy erstwhile required.

“VSSP volition redevelop this centralised installation and present a modern, sustainable retention solution that ensures operational readiness of the army’s vehicles by minimising the request for maintenance.”