Small bathroom flooring ideas – from bold colors and striking patterns to soothing neutrals and more

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The mean bath is not overmuch bigger than the size of a king-size bed, but with clever, tiny bath flooring ideas and cautious décor decisions, your bathing abstraction tin look elegant and stylish careless of size.

If you person a bath that is simply a tiny size, it does not mean your bathroom flooring ideas person to beryllium constricted to plain colors oregon neutral finishes. A tiny bath is simply a large abstraction successful the location to get originative and beryllium bold with tile choices and dynamic colour pairings. Recent trends for patterned tiles and beardown colors amusement that you tin beryllium bold and beauteous adjacent successful the smallest of bath spaces. 

Just similar small bath ideas, you request to max retired each inch of abstraction successful your compact bathroom, and by picking prime tiny bath flooring ideas, you tin marque the astir of this abstraction done unsocial flooring designs.

Small bath flooring ideas

When it comes to readying your tiny bath flooring ideas, galore flooring companies connection escaped apps to assistance visualize the decorativeness successful your room, and 1 of the existent upsides of lone needing a quadrate metre oregon 2 is that you tin splash retired connected a ace luxe finish.

Any level covering you take volition person to beryllium waterproof and anti-slip, arsenic splashes are inevitable. Follow the manufacturers’ proposal for cleaning and care, particularly for earthy stone, and put successful the laying of tiles with the close prep and substrate arsenic good arsenic tanking wherever necessary. 

Don’t hide the underfloor heating. It’s a indispensable for year-round comfortableness and, with nary request for radiators, it frees up partition space. The last interaction is simply a luxury bathmat for a brushed measurement retired of the ablution and a speedy soak up of immoderate puddles.

For immoderate beauteous inspiration for bathroom ideas, research our apical tiny bath flooring ideas, from bathroom level tile ideas and vinyl bath flooring to marble bath flooring and non-slip bath floors. 

1. Use contrasting colors with level tiles 

Traditional woody  portion   with 2  circular  sinks successful  a bath  with Victorian level  tiles successful  bluish  and yellow.

(Image credit: Future)

In this 19th Century benignant bathroom, the beauteous Victorian tiles successful contrasting colors bluish and yellowish marque a basal retired diagnostic of the tiny flooring space. 

George Miller, Designer astatine Neptune states it’s each astir prime and not quantity successful tiny bathrooms, ‘choosing flooring for a smaller space, similar a bijou bath oregon cloakroom, shouldn’t consciousness limiting. In fact, with a smaller country to cover, you tin spend to put successful prime materials that volition marque a statement’.

When choosing colors for your bath level tiles, utilizing the color wheel volition guarantee you make harmonious and stylish colour combinations that tin basal the trial of time.

2. Add a rug for comfort 

Blue painted bath  with bluish  tiled diagnostic   wall, bluish  lavation  basal   with 2  sinks, 2  mirrors and 2  partition  lamps, pinkish  rug and seat  successful  country   of the room

(Image credit: Neptune)

Bathroom rug ideas are not typically an indispensable summation to a bath space, but they tin assistance to make a relaxing and cozy ambiance successful a country that is often viewed to beryllium objective and purely practical. 

Rugs are often utilized successful larger bathrooms with expansive level areas, however, they tin enactment conscionable arsenic good successful tiny bath spaces to make an enhanced, cozy abstraction that is lukewarm and inviting.

If you privation to debar utilizing colour done wallpaper designs oregon overgarment connected the walls, adding a rug to your tiny bath abstraction is simply a elemental and casual mode to inject quality and property without the abstraction feeling excessively overwhelming.

3. Go all-white

All-white bathroom, marble partition  tiles, achromatic  painted walls, achromatic  level  tiles, metallic broadside  table

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

White bath ideas are immoderate of the astir fashionable erstwhile it comes to designing and decorating bathrooms successful the home. White is simply a colour associated with purity and cleanliness and is simply a precise applicable prime for the bath erstwhile it comes to cleaning. 

To make a genuinely tranquil bath space, an all-white strategy with matching achromatic flooring volition marque a tiny bath consciousness overmuch bigger and brighter.

Whether you take achromatic tiles, vinyl oregon painted floorboards, an all-white plan for tiny bath flooring ideas is timeless, and allows for you to easy accommodate and tweak the strategy aboriginal down the line. You tin past simply adhd colour and texture done your accessories, fixtures and fittings.

4. Be bold with black

Black vinyl flooring successful  bath  with achromatic  and grey bath, achromatic  painted walls

Back to Black Vamp vinyl tile, Amtico Flooring

(Image credit: Amtico Flooring)

Black flooring successful a tiny bath abstraction tin make an enduring ambiance of refined elegance, from luxurious marble to vinyl, determination are an array of options to take from. 

A precise applicable and long-lasting prime for a tiny bath space, achromatic bath flooring tin beauteous overmuch coordinate with immoderate different color, allowing for you to easy prime and take different colors erstwhile decorating to statesman with and aboriginal down the enactment if you privation to marque changes. 

Black vinyl flooring, similar the 'Back to Black Vamp' flooring shown successful the supra representation from Amtico Flooring, is casual to cleanable and tin effortlessly coordinate with some accepted and modern styled spaces. When paired with achromatic tiles, achromatic flooring tin make a sophisticated, classical look, it besides works good with different neutral shades and earthy materials specified arsenic marble and wood.

5. Create an intricate tile design 

Bathroom with herringbone tiled floor, airy  wood   furniture  with sink, marble countertop and retention  baskets

(Image credit: Neptune)

A tiny bath level is simply a large spot to spell each retired for bathroom tile ideas. As determination is not arsenic overmuch abstraction to cover, creating an intricate tile plan volition marque a tiny bath consciousness elegant and luxurious. 

George Miller, Designer astatine Neptune states, ‘creating a pattern, nary substance however simple, from tiles oregon timber successful neutral tones is besides a large mode to adhd involvement underfoot without overwhelming smaller spaces’.

In this gray bathroom, the beauteous herringbone plan adds ocular involvement to the grey and achromatic scheme. The marble tiles utilized successful this classic, intricate signifier make a stylish plan connection that celebrates accepted techniques successful a modern bath space.

6. Elevate a bluish scheme

Blue bath  with tile mural, bluish  flooring, yellowish  accents, duplicate  descend  successful  achromatic  and metal

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Blue bath ideas stay 1 of the astir fashionable and versatile choices for erstwhile decorating a bath space. 

With its connections to the entity and the ocean, the colour bluish is guaranteed to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, cleanable for a bathroom. With galore bathrooms utilizing bluish overgarment and tiles, oregon finished with bluish accessories, wherefore not instrumentality your plan 1 measurement further with bluish flooring. 

Whether you take a decorative bluish level tile, oregon large, artifact colour vinyl designs, bluish flooring tin assistance a tiny bath space, enhancing your existing bluish strategy by adding quality and charm to your level space.

7. Carry the look up the wall

Marble effect   partition  and level  tiles adjacent  to a peach partition  and a greenish  cactus plant

Kingston White Brillo tile, £36.99 per sq m, CTD Tiles.

(Image credit: CTD Tiles)

Matching bath level tiles with partition tiles volition unfastened retired the space, particularly if you prime a airy code with a earthy pattern, specified arsenic these Carrara marble-effect tiles. 

Stick to 1 azygous tile oregon look for ranges that connection antithetic shapes successful the aforesaid decorativeness for added originative interest. 

8. Trick the eye

An illustration  of tiny  bath  flooring ideas showing pinkish  and achromatic  geometric level  and partition  tiles with a achromatic  descend  and golden  hardware

Parisian Café Tri Rosa porcelain tiles, £74.70 per sq m, Ca’Pietra.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Geometric tiles tin shingle up perceptions of a tiny space. Here they unfold similar a agelong carpet, starring the oculus up to the skylight and beyond. It’s a large instrumentality to usage erstwhile you lay bath level tiles successful a constrictive space, arsenic it brings immoderate property to the scheme.

These Parisian Café Tri Rosa tiles are porcelain, designed to replicate aged encaustic cement tiles. 

9. Introduce immoderate color

An illustration  of tiny  bath  flooring ideas showing bluish  ablution  country   flooring and achromatic  partition  tiles with achromatic  grouting

(Image credit: The Colour Flooring Company)

Linoleum and rubber are some earthy products that person long-been utilized to adhd a popular of colour to the bathroom. 

Okofloor is the adjacent generation; an adjacent greener signifier of expanse flooring that is colorfast and suitable for usage with underfloor heating. Made from integrated castor and rapeseed oils, it has a subtly textured decorativeness and is disposable successful 7 modern colors.

10. Make a connection with monochromes

Black and achromatic  level  tiles laid up   the broadside  of the bath with achromatic  sanitary ware

Bathrooms by DayTrue commencement astatine £8,000.

(Image credit: DayTrue)

Monochrome bath tile ideas are timeless – deliberation Art Deco achromatic and white. The irregular laying signifier of these diagonal striped tiles creates absorbing question – are they chevrons oregon stripes oregon both? 

While moving the patterns crossed the bath sheet boosts the consciousness of level abstraction and doubles the impact. 

11. Go luxe with earthy stone

A acheronian  greenish  escaped  lasting  bath successful  beforehand   of marble partition  tiles and tiny  achromatic  and achromatic  mosaic level  tiles

Antique Marble Basketweave mosaic, £238.80 per sq m, Lapicida

(Image credit: Lapicida)

Real chromatic is the luxury bath idea that volition bring unsocial signifier and texture to your floor. Stone needs due sealing and determination are immoderate cleaning products that should beryllium avoided, but it has solidity, it holds warmth good and has enduring style. Check that joists tin instrumentality the other weight, though this is improbable to beryllium a occupation successful a tiny bathroom. 

‘When you are laying chromatic connected a suspended floor, look for a minimum of 20mm thickness to trim flexing and level question underneath,’ advises James Cherrington, Director of Lapicida. ‘Good sub-floor mentation is essential.’ 

Lapicida offers a scope of earthy stones and mosaics arsenic good arsenic porcelain tiles that replicate the effect.

12. Try stone-look porcelain

An illustration  of tiny  bath  flooring ideas showing stone-loo porcelain level  tiles and a ample  achromatic  free-standing bath successful  beforehand   of a brownish  wall

Mimica Onyx Pearl Gloss Porcelain, from £46.80 per sq m, Mandarin Stone 

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Stone effects connected a porcelain tile harvester a consciousness of luxury with practicality and affordability, and the existent inclination for onyx is simply a existent gem. 

Mandarin Stone has taken inspiration from this mineral, capturing overmuch of its reflective qualities, extent and quality successful a porcelain tile, which looks each spot arsenic precious arsenic the existent thing. 

13. Consider wood-look luxury vinyl tile

Black parquet-look vinyl flooring successful  a ablution  country   with achromatic  walls and a woody  descend  basal   adjacent  to a achromatic  chair

Coal Grained Oak laid arsenic parquet, from £55 per sq m, Amtico. 

(Image credit: Amtico)

You tin usage existent wood successful a bathroom. Engineered planks person the stableness to upwind the changes successful somesthesia and humidity, but luxury vinyl tin beryllium a amended and much applicable idea for tiny bathrooms. 

Luxury vinyl tiles are built of respective layers of worldly compressed astatine precocious temperatures to springiness stableness and a pugnacious finish, and are disposable successful a wide scope of wood effects. 

14. Create a stylish grid pattern

A close-up changeable  of small, achromatic  hexagonal level  tiles nether  a woody  array  with a toothbrush

Chalkstone Honeybee Bone tiles, £28.95 per sq m, Walls & Floors.

(Image credit: Walls and Floors)

Smaller tiles enactment good successful compact spaces and are easier to chopped astir awkward fittings. The hexagon continues to beryllium a fashionable motif, creating a much integrated patterning than squares and rectangles. Many ranges person matching tiles successful squarer formats excessively truthful you tin get originative with your tile-laying.

These porcelain Chalkstone Honeybee Bone tiles person a matte decorativeness and are suitable for floors and walls. 

15. Aim for a balanced look

An illustration  of tiny  bath  flooring ideas showing decorative bluish  and achromatic  level  and partition  tiles successful  a bathroom

Mrs Jones Blue tiles, £17.99, per sq m, Tons of Tiles.

(Image credit: Tons of Tiles)

Adding a small signifier tin beryllium a beauteous thing, but bash see the equilibrium of the room. A tiny patterned level successful an all-white country whitethorn get mislaid but a matching splash backmost boosts its beingness and creates a beautifully layered scheme. 

16. Create a cohesive scheme

A bath  with achromatic  flooring and achromatic  walls with a ample  greenish  works  and a locomotion  successful  shower

SistemS and SistemU stoneware tiles by Marazzi, POA.

(Image credit: Marazzi)

No aboveground sits successful isolation successful the bathroom, truthful deliberation astir however the assorted elements connect. 

This clever tiny bath thought uses a premix of 2 acheronian level tiles, 1 with a wood effect and 1 plain, and the alteration successful texture separates the bathing portion from the shower. It is simply a subtle effect but 1 that feels precise considered, picking up connected the timber of the vanity and model frames.

What is the champion flooring for a tiny bathroom?

First things first, it's important to see the champion flooring for a tiny bathroom. Whether you person a bath oregon a shower, splashes are apt to scope the full floor, truthful it needs to beryllium practical. Anti-slip, casual to attraction for and wholly waterproof are the essentials, and marque definite it’s compatible with underfloor heating too.

Consider the sub-floor. Ground-floor bathrooms connected coagulated surfaces tin beryllium tanked and turned into wet rooms and shower rooms, but flexible timber joists and boards tin beryllium trickier to seal effectively. 

Tiles, lino, stone, prime vinyl and rubber each marque bully level coverings but a batch rests connected the mode it is laid, truthful ever usage a recommended nonrecreational for installation.

What is the champion tile size for a tiny bathroom?

So, you've got your plan sorted, present it's clip to see the champion tile size for your tiny bathroom.

Small tiles person the vantage of being casual to chopped and acceptable astir pipework and fittings but they are not the lone solution. Large format tiles proceed to beryllium fashionable and tin springiness a smart, astir grout-free decorativeness successful a tiny space. But they request to beryllium laid properly, with afloat tiles moving down the centre and chopped tiles disconnected to the sides.

Choose a shadiness of grout that volition blend. Matching level and partition tiles tin truly unfastened retired the space, but bash spell for thing with a spot of quality and warmth.

What are latest trends for flooring successful a tiny bathroom?

If you're struggling for inspiration, wherefore not look to immoderate of the latest tile trends for flooring successful tiny bathrooms?

As we proceed to walk much clip astatine home, determination is an overarching inclination for prime and durability successful each rooms arsenic good arsenic a request for privateness and retreat successful our bathrooms. 

Natural materials, acheronian bathroom colour ideas, texture and the opulence of metallic glazes connected tiles springiness a luxurious consciousness and a timeless quality. At the brighter extremity of the spectrum, sparkling achromatic partition tiles tin beryllium teamed with patterned tiles oregon artifact colour connected the level for an uplifting look that sparks joy.