Small deck ideas – 15 designs for tiny spaces

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Small plot decking ideas are a fabulous mode to heighten your plot space. Decking tin beryllium utilized to portion an country that’s purely for outdoor dining, oregon to make a low-maintenance abstraction if you don’t privation a lawn. 

You tin besides usage decking arsenic a way country from the apical to the bottommost of your garden. The quality of astir deck ideas is that you tin adhd to them – truthful you tin commencement small, and past make a larger country that could see balustrades and adjacent a tiny obstruction to supply a much sheltered abstraction to bask much months of the year. 

If your plot slopes you tin person raised decking with steps down to the little portion and usage underneath the decking for retention – decking is 1 of the astir versatile plot structures around, immoderate sized abstraction you have. 

Small plot decking ideas

These small plot ideas utilizing decking are the cleanable mode to make a useful, casual to support and charismatic space.

1. Enclose your decking

Small plot  decking ideas contained with rails, featuring a brace  of wicker chairs.

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Make a diagnostic of your decking country by enclosing it wrong the footprint of your home, an each encompassing look if you will, truthful your extracurricular abstraction becomes an hold of your location and links owed to the obstruction astir it. 

There are plentifulness of deck railing ideas to take from. Here, the wide plank of the apical barroom that runs astir the decking tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a support – for drinks and nibbles erstwhile entertaining, oregon adjacent for pots and planters. 

2. Choose slimline furniture

Slimline grey  L-shaped sofa connected  tiny  plot  decking ideas backed with agelong  grasses.

(Image credit: Danetti)

When abstraction is tight, arsenic with interiors, choosing furnishings that has a debased illustration and slim legs volition assistance to make the illusion of space. 

This acceptable is simply a large illustration of this works successful tiny plot decking ideas – you tin spot underneath the sofa and java table, and the airy wood and airy taupe cushions support the wide look ‘light’ visually. 

3. Opt for decking throughout

Small plot  decking ideas illustration  with precocious   woody  array  and stools successful  matching wood.

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

If you emotion being retired successful your plot but are not keen connected the gardening aspect, past see having the full country decked, cleanable for adding cohesion to courtyard gardens. 

A afloat decked abstraction volition besides beryllium ace low-maintenance, thing worthy considering alongside how overmuch a platform costs, and you tin usage planters against the backmost obstruction to make involvement and privacy.

4. Zone your space

Small plot  decking ideas featuring a tiny  decked country  edged with stone, with a bistro array  and chairs and a oversea  view.

(Image credit: Lagoon )

You could make a plan diagnostic erstwhile you plan your tiny garden layout by lone decking definite areas of the space. 

We emotion however this bistro seating country is edged with beauteous textured stone. The colors of the furnishings besides necktie successful visually with the decking colour and chromatic edging to springiness a cohesive look.

5. Mark your boundary

A grey  woody  platform  with array  and chairs, bordered by agelong  grasses.

(Image credit: Lagoon)

Instead of having a obstruction astatine the extremity of your plot you could usage your tiny plot decking ideas to make the boundary, particularly if you person raised decking. 

Removing gangly ocular boundaries volition besides assistance to make a tiny plot look bigger. Here, there’s a bully earthy enactment betwixt the extremity of the decking and the chaotic tract beyond.

6. Use decking arsenic a plan feature

Rustic stripped decking successful  beforehand   of a achromatic  clapboard location   with drawstring  lights and a array  and seat  seating.

(Image credit: Cox & Cox )

If your plot is constrictive oregon an awkward signifier and you are looking for long plot ideas, wherefore not adhd decking on the magnitude of your house, arsenic you tin spot here, successful a wraparound effect. It volition beryllium casual to support and provides a hard lasting country for your array and benches. 

7. Make tiny plot decking ideas enactment successful a state garden

Small plot  decking ideas successful  a state  garden, with rustic platform  way  surrounded by floral beds and terracotta pots.

(Image credit: Ann-Marie Powell Gardens)

Ann-Marie Powell, laminitis of Ann-Marie Powell Gardens, created this beauteous state plot decked scheme.

‘With a divided level garden, decking was a cleanable choice. We chose to usage greenish oak arsenic it would property with grace and character, unit washing to support the areas gaffe impervious and clean, and adding to the charm by exposing the extremity atom and earthy qualities successful the wood. 

'Laid utilizing stainless alloy mislaid caput screws truthful the fixings became invisible and didn’t rot the wood, 15 years aboriginal I really similar the platform to erstwhile it was archetypal laid.'

The clever usage of deck planting ideas successful this strategy besides maximises the disposable planting abstraction successful a tiny garden.

8. Go for flexible tiny plot decking ideas

An illustration  of tiny  plot  decking ideas with steps alongside greenish  bushes and orangish  and purple flowers.

(Image credit: Acres Wild)

'Decking is simply a precise flexible and utile worldly successful that it allows you to make utile level areas, accidental astir a tree, without the request for foundations arsenic you would with paving, which tin destruct a tree’s roots,’ says Debbie Roberts, co-founder of Acres Wild – truthful wherefore not incorporated 1 oregon 2 of these best trees for a tiny garden into your decking ideas.

The information that decking doesn't request foundations makes it a utile flooring enactment for balcony gardens too, and it tin besides beryllium made into steps, similar successful the tropical-inspired abstraction above.

9. Use decking successful immoderate weather

Small plot  decking ideas with occurrence  pit, candle lanterns, wicker seat  and sheepskin and terracotta throws.

(Image credit: Neptune)

The quality of decking is that you tin bask it each twelvemonth round. No squelching done mud to observe Bonfire Night if it has rained the nighttime earlier – you tin simply usage your decking to acceptable up a beauteous firepit and unbend wrapped successful faux throws whilst enjoying marshmallows with your family.

10. Opt for tiny plot decking ideas with levels

Small plot  decking ideas illustration  with levels of built-in seating and steps starring  up   to a tiny  tree, with bluish  partition  and yellowish  broadside  table.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Small plot decking ideas tin beryllium truthful overmuch much than a elemental level for you to locomotion on. You tin make raised areas, similar these, that tin beryllium utilized for seating and arsenic determination to spot drinks and nibbles if you are entertaining. 

They besides adhd involvement to the country of your garden. We emotion however this decking country is edged with flowers and a painted wall, and utilises soft, washed deck colour ideas that complement the vivid bluish of the wall.

How bash I physique a tiny platform area? 

You’ve been inspired by our tiny plot decking ideas and acceptable your bosom connected creating a stylish decking area, but however bash you spell astir it? 

To commencement with, you request to marque definite your crushed is flat, brushed and level. In presumption of powerfulness tools, each you request is simply a basal instrumentality kit and immoderate elemental woodworking skills. 

You request to determine connected your country – are you covering the full lawn, oregon bash you privation to support the decking to a minimum and nearer to the house?

One apical extremity is to measurement oregon astatine slightest spot your plot furnishings wherever you would similar the decking to go. This mode you tin spot however large the decking country needs to beryllium to afloat accommodate it. It’s besides worthy checking that you don’t request readying support and fto your neighbours cognize too. 

Once you person everything successful spot and you person your measurements, you request to make your framework and connect the interior joists. The spacing of these volition beryllium connected your decking plan – for example, bash you privation horizontal, diagonal, chevron oregon a peculiar pattern? 

Once this is done and each secure, you tin past adhd your platform boards by starting successful 1 country and moving out. It is important to let a spread of 3mm successful betwixt each one. Keep moving until you person finished the full area. 

Small plot  decking ideas successful  rustic exposed wood   with woody  seat  and terracotta throws.

Photography: Emma Lee

(Image credit: Future)

How tin I marque my tiny platform look good? 

You’ve made your decking – hopefully avoiding immoderate decking plan mistakes – and present you request to springiness it immoderate aftercare truthful it gives you years of enjoyment. 

First up is to springiness the decking clip to upwind naturally, and to let for a definite magnitude of earthy shrinkage and expansion. 

Then, you request to determine connected however you privation your tiny plot decking ideas to look – this besides depends connected whether the boards are brushed oregon hardwood. 

Keeping it cleanable and escaped from rotting leaves and algae is simply a must, due to the fact that some of these tin permission you with a slippery platform that tin go dangerous. 

Spring is simply a large clip to springiness your decking immoderate emotion and attention. Power washers are perfect for blasting disconnected debris, and erstwhile it’s adust springiness it a overgarment of platform oil, overgarment oregon a stain. 

The much you look aft your decking, the longer it volition last.