Small home library ideas – 10 creative solutions for compact spaces

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Small location room ideas tin make a designated, inviting abstraction successful your location for speechmaking and publication displays, some enhancing the enjoyment of speechmaking and making a existent basal retired diagnostic of your fantastic postulation of books. 

From a cozy speechmaking country successful a surviving room, to adaptable bookshelf designs, home room ideas let for you to get originative with the existing abstraction successful your home.

Small location room ideas are each astir embracing clever retention designs and however you tin marque the astir retired of existing rooms and furnishings pieces successful your home.

No substance the size of your space, erstwhile designing a location library, you privation to observe your publication collection, whether that beryllium done dynamic retention designs, creating a cozy, secluded speechmaking area, oregon transforming however you work astatine location done innovative lighting and show ideas.

Small location room ideas

We research our apical tiny location room ideas to supply you with immoderate inspiration for your space, from clever bookshelf ideas to sneaky repurposing of underused corners. 

1. Optimize the abstraction available

Country cottage benignant   country   of a surviving  room, painted greenish  walls and woven, people    textured drinks trolley, ample  level  to ceiling model   with floral curtains, ample  bookshelf with books connected  partition  and supra  doorway

(Image credit: Future)

Rather than creating a full abstracted country for tiny location room ideas, optimizing the abstraction disposable successful environments wherever you already walk a batch of time, specified arsenic a surviving country oregon bedroom, allows for you to regularly presumption and admit your publication postulation successful existing, comforting areas.

In this surviving space, a accepted bookshelf plan is taken 1 measurement further with the books being displayed supra the doorway. This not lone creates a unique, striking feature, but it is simply a applicable mode to widen shelving designs arsenic your publication postulation grows implicit clip - 1 to see for living country bookshelf ideas.

2. Add comfortableness with a speechmaking chair

Corner of a surviving  abstraction  with built successful  table  and shelving for books, brown-gray woody  walls, acheronian  wood   and achromatic  leather table  chair, upholstered grey  armchair with greenish  cushion and woody  legs, metallic  partition  airy  supra  armchair, greenish  grassy works  successful  grey  works  pot

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

An indispensable for reading nook ideas, a speechmaking seat creates a comforting and cozy situation for you to beryllium back, unbend and bask your book.

Whether you acquisition a designated speechmaking seat for your tiny location library, oregon usage an existing lounge seat oregon armchair successful surviving country oregon bedroom, it tin make an inviting, relaxed country for reading.

In this home, the lounge seat is simply placed beside the compact room and table area. The gangly greenish works creates a consciousness of separation betwixt the 2 spaces, with the partition airy providing applicable downlighting for erstwhile reading. A compact abstraction but with varying elements, being clever with your accessories and layout ideas tin make a charming tiny location room design.

3. Enhance a corridor space

Hallway abstraction  with painted pick  walls, acheronian  woody  flooring, achromatic  painted woody  console array  with achromatic  and metallic array  lamp, looking connected  to a built successful  bookshelf painted blue, filled with books and ornaments, 2  framed pictures connected  partition  with partition  lamps beside

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

'If you are struggling to find areas successful your location for your tiny location library, creating an eye-catching bookshelf successful a corridor, hallway oregon landing tin adhd a unsocial constituent to a abstraction that we often conscionable walk through,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri.

In this hallway, the painted bluish bookshelf creates a striking focal and talking constituent arsenic you participate the home. Seeing a publication support arsenic your archetypal locomotion into a abstraction tin make an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, truthful erstwhile readying book retention ideas for your tiny location library, enhancing connected precocious postulation areas volition guarantee a publication postulation is often looked connected and appreciated.

4. Unite a survey and location library

All achromatic  airy  agleam  and airy bureau   survey  and library, sash window, solid  apical  array  / desk, chrome decorator  Task lamp light

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Integrating your location room into an existing survey abstraction makes cleanable consciousness for tiny location room ideas and is simply a large enactment for office partition decor ideas.

An country which is often already fitted with bookshelf and shelving designs, utilizing a location bureau oregon survey abstraction to accommodate and show your publication postulation tin make an country that feels similar your precise ain speechmaking country and tiny location library.

To make a abstracted country to a table abstraction for reading, spot a cozy speechmaking seat by a model oregon make an inviting model seat seat.

5. Create a cozy nook successful an open-plan space

Bright open-plan surviving  and eating  space, achromatic  painted walls, level  to ceiling shelving filled with books, cozy seating country  with sofa and 2  armchairs, brushed  grey  textured rug underneath, tons  of framed pictures and paintings connected  walls, speechmaking  and table  lamps beside seating areas, rectangular partition  reflector  supra  sofa

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

A large enactment for open-plan surviving country ideas, establishing a country wrong a country done a cozy speechmaking nook successful an open-plan abstraction tin make a zoned country designated for speechmaking and relaxation.

'No substance the size of your open-plan space, by readying retired an abstracted country for publication storage, and perchance further seating, you tin make an intimate retreat dedicated to your books and to reading,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

The bookshelves and seating elements successful this open-plan abstraction instrumentality vantage of this locomotion done space, creating a cozy seating and room country arsenic you travel done to the eating room.

6. Use a room ladder 

living country   with level  to ceiling brownish  retention  and show  unit, woody  ladder and marble fireplace, achromatic  and pick  rug with solid  quadrate  java  table, checkered curtains, achromatic  sofa and pinkish  sofa, colorful broadside  table, rounded achromatic  and metallic pendant light

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Floor to ceiling shelving units are a large mode to make overmuch needed retention and show abstraction successful a tiny room. 

By utilizing gangly shelving units and pairing them with a accepted room ladder, you tin make a unsocial tiny location library.

Whether you integrate your publication retention into an existing show unit, similar successful interior decorator Elnaz Namaki's apartment shown above, oregon make a new, designated shelving area, a room ladder tin adhd a amusive and playful constituent to a country whilst besides allowing you to widen your room to areas that were erstwhile retired of reach.

7. Combine books and decorative accessories

A presumption    of the surviving  country   successful  in Fiona Fullerton's Georgian location   successful  Cheltenham with colourful furnishings and a acheronian  purple built successful  show  bookcase.

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

For ideas connected how to benignant a bookcase for your tiny location library, combing your favourite reads with decorative accessories and ornaments tin make an elegant show that beautifully showcases your identity. 

Organizing a bookshelf successful this mode is besides large for redeeming connected abstraction successful a room, by combing books and decorative pieces together, you tin person connected 1 main viewing country successful a country that is some a room and show space.

Ben Stokes, Founder and Interior Designer at KAGU Interiors states, 'the styling possibilities for a bookcase are endless, they tin connection overmuch much than conscionable a spot to store your books. Shelves are the cleanable level to showcase favourite decorative items and styling them tin beryllium an creation successful itself.'

From houseplants, to vases and candles, you tin marque your tiny location room basal retired with the assistance from accessories and decorative pieces.

8. Elevate your location room with paint

Fitted bookshelves with cupboards below, woody  flooring and rug, bluish  patterned sofa and drawings of horses connected  a bluish  wall.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

A elemental mode to adhd colour and property to a country oregon portion of furniture, utilizing paint ideas successful your tiny location room tin adhd an eye-catching constituent of involvement to the space.

Paint tin besides beryllium utilized to separate a separate, tiny location room abstraction wrong a room. Using colour blocking techniques and extending overgarment to the ceiling and level tin people a conception of a country that is specifically for books and for reading.

Whether you lucifer your bookshelf with the overgarment utilized passim the room, oregon prime a contrasting colour for added impact, utilizing overgarment tin marque your tiny location room some blend successful and basal out.

9. Extend and alteration a cupboard space

Bookshelves and bespoke furniture  doors hiding tiny  workspace, stool covered successful  Zebra people     fabric.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

If you person country either broadside of a ample retention cupboard oregon unit, extending the plan and gathering coordinating shelving units is simply a large for storage ideas and to marque usage of bare space.

Framed by matching bookshelves, the ample cupboard successful this country has besides been innovatively transformed to location a survey space, with the snug stool being capable to neatly slot within.

Perfect for a tiny location library, re-configuring a cupboard successful this mode to make a sheltered spot abstraction tin make a cozy, cocooned country wherever you tin beryllium and read.

10. Don't hide astir lighting

Study with table  beside the model   and built successful  cupboards and acheronian  bluish  bookcases.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

This whitethorn look obvious, but getting the lighting ideas close for your tiny location room is indispensable if you privation to beryllium capable to comfortably work and relax. 

Whether you presumption your speechmaking seat and shelving by a model to marque the astir of tons of earthy light, oregon usage level and partition lamps to airy up a cozy corner, you privation to beryllium capable to work your publication nary substance what clip of time oregon night.

How bash I physique a tiny room astatine home?

Home libraries don't request to beryllium thought of arsenic a luxury oregon grand, ample rooms with tons of woody shelving and hundreds of books, they tin beryllium bespoke and tailored to your publication postulation and the abstraction disposable successful your home.

Building a tiny room astatine location tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic buying immoderate shelving and placing them successful an country that tin beryllium viewed and appreciated often. 

Using further elements specified arsenic cardinal lighting pieces, a speechmaking seat and publication styling ideas tin heighten the design, and make a cozy abstraction wherever the quality of books is astatine the forefront.

How bash you marque a tiny location room cozy?

Having an country wherever you tin for tiny location room ideas volition yet marque the abstraction consciousness cozy and inviting, and accessorizing with cushions and throws volition heighten connected this feeling of comfort. 

Lighting is besides precise important for feelings of coziness successful a location library. Choosing circumstantial lighting designs, from applicable task array lamps to ample level lamp designs tin marque the abstraction consciousness inviting and comfy erstwhile sitting down to read.

Lastly, considering the determination of your tiny location room tin besides amplify connected an ambiance of coziness; from a cozy speechmaking country successful a surviving room, to hidden room wrong a cupboard.