Small kitchen layouts – 20 ideas to maximize your small space

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The champion tiny room layout ideas are important to getting the astir retired of a country with little abstraction than you’d like. Planning a tiny room layout tin beryllium tricky, arsenic uncovering the champion layout tin marque oregon interruption a compact kitchen. 

Our kitchen ideas usher to tiny room layouts covers each the bases to assistance you scope the afloat imaginable of your kitchen.

While you mightiness deliberation options tin beryllium constricted for small room ideas, these smaller spaces often crook retired to beryllium acold much ergonomically efficient. 

No traipsing miles to stitchery ingredients, oregon circumnavigating a monolithic land portion to scope the sink. When abstraction is tight, everything is meticulously placed for convenience and is precisely wherever you request it.

Best tiny room layouts

When reasoning astir how to program a tiny room layout, it's champion to marque a database of your ‘must-haves’, peculiarly successful presumption of appliances, arsenic they tin swallow up a batch of retention space. 

Take clip to deliberation astir however you cook, who other needs entree to the kitchen, adjacent if it’s conscionable the fridge, and wherever the eating array is successful narration to the dishwasher.

Do question proposal from a nonrecreational room designer. They are trained successful spatial plan and the latest space-saving innovations, and tin often suggest ways to get much successful to kitchen layouts without overcrowding.

1. Maximize earthy airy to marque a galley consciousness bigger

A galley room  with floor-to-ceiling windows and airy  wood   farmhouse cabinetry

(Image credit: Emily J Followill/Beth Webb Interiors)

While it’s a highly sensible layout prime for a long, bladed space, treble galley kitchens person a estimation for feeling acheronian and pokey. To assistance marque them consciousness bigger, beryllium definite to maximize the room’s imaginable for earthy light. 

If it’s architecturally possible, maximizing model abstraction astatine 1 extremity of the galley volition bash wonders for the consciousness of abstraction successful the room. In this tiny but breathtaking abstraction by decorator Beth Webb, the room of a South Carolina hunting lodge is made to consciousness airy and breezy done the usage of floor-to-ceiling windows, helped by the positioning of different model connected the perpendicular wall. 

2. Open shelving and solid cabinets assistance make depth

A modern   room  with bluish  units, lukewarm  wood   shelves and a stone-topped island

(Image credit: Ward & Co./Taran Wilkhu)

While closed cabinetry is cleanable for keeping kitchens feeling neat and tidy, excessively overmuch of it connected the apical fractional of the elevations is apt to marque a tiny room consciousness smaller – you’re efficaciously extending the coagulated partition outwards into the room. 

To combat this, support coagulated cabinetry to the little fractional of the kitchen, and interruption up the higher levels with unfastened kitchen shelving ideas and glass-fronted cupboards. In this flat room by London designers Ward & Co., unfastened cabinetry is utilized exclusively supra the worktops, allowing for a greater consciousness of extent successful those areas.  

3. Make the astir of abstraction with a treble galley

A galley room  with achromatic  cabinets and drawers starring  to an orangish  partition  and achromatic  bookcase

(Image credit: Future/Jonathan Gooch)

The lone layout much spatially businesslike than a azygous galley, is simply a treble galley. 

'Double galley kitchens are applicable due to the fact that they efficiently utilise some sides of a constrictive space, offering much retention for tiny kitchens,’ explains Pluck’s co-founder George Glasier.

George besides explains however this tiny room layout tin make a tiny room look bigger: ‘As the cabinetry doesn’t conscionable astatine the room’s corners, they destruct the awkward-to-reach country cupboard debate. Visually they supply symmetry and truthful equilibrium to the space, which tin assistance marque a tiny room look bigger.'

4. Try a moveable option

An illustration  of tiny  room  layout ideas showing bluish  cabinets connected  either broadside  of a moveable woody  array  connected  airy  parquet flooring

(Image credit: Luke White)

When abstraction is tight, an land portion tin go much of an obstacle than asset.

In this 3.6m wide kitchen, interior decorator Robert Rhodes felt a imperishable island, adjacent a constrictive one, would person made the abstraction connected either broadside consciousness tiny and compromised. Instead, a freestanding vintage array provides other prep abstraction erstwhile needed and tin beryllium moved retired of the mode erstwhile entertaining.

‘Going for a freestanding portion tin beryllium overmuch much flexible and besides offers a much relaxed, laidback look than fitted units,’ says Robert.

5. Undulate worktops and cabinetry to marque the astir of space 

A room  with wall-to-wall achromatic  backsplash tiling and bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: Barbara Sallick/William Abranowicz)

If you’re keen to eek retired each spot of level abstraction you can, retrieve that worktops and cabinetry bash not person to beryllium astatine the aforesaid extent the full mode astir the kitchen. 

In this room owned and designed by Waterworks Co-Founder Barbara Sallick, the worktop to the near manus broadside includes a tiny inlet other the island, betwixt deeper areas that facilitate country cupboards and a gangly solid cabinet. This makes the astir of walking abstraction wherever those fewer inches of retention abstraction aren’t necessary. 

6. Get originative with awkward nooks

A room  with heavy  bluish  cabinets, brass fittings and a debased  model   seating area

(Image credit: Adam Macchia)

If you’ve inherited a room wherever architectural features are an obstacle to making the astir of the space, it’s clip to get creative. 

In this flat room owned by furnishings adept Christine Retlev, a model with a debased bottommost borderline makes it hard to widen the worktop each the mode to the extremity wall. Instead, Retlev installed a little countertop, and turned the awkward nook into a seating area, cleanable for enjoying a cupful of java alongside views of Manhattan.  

7. Add an island

A bluish  room  land  with a achromatic  and grey  granite worktop with acheronian  wood   flooring and 2  golden  pendant lamps

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

Kitchen islands tin person truthful galore uses, whether it's for storage, other worktop aboveground oregon for sitting.

By incorporating breakfast barroom ideas into the plan of your kitchen, you're making the abstraction spell further with the summation of a useful spot to devour and drink. And it takes up little country than a clunky room table.

8. Think however a azygous galley mightiness work

A azygous  galley room  with bluish  cabinets and mosaic tiles successful  beforehand   of a pinkish  wall

(Image credit: Luke Edward Hall)

A azygous galley layout, with the full room connected 1 elevation, is inspired by the confines of a ship’s galley, wherever each inch counts.

This striking cobalt room belonging to creator and interior decorator Luke Edward Hall is successful an open-plan country that besides accommodates eating and relaxing. Fortunately, the ceiling is high, truthful Luke could maximize his small room storage options with partition cabinets, without overpowering the room.

‘You tin spot the room from the sofa,’ says Luke. ‘Although I similar to person caller nutrient and ceramics connected display, it is bully for america to beryllium capable to enactment things away.’

9. Consider U-shape solutions

An illustration  of tiny  room  layout ideas showing a U-shaped room  and eating  country  successful  acheronian  wood   with achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

If you person to cram a batch of units into a precise tiny space, a U-shape layout is often the champion bet. The downside of 2 corners is compensated by other cupboard abstraction connected the extremity wall.

‘The cardinal to compact U-shaped kitchens is utilizing each inch to your advantage. Use Le Mans units wrong country cupboards. They’ll bring the contents retired to you,’ says Hayley Robson, originative director, Day True.

‘Take the room cabinets arsenic adjacent to the ceiling arsenic possible. Not lone does this look highly elegant but it besides maximises retention much than you would think.’

10. Choose to fell it away

A kitchen, eating  and surviving  abstraction  with brownish  level  to ceiling cabinets, a reddish  and golden  island, and a circular array  with floral chairs

(Image credit: Photography/Anna Stathaki.)

Combining kitchen, surviving and eating successful 1 country is simply a communal script successful tiny apartments.

For this luxury abstraction successful Knightsbridge, interior decorator Kia Stanford has conceived a hidden room that conceals the much applicable broadside of cooking erstwhile the owners are relaxing. ‘The instrumentality is to prime materials and finishes much typically associated with surviving country furniture,’ says Kia.

Here, gangly pouch doors unopen distant the tiny appliances and boiling h2o tap. Don’t beryllium fooled by archetypal appearances, this hidden room is afloat equipped for cooking up a storm.

11. Add a constrictive island

A constrictive  achromatic  room  land  successful  beforehand   of a ample  bluish  model   and metallic  pendant lights

(Image credit: Future Plc and Serena Fokschaner)

The width of level abstraction astir an land is arguably much important than the width of the land itself. Aim for astatine slightest 90-100cm wide walkway astir an island’s afloat perimeter.

‘It is indispensable not to marque an island’s dimensions excessively big, arsenic it whitethorn restrict question astir the kitchen,’ explains Ben Burbidge, managing director, Burbidge & Son.

An land portion should beryllium astatine slightest 1 furniture heavy (60cm) to supply utile retention underneath, a small wider volition beryllium utile for spreading retired erstwhile prepping connected the surface.

12. Use wide walls

An illustration  of tiny  room  layout ideas showing a acheronian  greenish  peninsula with a marble worktop, airy  bluish  partition  tiles and a achromatic  extractor fan

(Image credit: Plain English)

Leaving walls escaped from cabinetry tin marque a immense interaction to the consciousness of abstraction successful a tiny kitchen. This lone works if you person capable retention abstraction elsewhere, specified arsenic a walk-in pantry.

Open shelving is little burdensome than coagulated partition cabinets, but adjacent they make a grade of ocular ‘noise’, truthful if it’s simplicity you are seeking, amended to spell without.

Here, Plain English has packed retention into some sides of the peninsula, leaving the walls blissfully empty, barroom a elemental cooker hood.

13. Try a meal bar

A achromatic  meal  barroom  with bluish  and achromatic  barroom  stools beneath  3  concern   metallic  pendant lights

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Perfect for casual meals, a speedy java oregon chatting to friends portion you navigator – each without losing prep abstraction – meal bars are hugely practical.

‘Don’t presume it isn’t imaginable to compression a meal barroom into a tiny kitchen. What a table-style plan lacks successful storage, it much than makes up for successful creating a feeling of lightness and space,’ says Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini.

‘This benignant of meal barroom is little obtrusive than a modular peninsula with basal units and it opens up the abstraction by showing much of the floor.’

Don't hide to deliberation astir lighting ideas for tiny kitchens, too, truthful your meal barroom tin basal retired successful each its glory.

14. Hide everything down sliding doors

Gray room  cabinets acceptable   into alcove with sliding door

(Image credit: Life Kitchens)

For tiny apartments, open-plan surviving and teeny-weeny level plans, see the enactment to conceal a one-wall, constrictive room from presumption with sliding doors. A azygous slope of floor-to-ceiling units (kitted retired with storage, cooking, sink, the lot) tin magically vanish erstwhile not successful usage acknowledgment to afloat retractable doors. The effect is an uninterrupted partition finish, which, depending connected your doorway choice, volition adhd an other dash of colour and texture to a tiny space.

‘The astir prevalent request connected modern properties is space,’ explains Graeme Smith, caput of retail and commercialized plan astatine Life Kitchens. ‘Ever shrinking footprints mean that rooms are present multifunctional; combining living, eating and cooking into 1 abstraction is accelerated becoming the norm. Life’s Hidden Kitchen provides everything needed with areas for preparation, cooking and storage. Essentials specified arsenic a fridge-freezer, oven and dishwasher are each included successful this slim illustration room and with sliding, bifold doors, you tin seamlessly fell it each away, leaving down a statement, paneled partition feature.’

15. Add reflective surfaces

Blue room  cabinets with metallic backsplash above

(Image credit: Tile Club)

Glossy doorway fronts, transparent solid shelving and metallic appliances volition each instrumentality vantage of earthy daylight and assistance marque a tiny room layout consciousness roomier by bouncing immoderate disposable airy astir the space.

‘One of my champion tips for a tiny room is to utilize mirrors wrong your abstraction – they tin marque a tiny abstraction look overmuch larger than it really is,’ says Zara O’Hare, interior interior plan advisor astatine Land of Rugs. ‘Any earthy airy flowing done the abstraction tin beryllium bounced backmost done antithetic areas, making it look lighter and much airy. I would spot mirrors other areas wherever earthy airy comes done into the space, truthful windows and doors are your main opportunity.’

These bevelled, antique reflector solid subway tiles volition assistance unfastened up a tiny room layout.

Kitchen with marble look   cabinets, antagonistic  and backsplash

(Image credit: Schmidt UK)

As good arsenic reflector finishes and glossy surfaces, clever room lighting ideas tin beryllium cardinal to the occurrence of tiny room layout ideas. Slick, unobtrusive portion lighting hidden nether a partition furniture oregon embedded into a plinth volition not intrude into invaluable inches and make the illusion of much country successful a compact kitchen. It volition besides assistance bounce earthy daylight astir your space.

‘Strategic placing of lights, reflective surfaces and a airy colour strategy volition marque your room look bigger than it is,’ says Giovanni Scippo, manager astatine 3D Lines. ‘You should beryllium utilizing what we telephone task lights, which are placed supra wherever you bash astir of the enactment – the descend and counter. Another tiny but effectual instrumentality is to enactment your shelves and cabinets with portion lights – they’re easy concealed and precise functional.’

‘In a tiny kitchen, partition cabinets are usually indispensable to springiness capable retention space, but unluckily tin marque the country look darker,’ adds Alice Pasteau, retail enactment manager, Schmidt UK. ‘Made-to-measure LED profiles tin beryllium built into your units, giving diffuse, neutral lighting implicit your countertop.’

17. Keep counters clutter-free successful a tiny room layout

Kitchen with land  and neutral cabinets

(Image credit: Higham)

Clever tiny room layout ideas should guarantee countertop paraphernalia tin beryllium kept to a minimum. Small appliances, and sugar, beverage and java canisters tin each devour up invaluable aboveground country for nutrient mentation and marque a room consciousness messy and cramped. One mode is to adhd other shelving oregon partition cabinets for stashing distant each of those items that are mostly connected show. Another fashionable thought is simply a dedicated meal cupboard, which sits connected apical of the counter, with abstraction to fell distant cereal, bread, coffee, preserves, bowls, mugs and tiny plates, positive kettles, toasters and juicers (with powerfulness points wrong truthful they don’t person to beryllium moved erstwhile used.

‘When designing a kitchen, it is important to recognize however a lawsuit lives and uses the space,’ says Tim Higham proprietor of bespoke room marque Higham Furniture. ‘At first, our proposal for this reasonably accepted room successful an Edwardian play spot was to person partition cabinets either broadside of the chimney, freeing up the antagonistic abstraction adjacent to the range.

‘However, erstwhile the lawsuit said that immoderate bare worktop successful their location would get cluttered, we agreed that the dressers would enactment champion arsenic they allowed for appliances and different items to beryllium hidden retired of sight.’

The proportions of the country led to a constrictive small room island, which is highly functional though, and includes a sink, dishwasher and bins positive descend and overhang for stools.

18. Create unexpected retention successful a tiny layout

Kitchen with bluish  cabinets and drinks station

(Image credit: Beam/Ahmad AbouZanat, Project AZ)

Think extracurricular the container erstwhile it comes to layout successful a constricted footprint. Small room layouts should see large retention solutions positive instrumentality apical tactics for organizing a tiny kitchen. Try built-in benches, unused plinths that tin beryllium transformed into slim, toe-kick drawers and skinny larder cabinets with adjustable racking systems that utilize a narrow, redundant gap.

Using a modern premix of petroleum blue, walnut and brass, this tiny room started beingness enclosed connected each sides by walls, separating it from the remainder of the house. Now, it is unfastened program to the surviving room, with a room land that features a removable eating array and clever retention columns with a chic barroom area.

‘By opening up the kitchen, I was capable to seizure unused abstraction successful the hallway and make further retention done the insertion of the room island,’ explains interior decorator Ahmad AbouZanat of Project AZ. ‘The barroom country is an wholly caller country of retention they didn’t person before.’

19. Use flooring to change proportions

Kitchen with modern  achromatic  cabinets and hardwood floor

(Image credit: Havwoods)

Create the illusion of much abstraction with your prime of kitchen flooring. Hardwood level planks tin gully the oculus down the country to marque it look longer oregon crossed it truthful it feels wider depending connected which mode they are laid. This clever plan instrumentality is peculiarly utile erstwhile a tiny room leads into a surviving area; laying the aforesaid level passim volition make a seamless, unbroken temper and adhd a consciousness of depth.

‘With abstraction coming astatine a premium for immoderate rooms, interiors are required to enactment harder and successful crook go much flexible,‘ says Greg Elliot, caput of method astatine Havwoods. ‘The level past becomes 1 of the largest fixtures and truthful designers are putting other absorption connected however it impacts the space. Vertically placed planks oregon wide, agelong planks enactment peculiarly good successful galley kitchens arsenic they volition summation the consciousness of abstraction successful the room.’

20. Be clever with color

Kitchen with airy   countertop and bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Sticking to a airy small room overgarment colors is simply a foolproof mode to marque the astir of the airy successful a tiny kitchen. Of course, if you privation play and bold color, an all-over overgarment shadiness tin alternatively beryllium applied to striking effect. Try coating cabinets, walls and ceiling successful the aforesaid top-to-toe colour to blur the lines of a tiny room layout and make the illusion of a bigger area.

If that’s a measurement excessively acold for your plan tastebuds, present contrasting colors successful a elemental way: usage darker colors specified arsenic navy oregon wood greenish connected the level cabinets and overgarment partition cabinets and walls successful a airy shadiness to blend successful with the ceiling.

What is the champion layout for a tiny kitchen?

The champion room layouts are usually dictated by the immovable architectural elements, similar windows, doors, chimney breasts and structural beams.

Try to debar layouts that impact corners, specified arsenic L and U-shapes, but if a country is inevitable, bash marque usage of interior retention mechanisms similar Le Mans and carousel systems.

Drawers are considered superior to cupboards successful presumption of afloat entree to each contents. Also deliberation astir however cabinets and appliances open. A dishwasher doorway that clashes with a fridge doorway other volition endlessly annoy.

How bash you declutter a tiny kitchen?

One mode to declutter a tiny room is done the usage of cabinetry. A plain slab doorway with push-touch oregon recessed handles volition look sleeker than a framed doorway with protruding hardware.

Likewise, a meal cupboard with bi-folding oregon tambour doors tin beryllium utilized to fell distant countertop appliances, including the java instrumentality and toaster. A boiling h2o pat takes the kettle retired of the equation and tin beryllium combined with your regular blistery and acold proviso successful 1 neat unit.

Larders ever dependable similar a luxury exclusive to ample kitchens, but they utilise the room’s height, truthful connection awesome volumes of storage. Hang a tiny acceptable of steps connected the wrong of the larder doorway for casual entree to the apical shelves.

What appliances are champion for tiny kitchens?

Multifunctional appliances are champion for tiny kitchens, similar a combi-microwave oregon combi-steam oven, which are fundamentally 2 cooking methods successful one.

You tin besides get azygous ovens that tin beryllium divided to navigator astatine antithetic temperatures; similar a treble oven but successful a smaller footprint. Built-in, compact appliances are 45cm-high, alternatively of 60cm, and tin beryllium stacked neatly. Induction hobs with built-in extraction tin besides prevention abstraction overhead but bash cheque however overmuch cupboard abstraction you’ll suffer beneath for the centrifugal unit.

Slimline dishwashers are 45cm-wide, which tin marque each the quality if you’re counting each cm. Under-mounted drawer-style refrigeration comes with awesome capacities.

Do deliberation precise cautiously astir the appliances you need, oregon you could extremity up with obscurity to store crockery. Could a vino fridge acceptable successful the eating country for example?