Small laundry room ideas – 20 compact designs that are guaranteed to save space

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Our abstraction redeeming tiny laundry country ideas volition animate you whether you are reworking an existing tiny laundry room, person gained a abstraction pursuing an addition, oregon simply imagination of 1 time having a abstraction dedicated solely to laundry.

Small laundry country ideas

From built-in cabinetry to shelving with plentifulness of rustic appeal, these tiny laundry country ideas and designs for smaller spaces connection stylish solutions that are arsenic functional.  

1. Work a laundry country into an awkward space

Small laundry country   ideas nether  a sloped ceiling, with bluish  painted cabinetry and unfastened  shelving, woody  countertops and a bluish  and achromatic  tiled floor.

Gunter & Co Interiors

(Image credit: Gunter & Co Interiors)

If you are moving with a historical location that offers plentifulness of quirk, character, and awkward angles, see however this mightiness beryllium of payment to your laundry country design. Here, a abstraction with a sloping ceiling has been transformed into a stylish, compact laundry area. 

Irene Gunter from Gunter & Co. Interiors (opens successful caller tab) provides the pursuing insight: ‘Often laundry rooms are choky connected space, truthful erstwhile designing one, retention and enactment are key. 

'We relish the challenge, and enactment with our clients to deliberation astir their day-to-day requirements to optimize the country and marque it relation arsenic efficiently arsenic possible; what instrumentality bash they usage regularly, what needs to beryllium accessible rapidly and what tin beryllium stored away.’

2. Rely connected retention solutions to marque the astir of tiny laundry country ideas

Small laundry country   ideas featuring a fold-out woody  drying rack successful  a achromatic  and neutral strategy  with a ample  vase of flowers.

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

If you are keen to kit retired a tiny laundry country to its afloat potential, clever laundry country retention ideas are essential. 

Here, a partition drying rack – which tin beryllium neatly folded backmost – provides other abstraction for aerial drying without being a imperishable feature. 

3. Choose 1 shadiness for a cohesive finish

Small laundry country   ideas with midnight bluish  painted cabinetry and woody  backsplash, unfastened  shelving and woody  worktop.

Little Nest Cottage

(Image credit: Little Nest Cottage)

If you are renovating an existing laundry country connected a budget, see painted room cabinets for a speedy and effectual update.

Opting for a azygous shadiness that tin beryllium utilized connected walls, cabinetry, paneling and much volition execute a high-end, cohesive decorativeness for small to nary money. Here, a heavy shadiness of bluish is effectual successful framing the abstraction and provides the cleanable backdrop for accessories successful neutral tones.

4. Opt for unfastened shelving successful a tiny laundry room

A tiny  laundry country   with abstraction  redeeming  unfastened  shelving successful  a achromatic  strategy  with patterned level  tiles.

(Image credit: Nordic House)

A large alternate to accepted laundry country furniture ideas, unfastened shelving is simply a clever enactment for those seeking to maximize retention without creating a boxy consciousness wrong a tiny laundry space. Just marque definite you’re displaying your astir delightful crockery.

Concerned your laundry country shelving volition go a dumping crushed for clutter? Consider investing successful immoderate well-placed rattan baskets.

5. Invest successful customized carpentry for a high-end finish

Fitted airy   grey  cabinetry successful  an L-shaped tiny  laundry room, with achromatic  countertop and level  tiles.

Higham Furniture 

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

Even a tiny laundry country tin execute a high-end decorativeness with the assistance of an expert. 

Not lone volition bespoke carpentry guarantee you maximize your space, making the astir of each awkward angle, but moving with an experienced decorator is besides an effectual mode of gathering a functional strategy that volition assistance to organize a laundry room.

6. Combine retention solutions for a modern rustic finish

Small laundry country   ideas successful  a brownish  painted woody  strategy  with a jug of dried flowers beside a butler sink.

(Image credit: Studio Laloc / Farrow & Ball )

And if the azygous look isn’t for you, spell the other mode by combining a assortment of textures and retention solutions for a homey, unfitted finish.

Here, a shallow support beneath fitted cabinets provides the cleanable spot for trinkets, which inject quality into what mightiness different beryllium a purely functional space. Consider concealing appliances down a antagonistic curtain to guarantee that they are hidden away, but inactive easy accessible.

Recreate the look with the shadiness Dead Salmon, by Farrow & Ball.

7. Incorporate a laundry country into an existing space

Small laundry country   ideas incorporated into a achromatic  bath  with mosaic tiles and golden  faucet.

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

If you cannot dedicate an full abstraction to the laundry room, wherefore not see moving utility country ideas into an existing niche, possibly by incorporating a laundry country into your bathroom ideas.

Here, a reasonably sized bath doubles up arsenic a laundry room, with the descend serving a dual relation and clever retention solutions ensuring the abstraction is maximized. 

Installing a hanging rack is simply a utile enactment for shirts, that whitethorn prevention you astatine slightest a small clip ironing.

8. Inject texture into tiny laundry country ideas – and a neutral colour palette

Neutral tiny  laundry country   ideas with earthy  wood   textured cabinets and dried flowers by a achromatic  countertop and backsplash.

(Image credit: Gigi + Gray)

If neutral tones and earthy materials appeal, see however texture mightiness beryllium utilized to disagreement your abstraction and make interest.

Here, rattan is utilized to decorativeness 1 of the floor-to-ceiling laundry country closet ideas, and the effect is simply a abstraction packed with plentifulness of character.

9. Choose the champion retention to guarantee your abstraction stays neat and tidy 

A wood   panelled airy   grey  laundry country   strategy  with butler sink, achromatic  subway tiles and woody  countertops and unfastened  shelf.

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

The extremity of laundry country makeovers is to make spaces that are neat and organized,  so you’ll request to prioritize prime storage.

Louise Wicksteed, plan manager astatine Sims Hilditch (opens successful caller tab) provides the pursuing advice: ‘We urge bespoke retention to assistance maximize space, peculiarly successful tiny laundry rooms. 

'You mightiness similar to recess shelving into the walls and stow wicker retention baskets inside, arsenic a neat and aesthetically pleasing vas successful which to store bits and bobs.’

10. Plan an L-shaped laundry room

L-shaped tiny  laundry country   ideas successful  a achromatic  strategy  with acheronian  gray-blue painted cabinets.

(Image credit: Lori Paranjape)

If you are looking for narrow inferior country ideas, opting for an L-shaped laundry country layout whitethorn beryllium the champion enactment to assistance you genuinely maximize each inch of space.

Here, gorgeous blue-green cabinetry is teamed with achromatic paintwork to execute a stylish finish. Choosing to maximize retention imaginable connected 1 wall, portion leaving the different bare, prevents the abstraction from feeling overwhelmed. A accepted sash model astatine the extremity of the country floods the abstraction with light.

11. Tuck your laundry country down a partition

A folding achromatic  doorway  separating disconnected  an each  achromatic  laundry country   country  with grey  marble countertops and unfastened  shelving.

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

If you’re keen to enactment a laundry country into an open program kitchen oregon surviving space, this astute set-up, implicit with folding doors, is surely an enactment worthy considering. 

Complete with laundry country essentials including a sink, washing machine, and plentifulness of storage, it is easy accessible connected laundry time but tin beryllium concealed rapidly if you person spontaneous guests.

Louise Wicksteed, plan manager astatine Sims Hilditch, says: ‘Don’t hide that your laundry country is an hold of your home, truthful it should travel the aforesaid themes that hap passim the remainder of your kitchen ideas, including colour strategy and materials used.’

12. Choose shiplap paneling to marque your abstraction look larger 

Small laundry country   ideas with achromatic  shiplap paneling, a butler descend  and grey  slate floor.

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Horizontal paneling ideas for walls are effectual successful making a abstraction look larger, longer and wider, which is wherefore it is simply a fashionable enactment for tiny spaces – including inferior and laundry rooms. 

Aside from this, shiplap paneling is simply a trendy solution that promises to adhd plentifulness of rustic entreaty to immoderate tiny laundry country ideas.

13. Invest successful a ceiling airer to maximize space

small laundry room, with a pulley drying rack, woody  apparel  obstruction   and chromatic  countertop successful  a neutral and achromatic  scheme.

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

A pulley drying rack is simply a clever mode to marque abstraction for airing not conscionable apparel but larger items specified arsenic bedlinen and towels, too. The maximize its practicality, bent it implicit a descend truthful that truly bedewed items tin beryllium lined up to drip dry; if it is adjacent a model that opens, too, each the better.

14. Install heated towel rails for a one-wall laundry room

How to signifier   a laundry country   with partition  mounted drying racks, successful  a achromatic  strategy  with airy   greenish  accents.

(Image credit: Future / Carolyn Barber)

Small laundry country ideas person to beryllium clever to truly work, and this is 1 of our favorites: a bid of wall-hung heated towel rails that tin adust items without taking up immoderate level abstraction astatine all.

Another mode to make an businesslike drying country is to enactment your walls with hanging racks and instal underfloor heating alternatively of heated rails. 

15. Use a freestanding furniture to location laundry country essentials

small laundry country   cabinet

(Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens)

In a tiny laundry room, retention is everything. If your abstraction is lacking ample storage, effort designating a laundry furniture successful a spot successful your location that's adjacent to your laundry room. A freestanding wardrobe oregon ample furniture tin location washing-day essentials neatly down closed doors.

16. Add partition hooks to a tiny laundry room

tiny laundry country   with hooks

(Image credit: Northland Build)

There's nary abstraction to discarded successful a tiny laundry room. That means utilizing your vertical quadrate footage, too. One of the champion ways to bash this is by adding partition hooks. They aren't arsenic heavy arsenic shelving, truthful won't assemblage a choky space, and they're utile for holding everything from laundry bags, to air-dry items, to apparel hangers. 

17. Hide your washer and dryer successful plain sight

laundry country   wrong  a cabinet

(Image credit: Camden Grace Interiors / Lam Photography )

If you don't person abstraction for a dedicated laundry room, fell your washer and dryer down customized cabinetry. 

When closed, the furniture doors marque this laundry country by Camden Grace Interiors (opens successful caller tab) look similar elemental built ins. When the doors are open, the spot turns into a full-on laundry presumption acknowledgment to the countertop, which acts arsenic a useful spot to scrub, sort, and fold clothes. 

18. Add multi-purpose shelving

rejuvenation laundry country   with storage

(Image credit: Rejuvenation)

Storage shelves and a hanging barroom are indispensable haves for an businesslike laundry room. If you can't carve retired a dedicated portion for each, effort a support with a built-in hanging barroom astatine the bottom, similar this mentation from Rejuvenation (opens successful caller tab).  

You tin store your laundry soap, wool dryer balls, oregon scrub brushes connected the shelf, and stash hangers connected the rack truthful you tin bent up apparel consecutive from the dryer. 

19. Add a functional laundry pedestal

home benignant   laundry pedestal with drawers

(Image credit: Home Sort)

Laundry pedestals are useful for front-loading washer-dryers due to the fact that they destruct the request to crook implicit each clip you flip the laundry. A laundry pedestal with built successful drawers, connected the different can, tin prevention your backmost and create invaluable retention abstraction successful your laundry room.

20. Stack appliances to prevention space

laundry country   cabinets with windows

(Image credit: Courtney Sempliner / Kyle Caldwell)

Stacking your dryer implicit the washer is simply a elemental mode to prevention quadrate footage successful a tiny laundry room. Here, New York based interior decorator Courtney Sempliner (opens successful caller tab) has created abstraction for some appliances alongside countertop and cabinetry – not to notation a utile descend – connected a abbreviated agelong of wall. This is the cleanable floorplan erstwhile combining a tiny laundry abstraction with a mudroom.

How bash you maximize abstraction successful a tiny laundry room?

Well-organized retention is cardinal to maximizing abstraction successful a tiny laundry room. As good arsenic partition and basal cabinets and pull-out drawers for stashing smaller items (batteries, bin bags, insubstantial towels, etc), don't hide a gangly furniture for keeping an iron, ironing board, mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner. 

Often, a precise large oregon heavy descend specified arsenic a robust Belfast benignant is apical of a inferior privation database for hand-washing garments, rinsing disconnected muddy wellies and shot boots and adjacent washing the canine if you are combining your laundry country with applicable mudroom ideas. A faucet with a pull-out oregon extendible spray valve is cleanable for wide cleaning, arsenic good arsenic filling buckets and washing down bulky items. 

Make definite determination is simply a decent magnitude of enactment aboveground astir the descend and elsewhere successful the room for sorting done laundry and stacking baskets – oregon tuck them retired of the mode successful a adjacent niche.

Where bash you enactment your laundry successful a tiny house?

If you unrecorded successful a tiny house, you whitethorn not person immoderate laundry country astatine all. But, if you inactive request a spot to acceptable a washer and dryer, present are a fewer spots to consider:

In a closet. A stacking washer/dryer tin acceptable successful a tiny hallway closet. Use bi-fold doors to maximize postulation travel erstwhile you're doing laundry. A walk-in closet (even a tiny one) successful an upstairs chamber is besides an perfect spot for laundry. In a bathroom. Your bath tin beryllium a convenient spot to instal laundry due to the fact that you'll already person the plumbing sited. If your existing bath layout doesn't each abstraction for your laundry, see converting a bathtub to a ablution stall to marque country for a stacking washer/dryer. Rethink existing space. If you person a country successful your location that doesn't get a ton of use, similar a pulverization country oregon sunroom, see transforming it into (or taking a portion of it for) a laundry room.In the basement. Of course, there's ever the basement. While it whitethorn not beryllium the astir luxurious spot successful your location (unless you're fortunate capable to person a finished basement), it's a applicable spot for your laundry. You tin spruce things up a spot with agleam lighting, an indoor/outdoor rug, and immoderate overgarment connected the walls (yes, adjacent if they're concrete).