Small living room lighting ideas – 29 designs and expert advice

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Small surviving country lighting ideas aren't conscionable astir picking airy fittings with the close proportions. 

Lighting tin marque oregon interruption a scheme, and arsenic stylists and interior designers volition often explain, there’s nary abstraction wherever it matters much than successful multi-tasking, tiny surviving rooms. 

The cardinal erstwhile you're looking for living country lighting ideas for much compact spaces is to present aggregate layers that integrate some ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly. 

Below, we explicate how, with adept input, and springiness you plentifulness of ocular inspiration.

Small surviving country lighting ideas

These are our favourite tiny surviving country lighting ideas – and we've added tons of utile proposal from lighting experts, too.

1. Light up shadowy corners

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas with a TV nook with grey walls, grey sofa, orangish  cushions, bookshelf walls, chandelier with achromatic  lampshades and level  and array  lamps successful  some  corners

(Image credit: Yellow London/Matt Clayton)

The astir important occupation of tiny surviving country lighting ideas is to marque definite the full country gets the airy it needs, erstwhile it needs it. In compact rooms with less-than-ideal levels of earthy light, it’s overmuch easier for corners to go shadiness traps, making the abstraction consciousness adjacent smaller astatine night. 

Banish this occupation by situating airy sources successful these corners, arsenic demonstrated successful this plan for a surviving country TV nook by Yellow London, which tucks array lamps and lasting lamps wherever they are needed most. 

2. Choose lamps that treble arsenic works of art

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas with an orange-brown sofa, achromatic  walls and achromatic  plaster array  lamp

(Image credit: Christine Retlev/Adam Macchia )

By definition, smaller rooms mean little abstraction to acceptable successful the much frivolous aspects of interior plan – and that tin mean artwork gets bumped down the precedence database down much utile objects. To battalion arsenic overmuch unsocial quality arsenic you tin into a tiny surviving room, look for airy fittings that treble arsenic works of art. 

In the location of furnishings adept Christine Retlev, the surviving country sofa is flanked by a brace of highly sculptural plaster lamps from Blackman Cruz. If you person partition abstraction to spare, see sculptural living country partition lighting ideas that springiness arsenic overmuch quality to the abstraction arsenic a painting, but with added glow.  

3. Put downlights connected a abstracted circuit

Downlighters successful  a achromatic  minimalist strategy  demonstrating tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin / Katie Goring)

‘Put each lights connected dimmer switches and person a assortment of circuits successful each country – usually 1 for downlight, 1 for array lamps and 1 for the cardinal light,’ advises lighting specialist, Lucy Vaughan. 

For small surviving country ideas with a little ceiling similar this one, a connection chandelier mightiness beryllium excessively imposing, but it’s inactive important to get immoderate airy into the centre of the room. Use downlights, controlled separately, to illuminate the java table.

4. Create zones with lighting

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas with achromatic  walls, achromatic  and wood   mid-century modern   armchair, bluish  rug and achromatic  level  speechmaking  lamp

(Image credit: Lisa Staton Interior Design/Haris Kenjar)

When reasoning astir how to program surviving country lighting, see however its usage tin really assistance change the layout of the room. In a tiny country that has aggregate jobs to bash – a surviving country tin astatine erstwhile beryllium a playroom, a location office, a TV country and much – it tin beryllium harder to adhd a consciousness of part to dedicated areas. 

Specific task oregon temper lighting tin assistance portion an area: successful this country by decorator Lisa Staton, a reclined armchair is accompanied by a level speechmaking lamp, indicating that this portion of the country is cleanable for perching successful with a bully book. 

5. Choose a multi-directional chandelier 

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas with bluish  walls, bluish  sofa, orangish  armchairs and a sputnik chandlier with coned lampshades implicit    the bulbs

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

One of the biggest living country lighting trends close present is adding a modern rotation to classical chandelier design. The astir fashionable mode to bash this is to opt for a sputnik chandelier – a mid-century modern-style lighting statement that usually sees bulbs attached to the ends of spokes that sprout retired successful myriad directions. 

Not lone is this a dynamic choice, but it besides works good successful smaller rooms with little earthy light, casting its glow crossed each parts of the room, and adjacent into shadowier corners.  

6. Choose minimal but impactful fittings 

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas with pinkish  floral armchairs, achromatic  walls, achromatic  framed tarnished reflector  and brass hoop airy  fitting with LED barroom  crossed  center

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

A tiny surviving country can’t ever grip a dramatically ample airy fitting. If you privation to marque a connection without crowding the space, see a much minimal ceiling fixture that makes an interaction due to the fact that of its absorbing design, not its carnal size. 

In this room, a airy fitting consisting of a brass hoop with an LED barroom crossed its mediate puts a precise modern stamp connected the room, but its simplicity and embracing of antagonistic abstraction means its beingness is acold from overbearing. 

7. Use surviving country lighting to heighten mood

Two armchairs successful  a bay model   with level  lamp surviving  country   lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Changing conscionable a fewer airy fittings tin person a immense interaction connected immoderate interior, but peculiarly erstwhile looking astatine apartment surviving country ideas. 

The easiest mode to update your strategy is to adhd level and array lighting. Not lone are they visually appealing but, erstwhile placed carefully, tin assistance heighten the ambiance of a country making it lukewarm and romantic, crisp and bright, oregon chill and sophisticated. 

A spot of imagination, a humble fund and a plug socket are each that is needed. Although it mightiness look much complicated, changing pendants needn’t beryllium daunting – and needn't outgo much.

8. Make a connection with surviving country lighting

A greenish  patterned array  lamp connected  a console array  with greenish  and achromatic  patterned wallpaper.

(Image credit: Future / Chris Everard / Sally Conran)

Creating a connection strategy is simply a large lighting trend close now. Decorative shades, specified arsenic patterned options successful linen, are casual updates and large for adding bursts of eye-catching colour to a room, time oregon night, without having to alteration your partition colour oregon furniture.

9. Be definite to person capable light

A chandelier successful  a expansive  strategy  with reddish  oriental rug demonstrating tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Layers of airy are the astir effectual mode to illuminate a country that is apt to beryllium utilized for antithetic purposes, including entertaining and relaxing, speechmaking a publication oregon watching television. This tin beryllium achieved with a operation of decorative partition and array lamps with architectural lighting, truthful that you tin power betwixt them arsenic required. 

‘It’s important to make layers for practicality and ambience; a premix of downlights successful the ceiling, tasking lighting for enactment oregon to acceptable by, and decorative lighting,’ explains Vaughan.

10. Highlight important details

Built-in bookshelves and a brace  of armchairs successful  a achromatic  scheme.

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

Give your oculus thing pleasing to absorption connected erstwhile entering your surviving room. More directional LED downlights tin beryllium utilized to illuminate a bookcase oregon curtains, portion others tin beryllium utilized to item the java array and supply a cardinal focus. A accepted representation airy tin enactment good supra a painting, but a directional LED downlight is simply a bully if determination is insufficient country to acceptable a representation light.

11. Go for mobile – oregon partition hung – tiny surviving country lights

A array  lamp showing tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas beside a airy   sofa with bluish  accessories.

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Traditional decorative array and partition lamps make wide airy and tin beryllium switched connected and disconnected according to mood. Table lamps are are superb prime for tiny surviving rooms arsenic they tin beryllium moved astir easy erstwhile not successful use.

12. Invest successful a ample surviving country airy fixture

A beige sofa, greenish  partition  and cloth  and solid  pendant airy  demonstrating tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Don’t beryllium acrophobic to spell large with your tiny surviving country lighting ideas. Oversized pendant lighting is simply a amazingly fantastic enactment for tiny spaces. 

It takes a small bravery, but you tin spend to usage larger lights than you mightiness astatine archetypal deliberation sensible. Big chandeliers, drum pendants and elephantine level lamps are each precise overmuch successful vogue for those who similar their lighting to marque a statement. Try making a akin splash by choosing large-scale pieces that volition anchor a scheme.

Ultimately, your lights volition walk much clip disconnected than on. They person to beryllium good wrong your strategy and look large each the clip – not conscionable erstwhile they’re on. Remember that you tin alteration a lampshade rather inexpensively, truthful don’t beryllium acrophobic to beryllium bold.

13. Think astir materials and texture

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas successful  a achromatic  loft surviving  country   with bluish  armchairs, neutral sofas and rooftop views.

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

‘Effective lighting tin alteration your home, defining space, highlighting plan schemes and creating ambiance and interest,' advises Peter Bowles, Managing Director astatine Original BTC. 

'Consider materials and relation – bony china gives a gentle, ambient glow, prismatic solid exaggerates and intensifies light, portion aluminum and different metals bring a much concern spirit and greater ocular impact.’

14. Utilize each airy source

Glass pendant lighting, a partition  airy  and a array  lamp against acheronian  purple walls arsenic  examples of tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas.

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Be generous with your tiny surviving country lighting ideas. The much sources of airy you have, the much moods you tin create. Narrow surviving rooms tin often consciousness cramped, dull and dim, truthful you privation to marque the astir of each constituent of airy available. 

Clustering a fewer tiny lamps is simply a large mode to adhd interaction to an alcove oregon mantelpiece. A fistful of tiny pendant lampshades implicit a java array volition person a bigger ocular effect than utilizing 1 alone.

15. Create symmetry successful a tiny surviving country with lighting

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas featuring a connection    pendant airy  reflected successful  a mantelpiece reflector  with a golden  colour  scheme.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

If you privation to make a smart, designed look past spell for symmetry with your lighting and small surviving country retention ideas. Paired lamps connected matching console tables oregon astatine either extremity of a mantelpiece volition framework immoderate is betwixt them and springiness a operation to your scheme.

16. Use airy fixtures to adhd colour and intrigue

Blue ceiling lights arsenic  a tiny  surviving  country   lighting thought  with floral armchairs.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lewis)

'Creating the close ambience is indispensable wrong immoderate space,' advises Claire Anstey, lighting purchaser astatine Heal’s. 'Lighting is becoming much decorative; it’s a superb mode of injecting colour oregon property into immoderate room, astatine minimal cost. 

'Whether it beryllium a connection pendant successful a surviving country oregon a classical speechmaking lamp successful the corner, utilizing lighting to refresh a abstraction is simply a truly casual but affordable mode to update your home.’

17. Make it match

A tiny  surviving  country   lighting thought  with matching yellowish  armchair and array  lamps

(Image credit: Future/Jake Curtis)

It is often said that sticking to neutral colour strategy volition assistance to make a simple, agleam scheme, and that surely rings existent for tiny surviving country lighting ideas, too. 

'Add a consciousness of harmony to your strategy by matching accessories and brushed furnishings to the colors of your lampshade,' says Sophie Amini, decorator astatine Pooky.

18. Position furnishings first

Basement tiny  surviving  country   lighting ideas successful  a sleek, neutral strategy  with courtyard plot  and beige sofa.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Consider the layout of furnishings first, and past program lighting to suit. Incorporate level sockets that tin beryllium hidden nether a couch for a tiny surviving room and wiring that tin beryllium hidden down objects. The airy fittings successful this basement surviving country visually blend into the strategy for an uncluttered, minimal aesthetic.

19. Factor successful a functional, family-friendly scheme

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas featuring achromatic  partition  lamps supra  a ample  L-shaped bluish  sofa.

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

With clever tiny surviving country lighting ideas, the aforesaid strategy tin make galore antithetic settings, from cosy dinners and household homework sessions to late-night movie watching. Banish the overpowering airy hanging from the centre of the country and spell for layers, up and down, truthful you tin accommodate to antithetic moods and activities. 

This means a substance of overhead lighting, pendants, floor-standing lights and array lamps. Task lighting is indispensable of course, but 1 glaring airy doesn’t marque for a relaxing oregon pleasant chill-out.

20. Highlight selectively with clever tiny surviving country lighting ideas

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas illustration  with uplighting of a achromatic  and achromatic  coating  supra  a fireplace.

(Image credit: Future / John Cullen)

Avoid lighting each representation oregon diagnostic successful a room; alternatively determine astatine the outset which volition beryllium the main points of focus. Too overmuch accent airy volition lessen the interaction and make lone wide inheritance light. In this room, the fireplace is mildly lit with uplights for a subtle highlight, leaving immoderate shadiness elsewhere.

21. Use mirrors to treble lighting effects

Small surviving  country   lighting ideas featuring 2  tiny  cloth  array  lamps successful  beforehand   of a ample  gilded mirror.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

This tiny surviving country has an other instrumentality up its sleeve: the symmetrical array lamps connected the console array beryllium successful beforehand of a ample mirror. In daylight, the reflector makes the country consciousness larger and brighter – and creates fantastic treble views of the furnishings, including the lights. 

At night, the soft, lukewarm glow fixed disconnected by the array lamps is doubled, enhancing the extent that the reflector gives the country inactive more, making this 1 of the astir effectual space-enhancing tiny surviving country lighting ideas.

22. Include a partition airy successful a tiny oregon constrictive space

pink surviving  country   with wood   sideboard and artwork, grounds   subordinate    and brass partition  light, patterned rug

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Efficient living country partition lighting ideas are exceptional space-savers – and marque a fantastic summation to tiny oregon long surviving room.

You tin partition lights them to item cardinal areas, specified arsenic exquisite artwork, architectural details oregon connection pieces of furniture. In this room, the brass plan is illuminating the grounds subordinate and volition formed a glow connected the artwork too. They tin beryllium utilized arsenic a brace oregon marque a diagnostic of a azygous design. 

23. Create an eclectic look by mixing up styles

neutral surviving  country   with greenish  sofa, rust and patterned cushions, coating  connected  wall, paint, level  lamp, drapes

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

‘Employ a modern level lamp beside an antique living country sofa to make a curated look, and likewise, a brace of modern lamps connected antique tables enactment peculiarly well. Similarly, antique lamps connected modern broadside tables,’ says Camilla Clarke, originative manager astatine Albion Nord. 

This light-filled abstraction has a cozy consciousness acknowledgment to the carefully-chosen living country colour scheme, portion the vintage level lamp blends successful perfectly. The signifier of the shadiness volition guarantee that erstwhile the earthy airy fades, it volition offset a beauteous diffused glow. 

24. Use a array lamp to make a decorative corner

living country   country   with agleam  array  lamp, country   of orangish  sofa, yellowish  and bluish  cushions, yellowish  walls, occurrence  surround

(Image credit: KDLoves)

There are galore connection array lamps connected connection contiguous similar this beauteous plan with its bold colored basal and decorative shade. Use this benignant of benignant to brighten up a acheronian country and lucifer it to your colour scheme. All you request to bash is propulsion retired 1 oregon 2 cardinal colors and transportation that done into your brushed furnishings and accessories. This 1 works peculiarly good arsenic the sofa and pillows are plain, but 1 has a neon trim that matches the trim connected the lampshade – it’s these kinds of details that count. 

25. Go precocious with your placement

living country   with pick  boucle armchair, patterned rug, golden  broadside  table, achromatic  gangly  boy, golden  array  lamp, achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

We speech astir layering your lighting successful presumption of pendants, partition lights, level and array lamps, but you tin besides furniture successful presumption of tallness too. 

Table lamps thin to beryllium placed connected broadside tables and consoles, but wherefore not enactment 1 higher up arsenic Jonathan Adler has truthful done here? 

It volition make a glow little than a pendant, but higher than a modular lamp-on-side-table statement truthful volition make a glow successful a antithetic way, the cardinal is to premix it up a small and not to conform to the modular placement. 

How bash you airy a tiny surviving room? 

Getting the equilibrium close betwixt lighting types, sources and styles tin beryllium tricky, particularly successful tiny surviving country lighting ideas. 

‘Lighting helps make the ambiance successful a surviving room,’ says interior decorator Amy Jones. ‘It’s the abstraction wherever a multitude of activities instrumentality spot from entertaining friends and bingeing connected container sets to speechmaking – truthful you request a cautiously considered lighting program that facilitates each of those things.’

Simon Wallis-Smith, manager and decorator astatine Fritz Fryer Lighting, add: ‘A well-conceived lighting strategy tin alteration you to item a tiny room’s architectural features, arsenic good arsenic supply task lighting wherever you request it most, and acceptable the close mood. Without a bully lighting scheme, it’s each conscionable a guess.’

It’s not ever astir the quantity of lighting fittings successful a compact scheme. It depends connected the abstraction you person and what it’s utilized for. The champion tiny surviving country lighting schemes furniture antithetic types of light, allowing maximum flexibility wrong the room. Smart tiny surviving country lighting ideas tin assistance you visually disagreement oregon portion an open-plan space, arsenic overmuch arsenic furnishings can, by illuminating each portion differently.

What benignant of lighting is champion for a surviving room?

Rapid changes successful exertion combined with an ever-increasing array of finishes, styles and shapes person made lighting 1 of the astir breathtaking areas of modern design.

In presumption of surviving country lighting ideas, you request to divided your lighting into task, accent and ambient – they each necessitate precise antithetic lights. 

Desk and level lamps, with their directional lights are champion for task lighting; portion accent lighting is utile to illuminate artwork, furnishings and features (think representation lights oregon recessed spots connected a gangly partition to item its height). 

Ambient lighting, which should beryllium considered past successful a scheme, adds ambiance and creates mood. It’s a operation of each 3 that makes for a broad and considered scheme.

Good prime LEDs volition supply an charismatic prime of airy and colour rendition – discreet, debased glare fittings enactment best.

How tin lighting marque my country look bigger? 

Small surviving country lighting ideas surely person the quality to marque your abstraction look bigger. 'It’s each astir illuminating the corners of a country and layering light,’ explains Wallis-Smith. 

‘The instrumentality is to incorporated arsenic galore layers arsenic possible, truthful that nary 1 airy root is trying to bash excessively overmuch successful your room.’