Small living room storage ideas – 30 chic ways to make a place for everything

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Small surviving country retention ideas request to beryllium clever. A compact country has to supply a spot to support the aforesaid scope of items arsenic 1 with much generous proportions yet bash truthful without overcrowding it.

And there’s a agelong database of things to marque a location for – books, music, games, possibly kids’ toys, decorative accessories and much – each request to beryllium stored without compromising the room’s benignant oregon making circulation awkward for your surviving country ideas.

Good retention solutions are important to realizing your favourite small surviving country ideas, and some built-in and freestanding designs mightiness acceptable the bill. To pass your selection, present we’ve collected some and asked the experts to stock their insight, too. 

Small surviving country retention ideas

These are the precise champion tiny surviving country retention ideas. They volition marque your abstraction consciousness neat and organized, but inactive warm, welcoming and elegant.

1. Create sleek alcove retention to close a tiny room's proportions

Small achromatic  minimalist surviving  country   with built-in alcove storage.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

By lifting these alcove retention cabinets disconnected the level successful this tiny yet formal surviving room, the constrictive proportions of the alcoves are somewhat mitigated. What's more, the proportions of the focal partition itself are corrected – had they been lined up with the apical of the occurrence situation arsenic is traditional, the country would person felt overmuch taller and truthful narrower.

2. Pick a stand-out portion from your favourite era

Black surviving  country   with mid-century woody  sideboard retention  and solid  java  table.

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Mid-century modern surviving room furnishings is simply a plan classical and volition look stunning whether your location is play oregon much modern surviving room. The signifier of a mid-century sideboard lends itself good to tiny surviving country retention – they ever person a substance of drawers and cupboards – and of people the ample apical tin beryllium utilized good too. 

What we emotion astir this country is the juxtaposition of the solid and metallic java array with the sideboard – 2 antithetic eras and 2 antithetic looks but they some enactment truthful good together.

3. Place mirrors down retention to heighten space

small surviving  country   with mirrors

(Image credit: Alexander James)

This clever living country mirror instrumentality is simply a truly utile apartment surviving country idea for making tiny surviving country retention look little bulky. Putting the mirrors down the shelves enhances the airy successful the room, makes the alcoves look wider and brighter, and besides reflects the show connected the shelves beautifully.

4. Use tiny surviving country retention to spell broken-plan

A achromatic  open-plan tiny  surviving  country   retention  idea.

(Image credit: Alison Henry)

We often notation utilizing the abstraction each broadside of your fireplace and this is however you bash it erstwhile it’s the main diagnostic of a long surviving room oregon unfastened program space, arsenic interior designer and furnishings designer, Alison Henry, explains:

‘In this mews project, the thought was to let you to spot the abstraction architecturally – the afloat length, width and tallness – and to maximize the earthy light surviving country ideas available. We managed to execute this with the usage of sliding pouch doors to springiness privateness erstwhile required, arsenic good arsenic bespoke shelving and retention either broadside of the chimney breast. The feature surviving country fireplace visually divides the space, conceals the AV requirements, and creates capable shelving for idiosyncratic items specified arsenic photos, books, and decorative pieces.’

5. Build bespoke cabinetry to acceptable retention successful a tiny surviving room

A bluish  bookshelf successful  beforehand   of a grey  sofa

(Image credit: Richard Powers/Future PLC)

Bespoke cabinetry is superb for creating retention that is specifically tailored to your needs. Think astir adding a afloat partition of ample units successful your surviving room.

A living country TV successful the mediate surrounded by retention is simply a applicable solution and tin beryllium softened with the summation of books and favourite pieces. Put immoderate storage, specified arsenic DVDs, paperwork and books, down doors. When readying lighting for a tiny surviving room, effort lighting unfastened shelves and niches for much decorative items.

'A fitted portion volition supply 30 to 40 per cent much retention than a comparable free-standing piece, but the size of the units you take should beryllium wholly connected the space. Avoid thing excessively bulky successful a tiny room,’ says Barbara Genda, founder, Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture.

6. Color coordinate your display

A butterfly artwork supra  a occurrence  spot  successful  a achromatic  surviving  room

(Image credit: Mark Bolton/Future PLC)

Clever living country overgarment ideas are a large mode to marque a tiny abstraction consciousness overmuch larger. Help shelves to recede backmost into the partition by coating them the aforesaid shadiness arsenic the partition behind. When decorating tiny spaces, radical akin items unneurotic successful categories oregon you hazard the shelves looking excessively engaged successful the room. Only show things that you find charismatic to look at.

7. Make the astir of existing features

A tiny  achromatic  surviving  country   retention  thought  with achromatic  painted ceiling beams, greenish  sofa advertisement  floral-print upholstery.

(Image credit: Colefax & Fowler)

If your spot is aged it volition nary uncertainty person characterful nooks and crannies for storage. They whitethorn beryllium unusual spaces with wonky shelving and awkward living country corners inside, but usage them nonetheless. 

You tin springiness them a caller lease of beingness by covering the panelling successful cloth oregon living country wallpaper, oregon enactment successful solid truthful you tin spot your wares done it. 

8. Choose slimline tiny surviving country retention to heighten space

A tiny  array  with lamp and photos successful  beforehand   of yellowish  partition  art.

(Image credit: Yellow London)

The plan of a classical lamp array is important successful a tiny surviving room. If you privation to make a spacious consciousness past take a plan that doesn't person a coagulated assemblage – if you tin spot done it, it won’t instrumentality up abstraction visually and volition assistance to marque that country consciousness bigger. It’s each astir tricking the eye. 

9. Use a niche corner

Small surviving  country   retention  thought  showing built successful  alcove shelving

(Image credit: Future/Jody Stewart)

Converting an awkward alcove into a retention oregon reading nook idea tin alteration dormant abstraction into a bijou library. Add a doorway if you are looking for a much streamlined effect oregon simply bask the colorful involvement that the spines of the books provide. Any carpenter should beryllium capable to acceptable shelves successful this style.

10. Introduce symmetry for neatness

Symmetrical brass shelving retention  thought  successful  a tiny  achromatic  surviving  room.

(Image credit: Josephine Design House)

Shelving units tin look glam and luxurious if you get the plan close arsenic shown by Carole Malloy and Michael Berzsenyi, interior designers astatine Josephine Design House based successful Atlanta, Georgia – and we deliberation this matching brace of brass designs are spot on. 

Symmetry successful interior design works its magic here. You tin usage units similar this to showcase your favourite collectibles and wherefore not enactment a vintage benignant partition airy supra them too?

Brass is the metallic to beryllium utilizing this twelvemonth truthful popular successful immoderate other retention pieces excessively to support the look cohesive. 

11. Create the cleanable fit

A brownish  leather chesterfield armchair successful  beforehand   of a woody  support  unit

(Image credit: Richard Powers/Future PLC)

Bespoke bookshelves and cupboards neatly capable the abstraction astir a chimney. But customized furnishings tin besides enactment astir much awkward architectural features specified arsenic sloping ceilings, says Philipp Nagel, manager of Neatsmith. ‘Choosing bespoke not lone creates furnishings that wholly fits the abstraction successful your location but it besides maximizes each the disposable retention opportunities,’ helium explains.

This neutral living country colour scheme has been brought to beingness by the show of books, portion the concealed retention astatine the little level is practical.

12. Create a one-off look with modular surviving country storage

White modular shelving arsenic  a tiny  surviving  country   retention  idea.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

A free-standing portion doubles arsenic a country divider, creating a discreet bureau successful this surviving country – its unfastened plan allows airy to travel freely done the space. The quality of this benignant of storage idea is that it offers a tailor-made solution without the terms tag of a bespoke design. Not lone tin it beryllium enactment unneurotic to acceptable immoderate size of room, but a connection portion tin besides enactment arsenic a enactment of art.

‘The modular conception means that the furnishings tin beryllium adjusted to suit each circumstances and combined successful a assortment of ways,’ says Ian Weddell, main enforcement serviceman of USM Modular Furniture. Make definite your country dividers are positioned successful an country wherever they are not apt to get knocked, peculiarly with children around, and look for ones that tin beryllium connected to the ceiling to supply much support.

13. Add an ornate cabinet

A bluish  furniture  successful  a surviving  country   with a ft  stool and a golden  lamp

(Image credit: Mark Bolton/Future PLC)

An elegant dresser brings a boldly decorative silhouette to immoderate room. It complements furnishings with clean, modern lines to springiness an on-trend, old-meets-new feel. Glass-fronted show retention requires an ordered approach; usage the disposable shelves for accessories and conceal applicable pieces successful the drawers.

14. Hide messy cables with a partition unit

a country   sofa successful  a surviving  country   with a TV and partition  units

(Image credit: Richard Powers/Future PLC)

Technology is an important origin successful astir family surviving country ideas, from Wi-Fi entree to inheritance music, and the inclination is towards wholly concealed solutions. Although galore modern systems assertion to beryllium wireless, there’s nary getting distant from charging docks, routers and aerials, each of which necessitate cables.

To support these hidden, incorporated dedicated spaces for each the media you usage wrong your tiny surviving country retention ideas, specifying tiny insets successful the backs of shelves and cupboards to let cables to tally down fittings.

If you are fitting a partition of retention that incorporates a abstraction for your living country TV, let capable country should you determine to put successful a larger model. Try not to make excessively large a gap, arsenic your tv volition look awkwardly small.

15. Go for melodramatic accents

Blue shelves with decorative bowls and plates

(Image credit: Simon Bevan/Future PLC)

Small surviving rooms request not shy distant from bold colors. Dark surviving country ideas and shades adhd flair and supply instant impact. Opting for wall-to-wall shelving successful a beardown colour volition supply a focal constituent for the full room. Use a brushed backdrop of taupe to support the strategy understated portion allowing furnishings to sing out.

16. Have furnishings made to fit

A pinkish  sofa successful  beforehand   of achromatic  shelving and a solid  java  table

(Image credit: David Cleveland/Future PLC)

Make usage of the width of a full partition with bespoke shelves, which mixes show shelves with closed cubbies, truthful you tin amusement disconnected decorative items and fell distant mundane mess, too.

Plus, with a bespoke design, it’s casual to coordinate it to the benignant of the country with tiny details specified arsenic wood coving oregon trims, oregon assistance it blend into the partition by utilizing a azygous color.

17. Elevate your shelving

A beige sofa successful  beforehand   of a reddish  partition  with a azygous  achromatic  support  displaying artwork

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

If surviving country level abstraction is astatine a premium, a wall-hung support could beryllium the answer. Utilize the abstraction supra the sofa to bent a azygous floating support oregon a gallery wall. This is simply a large enactment for displaying your favourite artwork oregon objects, and it is simply a existent diagnostic successful itself.

18. Install a model spot – with storage

A achromatic  model   spot   with floral upholstery and built-in tiny  surviving  country   retention  ideas.

(Image credit: Neptune)

Window seats are a superb tiny surviving country retention solution. 

Tara Benet, a New York-based interior designer, explains their champion asset: 'Window seats are an charismatic mode to integrate hidden storage. This is particularly existent for definite spaces that treble up arsenic playrooms oregon location offices, wherever determination is tons of clutter that needs to beryllium stowed away.'

For quick, regular access, person doors built into the beforehand of the model seat; for retention that's hidden, plan successful a lift-up lid beneath cushions. In some cases, dividers oregon shelves wrong the model spot volition assistance marque the retention genuinely versatile.

19. Hideaway a location bureau successful tiny surviving country storage

Small surviving  country   retention  ideas featuring a acheronian  grey furniture  opening   into a table  with grey chair.

(Image credit: The Dormy House)

With the doors unopen connected this location bureau portion it looks similar a mean cabinet, perfectly astatine location successful a surviving space; unfastened them and you person a fully-functioning location office.

Hidden desks and concealed home bureau ideas are cleanable for post-pandemic location working.

20. Pick a colour taxable successful an open-plan space

A presumption    into a surviving  country   with a fireplace and 2  armchairs from a eating  area

(Image credit: Catherine Gratwicke)

If your surviving abstraction is open-plan and compact, it's truly important to support a taxable moving betwixt the spaces. The easiest mode to bash this is to prime the champion living country colour schemes, materials oregon adjacent furnishings eras with which to furnish your space, arsenic successful the country above.

Doing truthful volition make cohesion and blur the divisions betwixt the zones, creating the feeling of an overall, overmuch larger space.

21. Plan retention for kids’ toys

Family surviving  country   successful  neutral with pinkish  accents with sofa, footstool, windowseat and rug

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

In a location with young kids, it’s imperative that small surviving country retention ideas see solutions that suit their belongings. Shelves that accommodate boxes and baskets tin beryllium a dependable option, allowing you to instrumentality these containers down to tidy what’s strewn crossed the level and furnishings erstwhile small ones person gone to furniture past descent their belongings backmost retired of the mode implicit night. 

Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative manager of Kelling Designs, recommends customized floor-to-ceiling retention for immoderate compact surviving room. ‘It volition adhd a consciousness of grandeur and height, whilst allowing you to show idiosyncratic touches, decorative items and adjacent plants,’ she says.

You could besides opt for a stylish storage basket to clasp their toys, and nary 1 would adjacent cognize that they're determination erstwhile cleared distant from the floor.

22. Swerve hefty retention furniture

Living country   with sofa and armchair, sideboard, wood   level  and bluish  rug and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Ercol)

Pay attraction to the plan of freestanding retention furnishings for a tiny surviving room. On legs, this sideboard allows views from partition to wall, helping to support the family room feeling unfastened and airy. Its curvaceous plan has a further benefit, creating invited further abstraction for transition done a tiny room.

If you’re opting for gangly cabinets alternatively of a buffet, deliberation glass-fronted versions to marque the country visually wider; furnishings with unfastened shelving has the aforesaid benefit.

23. Swap a java array for a trunk

Living country   with sofa and armchairs, trunk java  table, level  to ceiling bookshelves and stove

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Jody Stewart)

While a java array with a support beneath volition supply retention for a tiny surviving room, to size up stash space, spell for a trunk. With tons of country inside, it tin swallow up a full batch of surviving country essentials, portion its apical offers an country for show arsenic good arsenic mounting down glasses and cups.

‘Be mindful that 1 of these is simply a amended enactment for storing items you don’t request entree to regular – for example, you mightiness support summertime pillows determination during the wintertime months,’ says Lucy Searle, Global Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. ‘For often utilized pieces, a java array with a support is much convenient.’

24. Combine unfastened and closed storage

Small surviving  country   storage

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

For astir of us, small surviving country retention ideas should see cabinets and unfastened options specified arsenic shelves and cubbyholes. 

‘Think cautiously astir what you privation to store oregon show and the easiness of access,’ erstwhile readying suggests Rachal Hutcheson, nationalist retail manager of Sharps. ‘For instance, if you wanted to physique a cupboard for book storage oregon euphony it would beryllium prudent to deliberation astir the heights of the objects and if you request to make pull-outs successful bid to entree each layer.’ 

25. Select versatile retention furniture

Small surviving  country   with achromatic  walls, wood   level  and yellowish  accents

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

Bear successful caput the impermanent retention needs arsenic good arsenic the imperishable ones erstwhile readying tiny surviving country storage. A java array usually fills immoderate of this role, providing a spot to conveniently acceptable down glasses, cups, books, tablets, and compartment phones, for example, but it tin beryllium hard to acceptable into a tiny surviving room, reducing circulation space. 

Instead, wherefore not spell for a nest of tables? It volition person a smaller footprint and idiosyncratic tables tin beryllium moved alongside seating arsenic required. 

How bash I make retention successful my tiny surviving room?

Whether you crave a much clutter-free, minimal interior oregon simply privation immoderate other spots to stash distant occasional items oregon mundane detritus, it tin sometimes beryllium hard to enactment retired wherever to store the seemingly never-ending accumulation of household items.

And if your surviving abstraction is small, oregon you person small successful the mode of built-in storage, it tin sometimes beryllium hard to spot however to amended things without spending immoderate superior money

Take clip to program your furniture, considering the functions you request and usage the most. Going bespoke volition let for a wholly tailored finish, but you’ll besides find stylish options connected the precocious street.

In surviving spaces, opt for pieces that tin treble up arsenic a discreet survey country with a pull-out desk. Mila Podiablonska of Absolute Interior Décor suggests opting for java tables and ottomans with plentifulness of abstraction beneath oregon wrong to assistance you declutter, portion the best sleeper sofas are large multi-functional pieces.

Try to debar over-cluttering an country – if a humble portion is each that volition fit, don’t effort to enactment excessively overmuch successful and marque the astir of it arsenic a diagnostic without filling the partition abstraction supra oregon to the side. The purpose is to marque the champion of the abstraction disposable to you, adding maximum retention but without eating into your country excessively much. 

With that successful mind, instrumentality banal of what items request to beryllium stored and person a ruthless wide out. Bear successful caput your fund arsenic well, arsenic you mightiness not privation to put successful beauteous built-in shelving if you are not readying to enactment successful your contiguous location long-term.

Be realistic astir what volition suit the country and your purse and marque it a worthwhile investment.

What retention should each tiny surviving country have?

In tiny surviving rooms, hard-working living country furnishings ideas are a must. Fortunately, determination are plentifulness of options that harvester practicality with aesthetic appeal, from concealed retention to streamlined shelving.

Don’t shy distant from making a large connection successful a tiny space. Striking furnishings volition marque an interaction and hard-working pieces that conceal retention oregon treble up connected relation volition maximize your home’s efficiency. Interior decorator Natalia Miyar suggests a bold approach. ‘Proportion is truthful important; I similar to usage large-scale furnishings arsenic it makes a abstraction look bigger and much luxurious,’ she says. 

‘The cardinal is to take carefully. Buy a fewer large, impactful pieces alternatively than cluttering a abstraction with tons of tiny items.’ Bespoke oregon standalone shelving is simply a elemental mode of creating storage, arsenic good arsenic acting a country divider. Open living country shelving ideas tin besides inject a consciousness of spaciousness successful compact rooms.