Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Review: restaurant quality in your own backyard

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The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is the archetypal pizza oven from the institution celebrated for its smokeless occurrence pits. This tabletop oven touts a convenient size, a dual-fuel enactment (wood oregon gas-fired) and a full big of accessories designed to crook immoderate budding location navigator into a full-fledged pizza chef. 

But is Solo Stove arsenic bully astatine making pizza oven arsenic it is astatine making bonfires? 

We were fortunate capable to beryllium 1 of the archetypal to trial retired this caller launch, and if archetypal impressions are thing to spell by, this is 1 of the best pizza ovens you tin buy. Here's our verdict connected the Pi successful our Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Review.  

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven, $624.99, (opens successful caller tab)Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven: Specs

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

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Fuel type: wood with a state optionDiameter: 20.5 successful (52.07 cm)Height: 15.125 successful (38.42 cm)Weight: 30 poundsOven temperature: Up to 750˚F erstwhile wood fired, 800˚F erstwhile gas-firedPizza size: 12 inch pizzasPizza cooking time: 2 minutesUse: outdoor usage onlySolo Stove Pi Pizza Oven: Delivery and Setup

solo stove pi

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The Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven shipped straight from the company, and was connected my doorstep a fewer days aft I ordered it. The container was astir 2 feet quadrate and 18" high, and reasonably lightweight. It took 2 radical to determination it, though, moreso due to the fact that it was ample than due to the fact that it was heavy.

I recovered the directions to beryllium precise wide and elemental to follow, and setup was done successful a substance of minutes. Basically, you conscionable spot the cooking bricks into the stove, insert the substance grate and ash cookware into the backmost of the oven, and you're done. 

The stove needs to beryllium placed connected a flat, non-flammable surface, truthful I enactment excavation connected a chromatic patio ledge. This besides made it casual to entree some the beforehand and backmost of the pizza oven, truthful we could adhd wood to the occurrence from the backmost of the oven arsenic needed portion besides cooking pizzas from the front. 

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven: What's it similar to use

Lighting the Solo Stove Pi

wood for pizza oven

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There are 2 substance options for the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven: wood, and gas. I tried it with wood (the gas-fired attachment is sold separately, but works with the wood-fired stove).

Starting the occurrence wasn't needfully challenging, but it took longer than I'd anticipated.

I deliberation the happening I recovered to beryllium frustrating astir starting the Pi was that, erstwhile I went to usage it, I was hoping to conscionable propulsion immoderate logs successful and get it roaring, but it required a fewer further steps that one didn't recognize I needed to do.

The large 1 is that you'll request a precise circumstantial size and benignant of log to commencement the fire. The directions specify kiln-dried wood, truthful you'll request that. Then, the logs request to beryllium 1" wide by 4-5" long. I had kiln-dried firewood, but it was average-sized pieces. So, earlier we could usage it, my hubby had to chop it down into small fragments. Our log pieces weren't precisely 1"x 5", but they were close-ish enough. 

The directions besides specified that you'll request a tiny occurrence starter to insert into the substance grate to really commencement the fire. Luckily, I besides had occurrence starters connected manus and conscionable trimmed 1 down.

Neither of these are a immense deal, conscionable thing to cognize erstwhile you bargain the oven due to the fact that it would person been a symptom to person to spell retired and bargain occurrence starters and hardwood if we didn't already person it.

testing pizza oven temp

(Image credit: Future / Kaitlin Madden)

Once we had the wood and occurrence starter whittled down to size, the remainder of the process of getting the occurrence going was easy. I added the occurrence starter and wood to the substance grate, lit it, and waited.

The oven heats up quickly. We had a laser thermometer (something other you volition need), which we directed astatine the aboveground of the oven to way the temperature. The oven reached the perfect cooking temp, 650 degrees, successful astir 15 minutes, which was arsenic advertised.

Cooking connected the Solo Stove Pi


(Image credit: Future / Kaitlin Madden)

Cooking connected immoderate pizza oven requires a spot of signifier and finesse, particularly if you've ne'er done it before. I'm blessed to study that the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven was easier than immoderate of the different pizza ovens I've tried. 

Like astir pizza ovens, you rotation retired your pizza dough, apical it, prime it up with a pizza peel, and propulsion it into the oven. This usually happens with varying degrees of occurrence if you're not a pizza-slinging professional. Your pies tin get stuck to the peel, oregon you tin propulsion it successful excessively far, oregon not acold enough.

One happening I loved astir the Pi: It has a useful defender astatine the backmost of the oven, which helps you fig retired however acold to propulsion the pizza, and prevents you from putting it excessively acold backmost into the oven. I precocious tried a much costly pizza oven without specified a feature, and it took a batch much finesse to get the throwing portion right, due to the fact that if you propulsion them excessively acold back, you extremity up with a mushed-up heap of pizza astatine the backmost partition of the oven. 

The pizzas that I made successful the Pi were astir 10" wide. The max for the oven is 12", but I deliberation it's easier to enactment with smaller pizzas.  I cooked the pizzas for 2 minutes each, per the directions, which was really conscionable astir right. We turned the pizzas erstwhile astir halfway done cooking. This tin beryllium tricky, but I recovered the cardinal is to not effort and crook the pizza excessively early. 

Note, the pizza peel and the pizza turner are portion of the add-on Pi bundle, but aren't included with conscionable the stove. I recovered some tools highly utile successful utilizing the Pi oven, truthful if you're considering the add-on bundle, I'd accidental spell for it. 

As for the pizzas themselves? Delicious. Mine came retired a small charred connected the outside, but brushed connected the inside, which is precisely however I similar them.

The hardest portion of the full cooking acquisition was making the pizzas arsenic accelerated arsenic they were being eaten. 

Should you bargain the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven?

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

(Image credit: Solo Stove)

The Solo Stove Pi is simply a amusive backyard accessory that makes it casual to cook up restaurant-quality pizzas. 

It tin beryllium a small cumbersome to get the logs to the due size to occurrence the oven, truthful if you'd similar not to whittle down wood, spell for the state substance adhd connected to support the process simple.

Otherwise, cooking with the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is incredibly fast, and the pizzas are so.much.better. than thing you've ever cooked astatine home. 

Once you're done with the stove, it's besides precise lightweight and casual to cleanable and store, which is simply a large positive for a countertop oven. 

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven, $624.99, (opens successful caller tab)About our reviewer

Kaitlin Madden has lived successful 3 of the pizza capitals of the United States (New York, Chicago, and New Haven County, Connecticut), and likes to deliberation she knows a bully pizza erstwhile she sees one. She prefers New Haven-style pizza, but New York benignant is simply a adjacent second. She inactive hasn't figured retired Chicago-style. 

Solo Stove sent her this pizza oven to effort this outpouring and summer. She tested it successful her household location connected a covered patio.

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