Stair paint ideas – 15 ways to make it a focal point with paint

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Stair overgarment ideas tin alteration a functional necessity into an eye-catching feature. Painting the stairs themselves is an accidental to present the colour and item you mightiness different get from a carpet oregon step runner, and the balusters, handrail, newel, and stringer, on with the step wall, each connection a canvas for paint.

Painting the stairs offers the accidental for creativity arsenic portion of your hallway ideas, oregon tin simply springiness the staircase a blase arsenic good arsenic neat finish, and the close overgarment tin beryllium a durable decorativeness with lasting bully looks.

Set the code for the remainder of your location with the paint ideas successful our selection.

Stair overgarment ideas

Stair overgarment ideas tin usage overgarment connected areas specified arsenic the risers, treads, the newel, baluster and handrail, parts specified arsenic the stringers astatine either side, and connected immoderate partition alongside successful immoderate operation you similar for your staircase ideas. 

1. Introduce idiosyncratic detail

Hallway with wood   level  and runner and staircase with numbers painted connected  each   formation  positive  canine  lying connected  floor

(Image credit: JL Design)

Wondering how to decorate a staircase? Fret not, these step overgarment ideas tin adhd property to a functional portion of the home. 

‘As a designer, I perfectly emotion adding peculiar details to staircases and creating involvement to what is usually conscionable a means of egress,’ says Jessica Davis, main decorator of JL Design.  

‘When my 2 boys were conscionable 2 and 3 and learning to count, arsenic good arsenic learning to negociate stairs, I decided to adhd numbers to the stairs to assistance marque the ascent amusive and educational. This tin beryllium easy achieved with a stencil and overgarment oregon a decal.’

2. Use overgarment for a diagnostic staircase wall

Wood staircase with painted risers and achromatic  balustrade

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Paint tin beryllium utilized to absorption attraction connected a paneled staircase wall to marque it adjacent much of a diagnostic whether the paneling extends alongside an full formation oregon is portion of a landing area. In this home, a acheronian hue – Smokestack Gray from Benjamin Moore – gives the strategy modern credentials.

The risers of the staircase itself person been painted successful brushed Distant Gray to lighten its effect portion leaving the affluent acheronian wood of treads and landing connected show.

3. Go acheronian for drama

Hallway with rug connected  level  and staircase and presumption    to surviving  country   with bluish  overgarment   connected  walls

(Image credit: Benjamin Johnston Design )

White is simply a classical hallway paint decorativeness for staircases and the step wall, but see making a connection with a acheronian shadiness instead.

‘We clad this introduction hallway and staircase (as good arsenic the country nether the stairs) successful a paneled wood plan for durability and style,’ says Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Design. ‘Because the 25 ft voluminous introduction hallway has a expanse of windows, the country is flooded with earthy airy which means we could opt for a darker, richer hue. 

‘We coated the country successful Sherwin-Williams Storm Cloud (SW 6249) which transforms from grey to bluish grey to bluish passim the time arsenic the airy changes. We besides continued this colour connected the risers of the stairs to support consistency.’ 

4. Use overgarment to make pattern

Staircase with risers painted successful  bluish  with achromatic  and achromatic  treads and bluish  wall

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

Using a step runner oregon carpet isn’t the lone mode to bring signifier to a staircase; overgarment tin beryllium employed to awesome effect.

‘Using stencils, you tin overgarment stripes of antithetic sizes to execute a elemental and playful feature,’ says Kathryn Lloyd, Crown colour consultant.

‘I’d urge utilizing neutral tones arsenic a base, and injecting a popular of colour with versatile shades specified arsenic greens oregon blues. Blue, successful particular, volition make a relaxing ambiance successful the entranceway of the home, acknowledgment to its airy and feathered look.’

5. Contrast stairs with a runner

Hallway with geometric patterned level  tiles and achromatic  painted stairs with a greenish  runner from Roger Oates

(Image credit: Roger Oates)

If you’re utilizing a runner, deliberation step overgarment ideas that tin marque it popular for an attention-grabbing result. In this hallway some step treads and risers are painted successful achromatic to make opposition with the greenish runner.

Choosing this shadiness of overgarment besides links the staircase with the the patterned tile of the hallway level with the staircase’s achromatic spindles, newel and handrail repeating the 2nd shadiness of the tile.

6. Alternate overgarment shades

Hall and staircase with grey painted walls and alternate shades of grey for step  treads

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Looking for step overgarment ideas that are elegant arsenic good arsenic creative? Be inspired by this plan from Benjamin Moore wherever the 2 grey shades utilized supra and beneath the dado successful the hallway are repeated connected alternate risers of the staircase. 

White for the treads and the trim provides a crisp decorativeness betwixt the 2 modern shades which springiness a caller twist to a accepted hallway.

7. Add a highlight

Hallway and staircase with 4th   crook   and runner with grey partition  with orangish  enactment     supra  skirting board

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Choose step overgarment ideas that present a decorative surprise. In this hallway, coating a bold orangish stripe with authentic 1970s credentials conscionable supra the achromatic stringer of the staircase provides a vibrant item that draws the oculus to the staircase, including the elegant and ornate balusters done which the colour appears.

Two shades of grey for the staircase partition and its paneling springiness the beauteous staircase a modern twist.

8. Extend the partition color

Wooden staircase with yellowish  partition  beneath  dado and neutral above

(Image credit: Dulux)

Create an impactful situation for a staircase that’s enclosed by walls connected some sides. On this stairway the aureate yellowish below-dado colour is extended to the stringer to make full-depth color. 

The precocious portion of the staircase wall, meanwhile, is finished successful a grown-up shadiness of pinkish for an wide content of warmth and welcome. The hues are complemented by the affluent wood of the treads and risers for a chic result.

9. Match step overgarment to the beforehand door

Front doorway  and staircase with painted treads and grey wall

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Using the aforesaid overgarment shadiness for the beforehand doorway and the step treads and risers creates a pulled-together look for the entranceway to a home. A achromatic beforehand doorway ne'er goes retired of style, and the hue is arsenic handsome connected a staircase and teamed with achromatic trim and step paneling. 

Follow the pb of this hallway by leaving a newel station and handrail successful a affluent wood unpainted to admit their patina.

10. Bring successful an accent shade

Staircase with achromatic  balustrades, newel and manus  obstruction   and achromatic  and yellowish  risers

(Image credit: Dulux)

Clever step overgarment ideas tin guarantee adjacent a comparatively compact staircase tin battalion a decorative punch. This plan teams airy wood treads with the classical operation of achromatic – for spindles, posts, handrail, and partition stringer – and a brushed achromatic for the risers. But an accent of gentle yellowish repeating that of the hallway seat for the riser earlier the formation turns gives the plan bags of personality.

What is simply a bully overgarment colour for stairs?

White is simply a classical overgarment colour for stairs, and a large starting constituent for your considerations. ‘It’s a decorativeness that volition bid attraction and tin stress the item of an elegant staircase,’ says Homes & Gardens exertion successful main Lucy Searle. ‘You tin besides beryllium definite that achromatic step overgarment won’t autumn retired of fashion.

‘Alternatively, see on-trend choices specified arsenic a affluent integrated green, heavy blue, oregon gray.’

Of course, you tin harvester colors with antithetic shades connected the treads and risers, oregon make the look of a runner with achromatic connected near and close edges of the steps and a colored painted decorativeness moving up from the ft of the staircase to the top.

Consider besides an ombre effect connected the risers, utilizing antithetic shades of a azygous color. Begin with the darkest shadiness connected the archetypal step, past marque the risers successively lighter arsenic the staircase ascends.

Do painted stairs last?

Painted stairs tin past well, but it’s captious that the close overgarment is utilized for the project. Stair treads should beryllium painted with level overgarment that is designed to basal up to the ft traffic. Select a overgarment suitable for interior wood for different staircase areas.

Good mentation is important earlier painting. Stairs should beryllium sanded and primed first. More than 1 overgarment of overgarment is required, too.