Stair wallpaper ideas – 10 ways to add interest and intrigue to your staircase

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Stair wallpaper ideas are often over-looked, but stairwells are really the cleanable spot to showcase beauteous prints and decorative designs. 

Occupying lone a tiny portion of your location and 1 that is utilized for abbreviated periods of time, the staircase is an perfect determination for those large patterns that mightiness consciousness overwhelming elsewhere. Using a scope of staircase ideas and experimenting with color, texture and signifier with wallpaper, tin beautifully uplift a abstraction that is usually ignored.

Connecting 2 floors together, stairwells connection a ample expanse of partition that tin beryllium utilized arsenic a blank canvas for a scope of wallpaper ideas, providing an country connected which to stamp your idiosyncratic benignant and marque a existent connection crossed 2 stories.

Stair wallpaper ideas 

Including wallpaper among your hallway ideas and entryway ideas not lone helps bring ocular involvement to this transient space, they are besides a conveyance for showcasing your personality.

If you’re considering wallpaper ideas for stairs past determination are an array of wallpaper trends to take from, from show-stopping panoramic murals, to botanical prints and timeless stripes, determination is an enactment to suit each benignant and space, nary substance what the size.

But earlier you decide, determination are immoderate cardinal things to see arsenic the benignant of plan and however it is utilized tin truly change however a abstraction feels. A bully spot to commencement is to instrumentality a bully look astatine the step area, taking into factors specified arsenic airy levels, country size, country predisposition and materials already successful a abstraction arsenic good arsenic the decor of adjoining rooms.

‘Hallways and stairs are fantastic spaces to make a archetypal content for guests, but besides the archetypal country you participate erstwhile returning home, truthful see however you privation your location to marque you feel,' says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director of Little Greene. 'Consider the views into the hallway oregon onto your stairs from different rooms, however overmuch bash you see, however volition the plan you take travel into the different rooms?’

With truthful galore staircase ideas to take from it’s tricky to cognize wherever to start, truthful we’ve rounded up an array of eye-catching step wallpaper ideas arsenic good arsenic adept tips to get you inspired.

1. Bring the extracurricular successful with bespoke mural

Hand-painted Redwoods panoramic wallpaper de Gournay

(Image credit: De Gournay / Chris Andre)

Often stretching crossed aggregate stories, stairwells connection the accidental to decorate walls otherwise and marque a existent statement. If you are aft thing genuinely breathtaking, see a bespoke mural which captures the majestic quality of nature.

Tara Miller from The Heartland Interior Design states 'a mural instantly adds a country to your space. Instead of having a portion of creation successful a frame, a mural pulls you into the country itself by making it much beingness size. You tin adhd the full mural to your wall, oregon you tin framework each portion of wallpaper with trim molding to marque your wealth spell further.

A panoramic mural tin not lone transport you to different space, but by choosing a nature-inspired design, the boundaries betwixt indoors and retired tin go blurred, particularly if the exterior arsenic glimpsed from windows echoes the country connected the walls. This volition person a restful, restorative, comforting effect.' 

2. Add classical elegance with a refreshed toile design

Manueal Canovas Nara wallpaper successful  Celeste

(Image credit: Manuel Canovas Nara wallpaper successful Celeste )

Contemporary wallpapers inspired by archive designs specified arsenic toiles are guaranteed to bring a consciousness of romance to a stairwell – and volition inject your location with a interaction of history, too. 

Originating successful the 18th century, successful the French colony of Jouy-en-Josas, toile de Jouy besides known arsenic ‘toiles’ was historically linen cloth printed with engravings of romanticist pastoral scenes, but contiguous determination are wallpaper companies contiguous that connection printed wallpapers inspired by the toile cloth designs which are refreshed for the 21st century. A modernized toile inspired by Japan successful timeless bluish and white, this Nara plan by Manuel Canovas features scenes of pagodas cleanable for bringing a interaction of the exotic. 

‘Many of today’s florals and toiles person been fixed a modern twist done the usage of caller colour combinations truthful they tin beryllium enjoyed successful some modern and accepted interiors,’ says Daniel Slowik, Associate Design Director astatine Sibyl Colefax & John fowler.

‘Combining the patterns with neutral oregon plain colour tones – and adding colorful block-printed cushions and rugs ever works well. Hanging cautiously chosen modern pictures tin besides heighten the modernity of the colors successful the designs. Plain floorboards successful a airy colorway oregon achromatic keeps the country looking caller arsenic does chromatic and earthy flooring. Play up the freshness of the designs by combining them with modern ceramics and baskets.’

3. Use wallpaper to marque a diagnostic of a staircase

Grand stairwell with floral wallpaper, chromatic  flooring and stairs, Dalmatian connected  stairs

(Image credit: GP&J Baker)

Wallpapers for stairs are a superb thought for unfastened program spaces, arsenic Ruth Mottershead explains.

‘As much radical clasp open-plan surviving rooms, homes often present see stairs that are unfastened to a surviving space. Rather than treating them arsenic a abstracted area, incorporated the stairs into your plan strategy with a coordinated colour palette, oregon make a connection with the summation of a beauteous wallpaper which volition make a personality-filled plan statement.' 

We deliberation this expansive stairwell has been beautifully elevated by the GP&J Baker Floral Rococo wallpaper, the elegant plan invites you to instrumentality the stairs, and adds warmth and texture to the ample unfastened space. Ann Grafton, Creative & Managing Director of Mulberry Home states, ‘Floral Rococo provides a modern instrumentality connected the state location look. Soft and pretty, this opulent plan volition alteration a staircase into a light, unfastened space, successful state and municipality houses alike'.

4. Choose versatile stripes for a timeless feel

Sanberg Kristina Blue Wallpaper

(Image credit: Sanberg Kristina Blue Wallpaper)

For stairwell decor that volition basal the trial of clip you cannot spell incorrect with a classical stripe successful an ever-popular bluish and achromatic palette. 

Blue and achromatic decor is timeless, and 1 of the astir classical interior plan combinations, cleanable for creating a serene yet caller aesthetic. When utilized successful conjunction with stripes, this masterful operation works beautifully successful state oregon coastal retreats to make chic spaces that look relaxed and informal astatine the aforesaid time. 

5. Soften stairwell wallpaper with complementary overgarment colors 

Little Greene Richmond Green wallpaper successful  Stella

(Image credit: Little Greene Richmond Green wallpaper successful Stella )

Wall-to-wall people tin sometimes beryllium overwhelming, truthful for a much pared-back look see papering conscionable 1 of a stairwell oregon hallway and teaming it with plain walls and woodwork successful colors picked retired from the plan for a cohesive scheme.

'Consider your woodwork colour cautiously – alternatively than opting for accepted white, see pairing with coordinating or contrasting colors to present a considered and inspiring interior,' says Ruth Mottershead.

Sefina wallpaper successful  Wild Rose

(Image credit: Sefina wallpaper successful Wild Rose)

It tin beryllium hard to cognize what to bash with the redundant partition abstraction nether a stairwell –why not usage it arsenic canvas for showcasing a beauteous wallpaper and bringing a interaction of property to your home? If the abstraction is feeling dull and lifeless see a plan with metallic item which volition glitter erstwhile it catches the sunlight. Metallics enactment beautifully with pastel pinkish shades, arsenic this Sefina wallpaper successful Wild Rose wallpaper from Romo proves.

7. Use a ditsy nature-inspired wallpaper for a calm feel

wooden stairwell successful  floral wallpaper, woody  lounge seat  connected  tiled flooring

(Image credit: Harlequin)

If you emotion signifier but are looking for a calm yet cheery to invited erstwhile you instrumentality home, a repetition floral plan is simply a bully option, bringing beauteous signifier and property without powering your space. 

This quality inspired Harlequin wallpaper uses a earthy colour palette with beauteous flowers and birds to make a caller and inviting atmosphere, guaranteed to assistance spirits aft a agelong day. Liberty Blackwell, stylist astatine Harlequin states, 'simply patterned wallpaper is cleanable for a staircase arsenic it is well-placed to accentuate decorative pieces specified arsenic mirrors, artwork, oregon household portraits. Simple repeating patterns acceptable champion arsenic they won’t gully attraction from the decorative objects, but rather, volition marque them each the much eye-catching acknowledgment to the interruption successful pattern'.

8. Paper fractional a stairwell to interruption up precocious ceilings

Little Greene Broad Stripe wallpaper successful  Mullion

(Image credit: Little Greene Broad Stripe wallpaper successful Mullion)

As good arsenic bringing colour and signifier to a room, wallpaper tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a clever instrumentality to alteration however a abstraction looks and feels. Large stairwells tin sometimes person a inclination to consciousness acold and drafty – successful these instances see breaking up the partition by papering the crushed level section. 

A timeless stripe successful a lukewarm neutral specified arsenic Little Greene Broad Stripe wallpaper successful Mullion volition subtly interruption up ample partition expanse whilst keeping a abstraction feeling agleam and welcoming. 

'For those interiors without a dado obstruction oregon paneling to people disagreement the wall, a stripe of a darker overgarment code is an effectual mode of adding a plan item that is besides hardwearing and practical,' says Ruth Mottershead.

9. Celebrate quality with a leafy people and woodwork

living country   with greenish  couch, hallway, stairs, woody  floor, greenish  floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Little Greene )

If you person a state location with a ample entranceway hallway wherefore not usage it to wage homage to your beauteous agrarian surroundings with a nature-inspired wallpaper? Large, occasional spaces are a superb canvas for ornate prints to truly shine, positive they tin assistance them consciousness much intimate and welcoming. 

10. Use the stairs to showcase a playful paper

Off Piste wallpaper by Linwood

(Image credit: Linwood)

If you’re a instrumentality of mid-century plan past there’s a wealthiness of printed wallpapers that notation archive designs and, arsenic an occasional abstraction the stairwell is simply a superb spot to show them. 

In an effort to differentiate from their erstwhile collections, Linwood has released a caller one-off whimsical wintertime wallpaper with a mid-century feel. Off-Piste is derived from a 1950s papers discovered successful a French archive and captures the fun, thrills and exhilaration of the slopes. Its stylised skiers person been captured successful a chalky colour palette of red, yellowish and greenish connected a monochromatic crushed that is existent to the original.

Can you wallpaper a staircase?

A staircases is simply a large spot to adhd wallpaper. As a 'linking space' that we thin not to walk agelong amounts of clip in, you tin spend to beryllium bold with your decor successful a stairwell. Wallpaper is an exceptional mode to present elements of color, signifier and personality. Staircases are besides mundane spaces that tin get tons of deterioration and tear, truthful retrieve to deliberation astir practical, durable partition treatments. 

Liberty Blackwell states, 'a staircase is the perfect spot to get originative with wallpaper, giving radical the accidental to archer a story, oregon travel done the pieces they choose, arsenic they modulation from 1 level to another'.

carpeted staircase with painted grey woody  panelling and patterned wallpaper successful  a earthy  colour  palette, decorative partition  hangings

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

What is the champion wallpaper for a staircase?

The champion wallpaper for a staircase volition beryllium connected galore factors, truthful it is simply a bully thought to measure what you privation from the stairwell and the existing qualities of the abstraction earlier you start. Pay attraction to factors specified arsenic airy levels and the existing materials successful the abstraction specified arsenic flooring and interior woodwork arsenic good arsenic the decor of adjoining rooms.

‘Hallways and staircases tin often beryllium constrictive with small earthy airy truthful see utilizing colour and signifier to make a plan strategy that brings warmth and airy to the space,’ advises Ruth Mottershead.