Strawberry companion plants – what to grow alongside strawberries

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By increasing strawberry companion plants alongside your effect bushes you tin assistance to boost the harvest of these delicious brushed fruits. 

Try taking a acquisition from quality and turn plants alongside your strawberries that volition beryllium beneficial for a large harvest. Companion planting is simply a large mode of ensuring a bumper strawberry harvest and has been utilized by gardeners and farmers for galore years.

Companion planting strawberries is conscionable 1 of the elements worthy trying if you're learning how to turn strawberries and a mode to execute the champion results from your vegetable plot ideas.

Read connected for much details of the champion strawberry companion plants to grow. 

Why turn strawberry companion plants?

strawberries increasing  connected  a plant

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When you are planning a room garden, companion planting is 1 of the factors to consider.

'Companion planting strawberries tin heighten increasing conditions, pull pollinators, power pests, and marque bully usage of disposable space,' says Claire Ransom from Lazy Flora (opens successful caller tab).

The benefits of companion planting strawberries tin see improving their flavor, oregon expanding their absorption to pests, specified arsenic slugs. Sometimes the strawberry companion works volition bash both. Select the close companion plants and you whitethorn besides amended pollination and boost the nutrients successful the soil. These are each fantabulous results for permaculture gardening and if you privation to make a sustainable garden with little reliance connected chemic pesticides and tons of ungraded maintenance.

'Strawberries, successful particular, are prone to a fig of pests. Strawberry companion plants volition besides supply shadiness successful the day light. In return, strawberry plants service arsenic a mulch, support weeds astatine bay and support the ungraded chill and moist,' adds Claire Ransom.  

Strawberry companion plants see everything from vegetables to different fruits, and herbs, and tin beryllium utilized whether you are increasing strawberries nether screen successful a greenhouse, arsenic vegetable plot instrumentality ideas, oregon successful a small rootlike garden. These are the champion to turn side-by-side.

Strawberry companion plants – herbs

strawberries and herbs planted successful  hanging basket

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There are galore herbs that tin beryllium grown arsenic herb plot ideas that marque utile strawberry companion plants.

If you grow thyme, chives, mint and borage, they are each fantabulous companion plants for strawberries. 

Borage, successful particular, is simply a long-established and overmuch valued strawberry companion plant. The heavy bluish flowers of this plant for pollinators pull pollinating insects, which past gully successful insects that prey upon them, specified arsenic predatory wasps. The predators besides prey connected insects that tin harm the strawberry plants. 

Borage adds hint minerals to the soil, which assistance strawberry growth. Some radical besides assertion that borage improves the strawberries' flavor. 

Vegetable companion plants for strawberries

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Whether you are increasing strawberries successful raised plot beds, successful containers oregon successful the rootlike patch, determination are galore crops that marque bully strawberry companion plants to turn alongside them.

Try growing asparagus, beans, peas, spinach, lettuce, garlic, horseradish, and rhubarb – yes, strictly speaking, rhubarb is simply a vegetable. All enactment good planted alongside strawberries. Strawberries are bully for onion companion planting.

Legumes – beans and peas – grown adjacent to strawberries volition amended the soil, fixing nitrogen and frankincense feeding the strawberry plants.

Asparagus and strawberries are compatible neighbors arsenic their roots dispersed successful antithetic ways, truthful they don't vie for abstraction oregon nutrients. 

Flower companion plants for strawberries

strawberry companions plants

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Growing ornamentals among your edible crops not lone looks lovely, adding colour and scent, but besides brings a fig of benefits.

The humble marigold (tagetes) is valued by gardeners conscionable arsenic overmuch for its pest repellant properties arsenic for its cheery blooms. Strawberries and marigolds are a classical operation successful galore mixed plot planting schemes. 

You'll often find marigolds utilized arsenic cucumber companion plants, for tomato companion planting, with beans, lettuce and galore different fashionable vegetables. Many gardeners curse by the marigold's quality to support pests, bugs, and adjacent invasive weeds astatine bay. 

'Although determination is constricted technological probe surrounding companion gardening, galore gardeners find it highly beneficial,' says Sue Sanderson of Thompson & Morgan (opens successful caller tab).

Indeed, Sarah Raven (opens successful caller tab) has written astir the occurrence she's had successful her ain plot with Tagetes minuta, the Mexican marigold, which she says 'is effectual against perennial weeds specified arsenic bindweed, sofa writer and crushed elder arsenic it gives retired a chemic from its roots that is toxic to them. It sounds far-fetched,' she continues, 'but I tin vouch for its efficacy: it cleared crushed elder from my roseate plot and yet had nary effect connected my roses. They’ve gone from spot to strength, yet the crushed beneath them is present clean.'

Marigolds are conscionable 1 of the flowers utile arsenic strawberry companion plants, with others including borage, lupins and white clover.

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What should not beryllium planted with strawberries

There a assorted crops you should not works with strawberries. These include: cauliflower, cabbages, broccoli, fennel, potatoes, melons, peppers and mint. 

Plants from the brassica household – cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli – would vie with the strawberry plants for nutrients. 

Plants from the Nightshade family, including tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant, oregon aubergine, whitethorn dispersed fungal illness to strawberry plants. 

What is bully to works with strawberries? 

Onions are a large companion works for strawberries. Their odor creates an unappealing deterrent to galore plot pests, particularly slugs and snails.

Bob Lawson from Kellogg Garden (opens successful caller tab) advises: 'These pungent vegetables marque large strawberry companion plants. Their unappealing odor is simply a earthy deterrent of galore plot pests that provender connected the leaves and fruits of the strawberry plant.'

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Do tomatoes and strawberries turn good together?

Tomatoes are not the astir productive companion works you tin take for your strawberries.

According to Lawson, strawberry plants are prone to a illness called verticillum. 'Plants similar tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, melons, peppers, roses and okra whitethorn really lend to this deadly illness successful strawberry plants. It is indispensable to enactment that strawberries should not adjacent beryllium planted successful beds that person precocious housed those plants connected this list,' helium explains.

Does basil turn good with strawberries?

It is simply a large prime to grow basil alongside strawberries. The plants enactment truly good broadside by side. They besides sensation large unneurotic successful a crockery and are decidedly thing worthy trying.