Styling a shelf – 10 expert tips for a pretty vignette

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Styling a support tin often beryllium a daunting task. When faced with an bare abstraction afloat of styling opportunities, sometimes it tin beryllium hard to cognize wherever to start. 

Shelves are an integral portion of immoderate home, from providing applicable storage, to creating an country for you to location and show your favored objects and accessories that explicit your benignant and identity.

When styling a shelf, deliberation cautiously astir the types of objects you privation to show and what they mean to you, arsenic good arsenic however you privation your support to enactment practically successful a space. 

Whether you're utilizing a support for bookshelf ideas, for functional storage, oregon to put decorative artwork and ornaments, you privation your support styling to adhd ocular involvement and quality to a room.

Styling a support – go an adept successful support styling with our apical 10 tips

There are, of course, galore ways to benignant a shelf, truthful we person collected our apical styling ideas to supply you with immoderate inspiration. Bear successful caput that we are not offering tips connected organizing a bookshelf; these tips absorption connected the aesthetics of support styling.

1. Coordinate with your existing decor

Inviting achromatic  surviving  country   with acheronian  wood   accents, ample  retention  and show  portion   with tv, leather chair, bluish  textured java  array  and pick  sofa

(Image credit: Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat)

Styling a support with objects that reflector the textures, colour palette and materials already contiguous successful your strategy tin make a cohesive, agreed look successful your space. 

In this relaxed surviving room, designed by Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design , the country embraces a soft, neutral look, filled with comforting textures, earthy materials and earthy colors. The ample shelving and media portion is filled with beauteous decorative objects and books that coordinate with the room, elevating the plan and relaxed look.

2. Style with symmetry

Home room  with bluish  bookcases astir   the walls, wood   level  with rug, bluish  armchair and model   with reddish  patterned Roman blind

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Simon Brown)

Symmetry successful interior design tin beryllium utilized crossed the home, and if you person an abundance of shelving successful a room, whether that beryllium successful a study, home library oregon surviving country space, styling the shelves symmetrically tin make a consciousness of equilibrium and calm.

In this cozy speechmaking the room, the shelves are chiefly utilized for the retention and show of books. However, by keeping 2 shelves escaped and styling them with the matching decorative vases, some an constituent of opposition and a calming focal constituent is created wrong the room of books.

3. Embrace minimalism

Neutral room  abstraction  focusing connected  2  woody  shelves positioned supra  the room  sink. Styled successful  a minimalist mode   with glassware, decorative vases and plant. Natural, pick  chromatic  countertop with marble and woody  chopping boards, manus  soap and metallic  tap

(Image credit: Kimberley Harrison Interiors)

'It tin beryllium precise tempting to overcrowd and capable a support with an abundance of items, and successful galore spaces, this maximalist look tin enactment wonderfully, however, styling a support with minimalism successful caput allows for cardinal decorative pieces to beryllium afloat appreciated - and is besides a large enactment for smaller spaces,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

In this kitchen, designed by Kimberley Harrison Interiors, the warming woody shelves person been elegantly decorated with glassware and a fewer prime ornaments. The effect creates a calming, spacious show wherever each point tin beryllium easy viewed and taken disconnected the support if needed.

4. Add an creator touch

A colourfully covered armchair connected  a bluish  rug beside a painted support  portion   of colourful vases.

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

Using a support arsenic a level for a curated postulation of artwork and decorative ornaments tin make a unsocial show country successful a room.

The painted, built-in arched shelving portion successful this surviving room, filled with eye-catching creator designs, creates a mini assemblage and creator viewing abstraction wrong the home.

Experimenting with paint ideas erstwhile styling a support tin adhd a dynamic constituent of colour to a room, arsenic good arsenic beautifully complement your chosen ornamental, creator designs.

5. Keep things balanced

Two arched shelves built into the wall, achromatic  painted textured walls, shelves decorated with books, ornaments vases, each  successful  a calming, neutral colour  palette.

(Image credit: Genna Margolis, Shapeside Design)

When styling a shelf, considering the layout and placement of your objects volition make a harmonious and balanced plan that is visually appealing. 

Lou Graham, Co-Owner of Graham & Green states 'creating beauteous shelves each comes down to layering objects of antithetic heights, widths, and shape'. 

Instead of grouping items unneurotic by size oregon similarity, playing with standard and creating a varied layout by mixing antithetic objects volition make an appealing and divers support design.

6. Prioritize practicality

Kitchen with achromatic  walls, parquet flooring, yellowish  cupboards with inset butler's sink, reclaimed woody  shelving supra  with solid  retention  jars.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

For galore of us, shelving successful the location provides a functional aboveground country to store mundane objects. 

In this kitchen, the 3 wooden, wall-mounted shelves marque the astir retired of an bare partition abstraction supra the beauteous yellowish cabinets. Styled with applicable solid retention jars, the jars are casual to drawback and let for you to rapidly spot the wrong contents.

The styling of the jars connected these room shelves is some applicable and decorative, with the varying heights, colors and textures creating a constituent of ocular involvement successful the room, perfect for kitchen shelving ideas.

7. Create contrast

Room with greenish  and achromatic  melodramatic  wallpaper, greenish  and achromatic  occurrence  mantelpiece, jute flooring and presents wrapped connected  level  by array  and chairs.

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

If you privation to adhd an constituent of opposition to a space, styling a support utilizing antithetic colors, textures and materials to those utilized for the main decor strategy tin make a unsocial plan diagnostic successful the room.

In this surviving room, the snug, alcove bookshelf is decorated with books successful bright, eye-catching colors, establishing a striking opposition with the natural, earthy tones and materials utilized passim the remainder of the room. For living country bookshelf ideas, this styling thought not lone creates a colorful zoned space, but besides gives prominence to the publication collection.

8. Give your objects the abstraction they deserve

Living country   item  with fitted airy  blue-gray furniture  successful  alcove, each   support  decorated with colorful objects and accessories.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

From household heirlooms, to photographs and objects collected connected travels distant from home, styling a support that gives abstraction to your astir meaningful, prized possessions volition guarantee that they a afloat respected and appreciated by all. 

The colorful shelving portion successful this surviving country provides a spacious level wherever some ample and tiny decorative objects tin shine. Instead of being mislaid with galore different items, each entity has the abstraction to basal retired and beryllium taken successful by onlookers. 

9. Create a striking, decorative display

Blue painted bath  with enactment    of ornate mirrors connected  shelving, rectangular sink, woody  board, achromatic  antique armchair, towels, ligament  discarded  basket, achromatic  and bluish  patterned blind

(Image credit: Tom Leighton)

Being bold and originative erstwhile styling a support tin make unsocial decor ideas for rooms passim the home.

When considering wall decor ideas, utilizing aggregate shelving units and styling them to make a striking, decorative show country tin alteration the look of a space. 

Why person 1 bath reflector erstwhile you tin person 17? The beauteous mirrors successful this bath abstraction person been arranged to make a genuinely unique, stand-out reflector wall. Using the painted blue, sleek shelves arsenic a podium for mirrors of varied heights, shapes and styles creates a melodramatic plan diagnostic successful this bath abstraction - large for bathroom support ideas.

10. Style with an eclectic premix of objects and accessories

Bright surviving  abstraction  with entity  bluish  painted walls and achromatic  paneled ceiling, facing ample  achromatic  furniture  with shelving decorated successful  objects, books and accessories, bras metallic pendant airy  with achromatic  shades, ample  woody  array  with achromatic  armchair, 2  bluish  armchairs to the left, bluish  and grey  patterned rug

(Image credit: Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Gerulat)

'When styling a support successful your home, ultimately, you privation to usage an eclectic premix of objects and accessories to make a idiosyncratic abstraction that reflects your identity,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor successful Chief Lucy Searle.

Having a show of varied items, from plants to books, ornaments and candles, your support tin archer a communicative of your benignant and personality.

Of course, our tastes and styles tin change, truthful editing your postulation of objects and swapping retired items implicit clip volition guarantee you support remains caller and meaningful.

How bash your put items connected a shelf?

When moving with a premix of antithetic items erstwhile styling a shelf, ensuring that determination are varying heights and shapes connected each level volition guarantee for a balanced plan that is pleasing connected the eye. 

If you're arranging items specified arsenic books, grouping them unneurotic by colour and size tin make a streamlined, tidy look – our how to benignant a bookcase has much guidance.

Leaving capable abstraction connected a support and betwixt different partition mounted shelves volition besides guarantee that your support plan doesn't consciousness excessively cluttered oregon overwhelming.

Elizabeth Krueger, Founder of Elizabeth Krueger Design states, 'once you commencement placing your items connected shelves and get to a constituent wherever you consciousness bully astir what you've added — locomotion distant (and past travel back). Walking distant and coming backmost into a abstraction allows you to acquisition the wide consciousness of the country — if it inspires you, you're occupation is implicit - if thing feels off, get backmost to moving things around.'

Overall, factors to see erstwhile arranging items connected a support are, size, color, placement and variety.

Landing abstraction  with ample  built-in bookcase, painted successful  a acheronian  brownish  shade. Shelf is decorated with a postulation  of ornaments, books and decorative accessories, each  successful  a neutral colour  palette.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Kruger Design)

How tin I marque my support much interesting?

Shelf styling is each astir being originative and displaying items that spark joyousness and conversation. 

From the integration of caller books, to decorating with caller flowers and plants, editing your support implicit clip truthful your styling remains absorbing and existent is key. 

'If you're looking to capable retired your shelves with items you person astatine location alternatively than purchasing caller pieces, store your ain location by laying everything you person retired connected your room array and past get engaged grouping', says Elizabeth Krueger.

Changing up your support designs doesn't mean you person to support buying caller objects and decorative pieces however, simply removing your items and organizing them successful a fresh, caller mode tin marque your support consciousness re-energized.