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Homes & Gardens mag has been shaping British benignant for 100 years. Aspirational, stylish and sophisticated, it showcases the champion successful interiors, decorating, gardens and entertaining inspiration.

Subscriptions, integer and azygous issues of Homes & Gardens are disposable done our online store Magazines Direct and each postage and transportation costs are included – and this week we person a Christmas merchantability on. 

We regularly tally subscriptions offers. These are the latest. Full presumption and conditions for this offer* astatine the bottommost of the page.

5 reasons to subscribe to Homes & Gardens magazine

1. You volition ne'er miss an contented again erstwhile you person Homes & Gardens mag delivered to your home. 

2. You tin entree exclusive content, disposable successful each caller contented to animate and pass you.

3. You tin get up of the crowd connected everything from the latest interiors trends to the newest designers and champion products for your location and garden.

4. You tin springiness Homes & Gardens mag arsenic a gift – it's the cleanable bargain for household and friends.

5. You volition prevention money – a mag subscription is undoubtedly much affordable than picking it up with your shop.

Terms & Conditions

*Offer is disposable to caller people & integer subscribers only. Paywalls are not included. 

Please let up to six weeks for transportation of your archetypal subscription contented (up to 8 weeks overseas). Payment is non-refundable aft the 14 time cancellation play unless exceptional circumstances apply. After your proceedings issues your subscription volition proceed astatine the terms shown astatine the constituent of purchase. This terms is guaranteed for the archetypal 12 months and we volition notify you successful advance.