Summer decor ideas – 10 ways to brighten your home

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Summer decor ideas are each astir bringing joyousness and happiness into the location arsenic good arsenic celebrating the colors and sights of the season. Whether it’s spent astatine location successful the backyard oregon travelling to exotic climes, summertime is simply a joyful clip which brings blessed memories for many, truthful wherefore not bring immoderate of this happiness into our interiors? 

With the backyard successful afloat glory and bursting with color, quality is simply a bully spot to commencement erstwhile it comes to decorating ideas and inspiration. To bring the extracurricular successful take bold florals and lush botanical prints and clasp hot, vibrant colors, past to implicit the look beryllium definite to adhd successful plentifulness of plants and caller flowers.

To get you inspired to springiness your location a summertime refresh we’ve gathered an array of joyful decor ideas which volition bring summertime magic immoderate the weather.

Summer decor ideas

Summer decor ideas are afloat of agleam and bold colors that instantly enactment a grin connected your face, truthful wherefore not bring immoderate of that into your home? Introducing each the champion parts of summertime into your location tin let you to brighten up your location and bring a interaction of the outside, inside. 

Whether it’s bold prints, nautical themes, making the astir of summertime snaps oregon taking inspiration from nature, determination are immoderate truly elemental ways that you tin springiness your location a makeover and adhd a interaction of the summertime play into your home.

1. Decorate successful sunshine shades

Yellow eating  room

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Decorating with yellow is guaranteed to bring summertime magic into your home. An instant temper enhancer, it volition enactment a outpouring successful your measurement immoderate the weather.

'Decorating choices are a earthy reflection of the times we are surviving in, determination is simply a existent tendency for joyful, welcoming and optimistic shades which arsenic been reflected in the emergence of sunny and energetic hues specified arsenic 'Indian Yellow' and ‘Giallo’,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager of Little Greene. 'Try pairing it with bold green ‘Hopper’ and a burst of heavy summertime entity bluish for a vibrant and inviting interior.'

2. Decorate with Chinoiserie 

Diane Hill for Harlequin

(Image credit: Diane Hill for Harlequin)

Rooted successful the beauteous landscapes of China, Japan and different Asian countries, Chinoiserie prints are the cleanable mode to inject elegance and exoticism into the home. 

Dating backmost to the Mid-18th century, the style, which is often characterized by its sinuous flower, vertebrate and leafage forms, has endured popularity implicit the centuries and continues to captivate interior designers today. While determination are companies that connection hand-painted bespoke murals, determination are a increasing fig of brands offering printed wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the whimsical style.

This play creator Diane Hill has collaborated with Harlequin to merchandise a marque caller postulation of joyful prints that observe the quality of nature. Based connected Diane’s hand-painted artwork, the postulation features bold blowsy peony prints to classical Chinoiserie designs offset by a elemental geometric based connected lattice bamboo each bound by a saturated palette of agleam jewel tones.

‘The postulation is aims to uplift and animate radical to decorate boldly, unapologetically and to ain their room,’ explains Diane Hill. ‘We based a batch of the colour connected accepted 18th-century chinoiserie but gave it a modern refresh. Using royal greens, yellows, entity blues and pinks was each precise accepted successful the 18th century, truthful we wanted to provender disconnected that.’

3. Add zest to a room with effect prints

Simply Morris Fruit wallpaper

(Image credit: Morris & Co)

If there’s anyplace successful our location that needs to consciousness joyous and uplifting it’s the kitchen; arsenic mundane abstraction we walk tons of clip successful it’s important it’s a abstraction that makes america consciousness happy. 

Wallpaper ideas are a superb mode to bring instant beingness to a room diner – for a summertime feeling each twelvemonth circular effort a signifier inspired by the plot colored successful citrus hues, specified arsenic Morris & Co’s Simply Morris Fruit plan which is ripe with lemons and pomegranates. 

4. Introduce bold florals

Manuel Canovas Bianca Jade wallpaper

(Image credit: Manuel Canovas Bianca Jade wallpaper)

Often occasional spaces which are reserved for entertaining, eating rooms are a large spot to beryllium bold with summertime decor and floral country decor ideas are guaranteed to marque an instant statement. To bring wow-factor see papering successful a large-scale floral people partition to partition – you could adjacent spell afloat connected chintz by adding successful matching curtains.

When choosing dining country wallpaper beryllium definite to deliberation astir standard advises Ruth Mottershead, make manager astatine Little Greene.

'Consider the ceiling tallness erstwhile choosing your wallpaper, opting for a smaller standard wherever you person debased ceilings and larger standard much melodramatic designs wherever you person precocious ceilings oregon ample expanses of wall. If you person panelling wrong the room, fill the panels with wallpaper and overgarment the woodwork successful a contrasting hue for a cohesive and layered interior.'

5. Lay a beauteous table 

Summer decorating ideas

(Image credit: Pippa Blacker)

Tablescaping is 1 mode to grant summertime decor ideas and you tin make a beauteous mounting for a summertime beverage enactment by layering up patterned linens, colored glassware and plentifulness of caller flowers, suggests cloth decorator Pippa Blacker.

‘I emotion utilizing my fabrics erstwhile entertaining and often take a beardown colour for the tablecloth, possibly with a signifier that has a feeling of travel and question to it. I past furniture up with linen napkins utilizing a smaller people and softer colors. The look comes unneurotic by adding flowers, colored solid and if due colored candles too. I emotion a colorful, relaxed, and amusive summertime table.'

6. Style up a sunroom

Garden room

(Image credit: Future)

Make the astir of the lukewarm upwind by styling up your sunroom ideas with summertime decor for a meal party. Rattan chairs are guaranteed to bring a vacation feel, truthful furniture them with pillows successful premix of bright, folksy prints and don't hide throws to support cozy erstwhile the evening chill sets in. 

To make an oculus catching array take colored solid tumblers that volition travel to beingness successful sunlight and show vibrant floral arrangements successful woven baskets for a relaxed state feel.

7. Cover a headboard successful a joyful fabric

Kit Kemp chamber  with headboard successful  Fanny Shorter's Margo fabric

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

Headboard ideas successful joyful prints marque for a fabulous mode to bring a burst of summertime decor into your chamber without over-powering the space. Full of the delights of the Mediterranean, this cloth by Fanny Shorter features a medley of chrysanthemums, oranges and geraniums successful sunburst yellowish makes a fitting prime and is offset beautifully with a soothing, watery wallpaper. 

‘We person balanced the ample standard people of the headboard with 1 of our favourite fabrics connected the walls called “Mudprint”, which we designed for Christopher Farr Cloth,' says interior decorator Kit Kemp. 'The bluish colorway creates a calm backdrop that transports you to the Mediterranean Sea, with its painted layered prime adding a subtle question and textured consciousness to the room.’

8. Fill the location with plants and flowers

Summer bouquet by The Real Flower Company

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Summer is genuinely 1 of the astir beauteous times of year, truthful wherefore not instrumentality inspiration from quality and adhd beauteous flowers and plants into your home? Not lone volition they look and odor beauteous connected display, they’ll besides marque you consciousness bully too. Being surrounded by plants and quality is proven to person a affirmative interaction connected our wellbeing and volition brighten your time successful much ways than one.

9. Keep it agleam with white

summer decorating ideas

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Throughout the summertime season, the days are a batch longer and a batch brighter which means we get much earthy light. This should beryllium made the astir of erstwhile it comes to the interior of your home. The instrumentality is to invitation arsenic overmuch earthy airy into the country arsenic imaginable and utilizing achromatic arsenic a basal colour tin truly assistance this.

Try to support walls, furnishings and cardinal pieces achromatic oregon airy chromatic colors and past usage partition creation and subtle décor items to adhd a popular of color. This allows you to clasp the earthy brightness and beauteous bold colors of summertime – the champion of some worlds.

10. Try a nautical theme

Coastal bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

Whenever you representation summertime decor ideas, it’s hard not to deliberation of a beauteous country inspired by the beach, the prima shining and the bluish entity and sea. Incorporating this benignant of taxable into your location interiors is simply a truly effectual mode to bring the summertime play into your home. 

There’s thing similar a travel to the seaside to soothe the soul, truthful wherefore not inject immoderate coastal calm into the chamber for a genuinely restful space? Take a pared-back attack by decorating with elemental neutrals, elegant lines and brushed stripes, adding pops of navy and rust for a modern twist. Coastal surviving country ideas are wonderful, too. 

How bash I refresh my location for summer?

There are tons of ways you tin refresh your location for summer. For a lasting content effort coating rooms successful mood-enhancing vibrant shades specified arsenic yellow, leafy greenish and blistery pink, oregon decorating with bold floral and botanical wallpapers –both volition bring instant summertime magic and volition spark instant joy.

'Yellow is a shadiness that provides positivity to a space. It is simply a color that makes america feel uplifted, happy, energised and invited,' says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 'Yellow paint colors person an inherent brightness, freshness and warmth that makes them an ever-popular colour each astir the home, creating a feeling of warmth and coziness, it is sunshine successful your home. ‘Giallo' and 'Indian yellow’ work beautifully successful engaged joyful spaces specified arsenic kitchens, dining spaces and surviving rooms.'

Alternatively, for a speedy update effort styling up your room with a joyful tablecloth, connection floral cushions and filling your location with plentifulness of caller flowers.

'Bring successful that feeling of summertime by utilizing joyful colors and patterns done your array linen and flowers,' says Molly Mahon. 'I emotion to premix and lucifer my tablecloths and napkins to adhd arsenic overmuch involvement and colour arsenic possible.'