Teenage girl bedroom ideas – 18 tips for fun and sophisticated design schemes

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Coming up with teenage miss chamber ideas is simply a beauteous daunting imaginable – but it tin besides beryllium 1 of the astir rewarding interior plan projects you volition ever undertake. 

While they whitethorn disguise their enthusiasm by filling the country with bare glasses that should person been taken downstairs weeks ago, bedroom ideas are really hugely important to teenagers, who are conscionable starting to truly specify their personalities and larn however to marque their people connected the world. 

Empowering a teenage miss to marque plan decisions and explicit her personality, tastes and priorities done her chamber decor is simply a truly important portion of originative improvement and tin assistance boost confidence. It whitethorn instrumentality a small patience, but moving with her connected the task volition assistance it go the exciting, unique, idiosyncratic haven she truly wants it to be. 

Teenage miss chamber ideas

From giving pinkish colour schemes a precise modern makeover to bold wallpapers packed with personality, we’ve recovered immoderate stunning inspiration for teenage miss chamber ideas, and asked the experts to stock their tips connected creating a strategy for the aboriginal superwoman of the house. 

1. Create a abstraction that volition turn with them 

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with mural of twilight jungle with pinkish  bedding

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

The cardinal to getting each kids' chamber ideas is reasoning up – what your kid mightiness like, privation and request present is astir surely going to beryllium antithetic successful 3, 5 oregon 10 years time. If you’re designing for a young teenage miss oregon tween, take features that are much apt to turn with her. While choosing an adaptable, blase overgarment colour is the easiest mode to bash this, this bedroom’s twilight jungle mural is amusive for younger kids, but its maturity means it volition past them adjacent into adulthood. 

2. Choose earthier pinks

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with partition  overgarment   successful  colour  blocks of sand, earthy pinkish  and brown

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

‘Pink has had a atrocious rap but if there’s 1 happening teenagers tin beryllium relied upon for, it’s upsetting the presumption quo,’ says creator and colour adept Annie Sloan (opens successful caller tab). A longstanding favourite among bedroom ideas for girls, getting pinkish close successful a teenager’s country is each astir bucking stereotypes and embracing a modern approach.

‘Banish thoughts of saccharine pinks and insubstantial colour by utilizing a strong, earthy, unexpected pinkish successful a teenage girl’s bedroom,’ says Sloan. ‘Use pinkish alongside rich, strong, acheronian colours for other inspiration, and to guarantee that bedrooms stay cozy spaces wherever engaged teen minds tin find immoderate refuge.’

‘Inspire her to analyse the past of interiors and the manner of colour done the ages by pointing retired that it wasn’t until the 20th period that pinkish began being branded arsenic a colour for girls – the fascinating backstory mightiness spark a life-long curiosity astir color.’

3. Personalize partition overgarment with a stencilled design

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with airy   pinkish  walls, stencilled golden  spot   signifier   and bronze pendant lamp

(Image credit: Crown)

As teenagers commencement to get much independent, it’s important to person a country of the location that feels uniquely their own.

‘Features and personalised designs are large erstwhile it comes to teenagers’ chamber design,’ says Kathryn Lloyd, Color Consultant astatine Crown (opens successful caller tab). This is existent for bedroom ideas for boys too, and needn’t beryllium an costly process – each you request is simply a paintbrush and a small spot of know-how. ‘Work retired a plan connected insubstantial past standard up for the walls, utilizing bully masking portion to make crisp lines. Why not adhd a spot of playfulness by coating furnishings to lucifer oregon opposition with the walls?’

In this room, metallic bronze polka dots are matched with with likewise toned metallic pendant lights and works pots.

4.  Update a play country with bold modern wallpaper 

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with modern   reddish  and achromatic  people     wallpaper and achromatic  4  poster furniture  successful  play  room

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

The 1 happening you request to debar supra each other erstwhile it comes to bedroom ideas for teenagers is feeling ‘old fashioned’. Teens are seldom blessed with being surrounded by excessively overmuch of thing earlier their time, which tin beryllium an contented if you’re surviving successful a spot with tons of play features. A large mode to marque a historical country consciousness modern is to swap overgarment for a bold, graphic wallpaper. Get your teen progressive successful choosing the plan and let them to marque a big, agleam connection successful the space.

5. Prioritize a table implicit a dressing table

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with bluish  walls, abstract creation  and antique penning  desk

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

As kids thin to get lumbered with the house’s smaller bedrooms, determination volition apt lone beryllium 1 country suitable for lodging a array successful their room. With teenage girls, that tin spark a quandary. 

A dressing array mightiness beryllium a tempting imaginable arsenic they commencement to research their glamorous sides, but fitting a table successful a teenager’s chamber should ever beryllium a priority, arsenic having a quiescent home office abstraction to bash homework is hugely important. 

If you privation a abstraction that tin bash both, take a peculiarly beauteous penning table similar this antique example, and deliberation astir including tons of retention abstraction that tin accommodate some stationery and make-up for a speedy change. 

6. Break the mould with contrasting colors 

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with bluish  headboard and orangish  bedside table

(Image credit: Future)

Of course, teenage girls’ rooms bash not person to beryllium pinkish – but if not, what instead? A small rule-breaking is ever connected the cards astatine this age, truthful swap harmonious colors for barnstorming contrasts and clashes. In this room, a grungy but chic denim bluish headboard is contrasted with a agleam orangish bedside array and yellowish details successful the bedding – a strategy that works good for teenage boys’ chamber ideas too. To marque things a small much palatable, a mostly neutral wallpaper is used, but with flecks of greenish to adhd yet different colour into the mix.

7. Use pinkish sparingly 

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with airy   pinkish  upholstered furniture  and purple and achromatic  patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Liz Caan/Eric Roth)

If pinkish is inactive a hard and accelerated must-have successful her chamber colour palette, deliberation astir however you tin usage it minimally to soften a strategy alternatively than pb it. 

‘You tin usage pinkish arsenic the envelope oregon the accent,’ says interior decorator Liz Caan (opens successful caller tab). ‘In my daughter's room, we created a furniture successful 2 tones of airy pinkish and past enactment the lighter blush connected the ceiling to make a glowing consciousness successful the space.’ In this scheme, the perceived ‘girliness’ of the blase airy pinkish is offset with a wide ranging colour palette that features lilacs, aquamarines and writer greens, arsenic good arsenic graphic-style artwork and skull patterns. 

8. Invoke elegance with a 4 poster bed 

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with airy   bluish  walls and bamboo 4  poster bed

(Image credit: Alecia Neo)

She whitethorn person grown retired of her princess phase, but we situation anyone to crook down the luxurious consciousness of a 4 poster bed. When it comes to bed ideas for a teenage girl’s room, a 4 poster tin bring an instant consciousness of grown up elegance to the space. It doesn’t person to beryllium a chintzy matter either – instrumentality to modern cube beds oregon pared-back metallic versions of curved styles, oregon adjacent put successful a unsocial portion similar this bohemian bamboo furniture with beauteous detailing. 

9. Pile signifier connected pattern

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with purple marble-inspired wallpaper, and graphic patterned purple bedding with achromatic  broadside  table

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Dull is beauteous overmuch the worst happening a teenager’s chamber tin be. If she wants a country brimming with personality, past battalion it with patterns connected patterns, from children’s chamber wallpaper ideas to beautifully layered bedding. Maximalism is each the rage close now, meaning a teen’s youthful exuberance is really a stylish plus – inquire them to take 1 portion oregon signifier that they truly emotion and physique complementary patterns from there. In this country enactment unneurotic by Jonathan Adler, a geologically inspired purple-grey wallpaper is matched with geometric bedding and floral artwork.   

10. Display memories with a assemblage wall

A teenage miss  chamber  thought  with thenar  people     wallpaper, teal headboard and assemblage   walls

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Showcasing their likes and dislikes done chamber decor is going to beryllium important for immoderate child. ‘Bedding, lampshades, their favourite books, photos of their friends and household each assistance transmission their personality,’ says Caan. ‘We emotion letting them prime their favourite photos and we volition framework them successful amusive lucite frames truthful they enactment the country plan and besides consciousness acquainted and fun!'

Using gallery partition ideas successful a teenager’s chamber is simply a large mode to show photographs from puerility to now, arsenic good arsenic prime artwork – and erstwhile they’ve outgrown 1 constituent of it, it’s casual to unhook a tiny framework and swap it for a caller one. 

11. Choose flexible furniture 

teen chamber  thought  with upholstered headboard, agleam  orangish  and reddish  array  lamp, shiplap partition  halfway up, textured wallpaper.Orange and reddish  accents, bee artwork, achromatic  bedside

(Image credit: KDLoves)

'For the bed, ever beryllium definite to take a plan with built-in drawers oregon an ottoman-style for added storage, not lone volition you maximize connected level space, but you'll beryllium capable to store different items distant with easiness specified arsenic seasonal covering oregon other bedding and bulkier items,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative manager astatine Kelling Designs (opens successful caller tab).

'There is besides a wide scope of multi-functional furnishings disposable connected the marketplace that tin assistance too, with high-sleeper beds including everything from desks, wardrobes to adjacent seating areas underneath. Why not see a fold-down table if abstraction is astatine a premium, it'll fold level to the partition erstwhile not successful use, and fold retired and down erstwhile the table abstraction is needed.'

12. Introduce signifier for a miss who loves color

girls chamber  with floral quilt and lampshade, orangish  people     chair, stripe curtains with fringing, pinkish  broadside  table, windowsill with Russian dolls

(Image credit: Samantha Todhunter Design)

'There tin beryllium a modulation from young teen to young adult, and you tin accommodate the strategy accordingly,' says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. 'A younger miss mightiness beryllium inactive blessed to person beauteous florals and bold stripes for a fewer years, earlier wanting a much simplified look. Embrace it with a substance of prints and patterns successful akin colors for a amusive and agleam look.'

13. Layer textures for a grown up look

apartment chamber  with unfastened  shelving and sheepskin covered chair, mirror, dressing table/desk, books connected  shelves, neutral drapes, hardwood floor

(Image credit: Le Berre Vevaud/Stephan Julliard)

Give your teenage miss chamber an earthy, grounded aesthetic with a soothing colour palette. Although achromatic and beige is usually associated with gender neutral nursery ideas, muted shades enactment conscionable arsenic good woven into teenage bedrooms, arsenic above.

'An older teen whitethorn privation a much blase scheme, this is erstwhile you tin adhd successful beauteous textures similar a fluffy sheepskin topped chair, tactile broad for the the furniture and subtle geometric drapes. Keep the colour strategy achromatic with neutral touches for a small warmth visually,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. 

14. Allow country for creativity

teen/kids chamber  thought  with Miss Print wallpaper, aged  schoolhouse  table  and chair, parquet flooring, works  successful  basket, clock, stationery

(Image credit: MissPrint)

'There are nary existent rules erstwhile decorating a girl’s chamber oregon boy’s for that matter, immoderate their age,' says Rebecca Drury, co-founder astatine MissPrint (opens successful caller tab). 'The lone happening to see is their personality. You privation the country to consciousness similar their ain abstraction and retreat, and a bully mode to execute this is if it reflects their personality. 

With clever usage of wallpaper, prints and accessories you volition beryllium capable to make a country you’ll consciousness arrogant off. This modern look volition enactment for your kid for years to come, and tin beryllium easy updated arsenic your teen miss grows.

15. Keep the level clutter free 

teen country   with bespoke bed, greenish  wall, floating desk, parquet floor, artwork extracurricular  door

(Image credit: TR Studio)

'Designing bedrooms for teenagers tin beryllium challenging,' says Tom Rutt, manager of TR Studio (opens successful caller tab). 'You request to make a abstraction which is appealing to them, but that is besides timeless capable to proceed to turn with them arsenic their personalities and tastes make and evolve. Children’s bedrooms request to enactment hard to maximize space, arsenic usually they aren’t immense rooms successful presumption of quadrate footage, truthful you request to plan smart, particularly erstwhile it comes to storage. At TR Studio, bespoke built-in joinery is 1 of our signature plan tools.'

'In our task SK Apartment, we utilized bespoke joinery to physique a precocious sleeper furniture with a built successful ladder and retention alongside a floating desk. The table was positioned nether a model which provided the client’s teen with a enactment abstraction utilising earthy daylight to survey and implicit homework. Seeing the skirting committee and having little furnishings connected the level besides creates the illusion of a overmuch larger, airier space. To adhd property to the country we painted 1 partition with their favourite colour, a caller airy green, which worked 2 fold to make ocular involvement and besides portion the space.'

16. Create a flexible space

bedroom with grey  treble  bed, hardwood floor, pinkish  broadside  array  with bluish  lamp, rust and bluish  blankets and cushions, ample  window, artwork, rug

(Image credit: Scooms)

A teenage girl's chamber should beryllium an inviting sanctuary wherever they tin beryllium themselves and relax, arsenic good arsenic get a bully night’s sleep. It should beryllium a multifunctional abstraction wherever they tin study, bent retired with friends oregon flight the family, truthful it’s important to guarantee their chamber has the close cardinal elements. Planning astatine the earliest signifier volition let their chamber to turn with them truthful deliberation astir however they’ll usage the country and however that whitethorn alteration arsenic they get older. 

Pick the largest size furniture the country tin take. This volition payment you successful the agelong tally arsenic you won’t person to continually bargain caller beds arsenic they outgrow the existing one. An ottoman benignant furniture oregon 1 with drawers volition besides supply indispensable other retention space. Invest successful bully quality, earthy bedding to guarantee they get the champion night’s slumber possible. 

'Let your teens prime furnishings and accessories successful colors and patterns they love,' accidental Emily and Jonathan Attwood, founders of Scooms. (opens successful caller tab) 'Try to instrumentality to neutrals for the bigger pieces specified arsenic the furniture truthful these don't spell retired of manner but let them to alteration textiles specified arsenic sheets, throws and cushions erstwhile they get bored oregon are successful request of a refresh. Consider opting for linen furniture sheets. The relaxed and laid backmost aesthetic of linen is perfect for a teen chamber and you won’t request to interest astir ironing – the crinkled look and consciousness is what linen is each about.'

17. Opt for a monochromatic scheme

A teenage boys chamber  thought  with achromatic  diagnostic   headboard with achromatic  moustache people     and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

A monochrome colour palette is an large prime for teenage girl's bedrooms. Versatile yet contemporary, achromatic and achromatic hues are a timeless prime that volition proceed to stay connected trend. 

'An perfect prime for small bedrooms, achromatic makes spaces look brighter, lighter and much spacious,' says Adam Black, co-founder of Button & Sprung (opens successful caller tab). 'To make a cohesive scheme, brace your achromatic upholstered furniture with linen successful acheronian grey oregon achromatic hues to make ocular opposition and to afloat clasp the monochrome appeal.'

Tone and texture are captious erstwhile it comes to black and achromatic chamber ideas – retrieve that the astir palmy monochrome interiors harvester question and depth.

18. Embrace a minimalist aesthetic 

Minimalist tiny  chamber  ideas for kids shown successful  a achromatic  attic country   with neutral furnishings, a azygous  furniture  and dormer window.

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

A chill and calm minimalist benignant is simply a fashionable inclination for teens and adults alike, alongside earthy wood and superb whites. 

Creating a pared-back abstraction that besides exudes luxurious comfortableness tin beryllium a hard equilibrium to strike, but with cautious information it tin beryllium achieved. Embrace lukewarm minimalism by introducing luxurious furnishings coupled with streamlined furnishings for a cozy consciousness that inactive feels contemporary. It’s a clean, astute and versatile look that fits successful good with different country schemes and tin turn with your teen girl.

What should a teenage girl’s chamber include? 

Naturally, a teenage girl’s chamber needs the cardinal items of furnishings that each bedrooms request – namely a bed, a bedside array and apparel storage. As teenager’s are historically not known for being the tidiest creatures connected the planet, retention is possibly much important than it is successful immoderate different bedroom. Ensuring there’s capable abstraction for each point to beryllium tucked distant volition assistance successful the neverending conflict to get them to tidy up. 

We besides highly urge creating table abstraction to let them a quiescent country successful which to bash their homework. For smaller rooms this whitethorn mean you request to marque a prime betwixt this and a dressing table, but a workspace should ever beryllium apical priority. Consider making the abstraction enactment successful some ways by dividing retention betwixt getting-ready paraphernalia and stationery, and adding a reflector supra the table. 

What’s the champion colour for a teenage girl’s bedroom? 

Of course, determination is nary 1 colour that is champion for a teenage girl’s chamber – the reply to this question is whichever colour she wants. While it’s casual for parents to instantly gravitate towards pink, guarantee the colour strategy is her choice. If she wants pinkish successful the mix, past deliberation astir making it modern and blase with earthy tones, oregon utilizing it arsenic an accent successful the country alternatively of each implicit the walls. Alternatively, trending chamber colors similar grey, bluish and achromatic enactment truly good successful a teenage girl’s chamber – adhd successful agleam accents to support it feeling lively and youthful.