The 5 tidying mistakes to avoid – according to the Marie Kondo method

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Marie Kondo is the undisputed Queen of Clean, with her amusement Sparking Joy a deed connected Netflix during lockdown when, let's look it, galore of america couldn't get capable of organizing and cleaning. 

However, if contempt Ms Kondo's proposal successful her show's past season, you're inactive struggling to support your location tidy, you could beryllium falling prey to these communal tidying mistakes, according to an authoritative KonMari consultant. 

Marie Kondo changeable to fame arsenic the writer of the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidy up,  and a Netflix bid Tidying Up. 

She talks astir the 'ideal lifestyle' –  you tin find retired much astir it connected the KonMari website. There, Marie explains that her 'tidying process is not astir decluttering your location oregon making it look neat connected the spur of the infinitesimal for visitors.  It’s astir tidying up successful a mode that volition spark joyousness successful your beingness and alteration it forever.'

She continues: 'Think astir what benignant of location you privation to unrecorded successful and however you privation to unrecorded successful it.  In different words, picture your perfect lifestyle. If you similar drawing, sketch retired what it looks like. If you similar to write, picture it successful a notebook. You tin besides chopped retired photos from magazines.

'When you ideate your perfect lifestyle, you are truly clarifying wherefore you privation to tidy and envisioning your champion life. The tidying process represents a turning constituent – truthful earnestly see the perfect manner to which you aspire.'

So however bash you spell from imagining your perfect manner to getting to grips with organizing clutter? If you are successful request of a small KonMari guidance, but you aren't fortunate capable to onshore a spot connected a aboriginal show, scheduling successful a league with a Platinum KonMari Consultant trained by Marie Kondo is the adjacent champion thing. 

And we've arranged a consultation for you below.

5 communal tidying mistakes to debar with the KonMari method

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Sue Spencer is 1 of these consultants from A Life More Organized. She'll assistance you declutter and signifier your space, based connected Marie Kondo's principles. We spoke to her to uncover her apical tips and the mistakes that are stopping you from getting your location successful bid erstwhile and for all.

'If you've ever organized a country successful your location and recovered that the clutter creeps backmost a week later, you'll cognize however frustrating the rhythm of decluttering tin be,' Sue begins. 

'Marie Kondo's approach, The KonMari Method, aims to interruption this rhythm by helping radical tidy up 'once and for all,' allowing them to get connected with enjoying the things that are astir important successful their lives. 

1. Searching for pieces to discard  

'Make affirmative choices astir what you privation to support successful your location alternatively than look for items to discard. When you support the items that you emotion (the ones that 'Spark Joy') that acceptable with your Ideal Lifestyle, you'll commencement to curate a location afloat of things that you love,' says Sue. 

'For example, you'll person a closet afloat of apparel you emotion wearing, which means you won't person things that you don't similar taking up invaluable retention space.' 

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2. Investing successful caller storage before decluttering

'Always declutter earlier you bargain caller retention to signifier your stuff; you'll beryllium amazed astatine however overmuch abstraction you person erstwhile you discard the things you don't need,' Sue explains. 

'Before grabbing the bin bags, deliberation astir what you're trying to execute – however bash you bask spending your clip astatine home, and however would you similar your abstraction to look and feel.

'Having this presumption of your Ideal Lifestyle volition assistance get you motivated to commencement tidying and volition besides usher your decisions astir what to support oregon fto spell of – there's nary constituent successful keeping items that don't acceptable with however you privation to unrecorded your life.'

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3. Not categorizing your clutter 

In the KonMari method decluttering by determination is simply a large no-no. Instead, Sue recommends separating your clutter into categories, specified arsenic books and furniture linen, alternatively of sections of a room. 

'When you stitchery each the items from a class unneurotic successful 1 place, you'll spot what you own,' she says. 'This helps if you store akin items successful antithetic places astir your location as, perchance for the archetypal time, you'll spot the measurement of items and immoderate duplication.' 

This method volition assistance you marque a much informed prime astir what to discard and halt you from storing things 'just successful lawsuit it's needed successful the future'. 

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4. Not uncovering a dedicated location for belongings

If each point has a circumstantial place, your location volition consciousness much organized and look much minimalist. 'I ever urge storing akin objects unneurotic (to debar scattered storage), truthful past you'll cognize wherever to find things and wherever to enactment them distant erstwhile you've finished with them,' Sue explains.

She recommends storing items successful a handbasket oregon container to halt them from wandering. 'When you are looking for determination to store something, inquire yourself wherever you'd look for it – it's often the simplest mode to benignant retired your storage.'  

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5. Not making the astir of drawer space

So galore of america are not utilizing the existing abstraction we person effectively, which tin pb to messy overspill. Placing your items vertically tin 'almost treble your drawer retention space,' Sue reveals. 

'It helps you to spot what you have, and it makes it a batch easier to drawback what you need,' she adds.

Vertical retention works beyond your chamber and is simply a large modern room idea, arsenic it tin make much country successful your refrigerator. 'Also deliberation astir making usage of walls and the backmost of doors to store items to wide level abstraction and support things casual to find,' Sue adds. 

Armed with Sue's tips it's clip to halt the changeless tidying erstwhile and for all. We're determined to bask a clutter-free home… Let the tidying commence. 

What are Marie Kondo's 5 steps?

Marie Kondo's 5 steps are:

Discard by category.Break categories into subcategories to assistance with discarding.Only support items that 'spark joy'.After decluttering, signifier the circumstantial abstraction totally.Finish this task earlier moving connected to the next.