The classic checkerboard floor is this year's biggest trend – experts advise on how to get it right

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A classical interior inclination is breathtaking interior plan loving celebrities this season. Beloved by histrion Gwyneth Paltrow and interior designers Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus, checkerboard floors are popping up successful the astir stylish homes this year.

This tile trend mightiness beryllium having a resurgence, but checkerboard floors person been astir for centuries. Their past dates backmost to past Egypt; they were loved by the Romans; fashionable successful Victorian entryways; and a staple of 1950s American diners. 

'Usually successful achromatic and white, the versatility of this benignant of level means it tin enactment good successful astir immoderate benignant of space,' says Barry Cutchie, plan manager astatine BC Designs.  

black and achromatic  checkerboard level  successful  hallway

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'One crushed is that the geometric shapes are some modern and casual to make utilizing tiles oregon paint. The re-emergence tin besides beryllium attributed to the inclination for "period modern", arsenic it is simply a diagnostic that tin instantly marque two-period styles enactment harmoniously together.'

Although the classical black-and-white look volition ne'er spell retired of fashion, the plan tin beryllium adapted by bringing successful antithetic colors and shades. 

'Instead of the basal pattern, merchandise designers are adding aggregate colors oregon keeping the achromatic and achromatic but changing the signifier a bit,' says Andra DelMonico, pb interior decorator for homes and interiors website Trendey. 'While they aren’t precisely “checkerboard,” they are inspired by it. You could besides elevate the look of a classical checkerboard by utilizing achromatic and achromatic stone.'

Checkerboard flooring successful  a bathroom

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Where to benignant the checkerboard level trend

Entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms are each earthy fits for this flooring and tile trend. However, DelMonico warns against laying checkerboard flooring successful a chamber oregon surviving country 'where it would lone adhd to the chaos'. Also, see standard and size carefully. 

'Because this is specified a bold repeating pattern, you request to get the standard right, oregon you volition propulsion disconnected the proportions of the full room,' she says. 'As a wide rule, the larger the room, the larger the tile.'

Painted checkerboard flooring

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'Choosing the incorrect size tile is the biggest mistake you tin make. A tiny tile successful a larger country volition look overwhelming portion a ample tile successful a tiny country won’t repetition capable and you won’t make the checkerboard effect.'

James Chapman, manager of Bella Bathrooms, says the checkboard inclination is simply a cleanable 'transitional' solution for today’s homes. 'We person passed done the vintage look and are moving to a much natural, chic, and modern style. Checkboard allows you to determination from 1 benignant to another.'