The handmade beds fit for the Queen

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When Amanda Oldfield ordered a brace of robust beds for her 2 teenage boys, the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company was founded successful a divided moment. Disappointed and disbelieving successful the mediocre prime of craftsmanship, Amanda and her hubby Stephen took it upon themselves to rejuvenate the British metallic furniture market. Within months, they were selling their beautifully manus sculptured beds crossed the UK from their tiny store successful Norfolk and are present joined by sons Jack and Harry.

wrought robust  furniture  successful  bedroom

(Image credit: Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company)

When naming their skilfully handcrafted beds, overlapping household beingness with enactment is astir successful tune. 'Until our caller designs are afloat assembled and dressed, we notation to them with a codification name, arsenic each plan has its ain unsocial personality,' explains Amanda. 'Once assembled, we stitchery astir arsenic a household with a cupful of tea, and the ‘naming ceremony’ begins.'

Each furniture has its ain unsocial story, often rooted successful the family’s past friendships, companionships, and relatives – similar Bertie, named aft a adjacent household friend’s archetypal son, oregon William – named aft Amanda’s grandfather.

wrought robust  furniture  successful  bedroom

(Image credit: Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company)

A genuine household company, they’ve had their ups and downs implicit caller years, and designation of their exceptional prime and work came successful 2021 – erstwhile they proudly received a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen. 'Over the years, the concern has go our life, large milestones astatine enactment person go accomplishments successful our ain lives, and we’re genuinely humbled,' says Harry. 'We judge it’s this intrinsic transportation that makes it much than conscionable work. It makes it our passion. Our passionateness for our magnificent trade and superior lawsuit service.'

Available successful assorted sizes – from azygous to emperor – and beds for dogs. Each furniture is simply a devotion to British craftsmanship, and exceptional prime sits astatine the bosom of the company’s philosophy. Using British robust and locally sourced materials whenever possible, craftspeople enactment with the dense earthy metallic to cautiously sculpt designs utilizing a operation of analyzable and accepted techniques. Finished successful either a powder-coated oregon plated finish, each furniture showcases the characteristics and quirks that look erstwhile crafting by hand, making each furniture wholly unique.

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(Image credit: Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co x Period Living)

At first, it was a cottage industry. 'I ever wanted to person our beds handmade successful Norfolk utilizing materials that were sourced adjacent to home,' says Amanda. 'I delivered the worldly to the craftspeople who made the bed, and we inspected everything earlier it was delivered.' Now, their store is location to a squad of exclusive craftspeople and transportation drivers. Skilfully sculpting their scope of exquisite metallic beds and delivering nationwide regular – each handmade from locally sourced earthy materials.

Over the years, this household institution has grown – but the principles astatine its bosom stay the same. 'Our household institution started astir 20 years ago, based connected dismay and disbelief, which gave commencement to our impeccably precocious standards,' says Amanda. 'I person precise precocious expectations myself, truthful I privation to guarantee we present what we committedness nonstop to our customers. Iron beds exceptionally handcrafted successful Norfolk, guaranteed to past a lifetime.'

Henry robust  furniture  from the Period Living postulation  astatine  Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co

(Image credit: Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Co x Period Living)

H&G's sister brand Period Living has partnered with The Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company to contiguous a timeless postulation of superior prime beds that enactment for homes of each era. The six designs person been hand-picked by the Period Living team, and are made successful Britain utilizing time-honoured methods of craftsmanship enhanced by the latest technology.

‘I’m thrilled to beryllium partnering with specified a quality, conscientious British brand,’ says Period Living exertion Melanie Griffiths. ‘I tin deliberation of nary different furniture shaper that has achieved truthful overmuch successful presumption of craftsmanship, provenance and sustainability, portion the designs are simply stunning. The squad are a existent pleasance to woody with, excessively – they are existent artisans who basal down their craft. The designs are guaranteed to past a lifetime, and are destined to go heirloom pieces.’