The Salone del Mobile 2022 trends that will reshape our kitchens

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Salone del Mobile – The Milan Furniture Fair – has championed plan successful Italy’s benignant superior for 61 years, and 2022 is nary exception. The festival, which volition tally until June 12th, is backmost with a bang aft the pandemic, and squad H&G was determination to spot the latest furnishings designs and developments. Nowhere was this much evident than successful the Eurocucina hall, which is dedicated to kitchen trends and innovations. 

These, from a pop-up pantry hidden wrong a room land to a beautifully hand-painted oven, are what stood out.

6 stand-out room trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

These are the trends H&G’s editors spotted astatine this year’s just – and wherefore you request to cognize astir them, wherever you are.

Kitchen astatine  Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

Italian room shaper Poliform (opens successful caller tab) is renowned for its quality to make beauteous kitchens that are incredibly practical, too.

Their latest innovation is simply a pop-up pantry (pictured above, hidden successful the worksurface, and below, revealed). It exemplifies however to usage abstraction cleverly and make a streamlined strategy without sacrificing relation – and it’s a diagnostic that volition revolutionize pantry ideas successful modern spaces of each sizes. 

Kitchen astatine  Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

'Deep Shaker Move is simply a modular retractable strategy for the apical of the island,' accidental Poliform. 'It tin beryllium equipped with shelves and containers, arsenic good arsenic an integrated hood. The precocious aboveground bears the aforesaid decorativeness arsenic the apical of the room truthful arsenic to beryllium invisible.'

'This was a stand-out portion astatine the Salone and was garnering overmuch attention. What we emotion astir this retractable pantry is that its discreet, sleek quality allows you to fell distant appliances and clutter, seamlessly,' says Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. 'When not successful use, it fits into the room countertop to make a streamlined finish. At the propulsion of a button, it rises smoothly to marque everything you usage regularly easy accessible.'

2. Scavolini's cabinetry

Kitchen astatine  Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

Scavolini (opens successful caller tab) has adapted to bespeak a alteration successful tastes and benignant implicit the past six decades – but the modern room idea seen supra is 1 of its astir notable. Their caller room merges masculine lines with whimsical handles (by Venetian designer Luca Nichetto (opens successful caller tab)) to make the astir improbable but almighty operation of the moment. 

The marque blends earthy industrialism with mystical shapes to make cabinetry that makes a connection successful homes of each benignant – and they person our approval. 

'Another constituent of the room supra that stands retired is the contrast-lacquered, unfastened cubby shelving. This was a room diagnostic we saw crossed astir of the room brands, though it was notable that the cubbies are utilized for some applicable retention and decorative display,' says Lucy Searle.

3. Officine Gullo's hand-decorated oven

Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

When bespoke room manufacturers conscionable the Tuscan manner location Aquazzura (opens successful caller tab), it’s a lucifer made successful plan heaven. The result? A gorgeous oven that features a concealed garden-inspired design. 

This collaboration invites you to look astatine Officine Gullo (opens successful caller tab)’s quintessential cooker successful a playful caller mode – due to the fact that 2022 is the twelvemonth you marque an creator connection done your appliances. 

'Each of these pieces is hand-painted, truthful you volition ne'er find 2 the same,' says Lucy Searle. 'If you look closely, you tin adjacent spot pencil marks wherever the creator has made the archetypal sketches. Officine Gullo told maine that the involvement successful this portion has been keen, and that galore buyers person asked if they could person theirs customized painted. This is not presently available, but ticker this space.'

4. Marazzi's countertops

Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

This twelvemonth we person seen galore new, daring kitchen countertop ideas, from glowing, internally-lit marble to the invisible countertop breakthrough. The latest worldly to participate the speech comes from Marazzi (opens successful caller tab), who are experimenting with durable surfaces that replicate the beauteous veins seen successful authentic stone. 

The company, champion known for its ceramic tiles, besides showcased an integrated cooker apical that further feeds into the tendency for invisible appliances – creating a sleek, cleanable look that volition conflict to autumn retired of style. 

'Another constituent we spotted that contributes further to the streamlined look was cooker controls being integrated into countertops and the beforehand of cabinetry, arsenic beneath successful this room by Steel Cucine (opens successful caller tab).'

Kitchen countertop

(Image credit: Lucy Searle)

5. Cesar Cucine's curves

Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

It’s clip to rethink your kitchen land ideas and marque abstraction for Cesar Cucine (opens successful caller tab)’s curved offering, arsenic seen below. The unconventional land caught our attraction astatine Salone del Mobile, and it’s casual to spot wherefore this connection is truthful captivating. 

The plan supra plays with akin circular shapes (including the airy fitting and sink) that accentuate the island’s curve and bring an wholly caller look to an (already) modern setting. 

'Curves and circles were a existent taxable astatine Salone this year, and not conscionable successful kitchens,' says Lucy Searle. 'The newest sofa designs diagnostic unthinkable curves and silhouettes that soften the quadrate proportions of rooms, and this is simply a instrumentality that is easy translatable successful kitchens.' 

6. Unox Casa's oven

Kitchen trends from Salone del Mobile 2022

(Image credit: Future / Sarah Spiteri)

Unox Casa is establishing itself arsenic a person successful the ultra-high spec oven manufacture – for a bully reason. Their SuperOven (opens successful caller tab) (above) makes it imaginable to execute restaurant-level cuisine successful a home mounting – acknowledgment to its highly-specific pre-programmed functions that marque the cooking process consciousness seamless. 

While its minimalistic plan receives points successful the interior world, its technological abilities stay hidden, truthful you tin bask a almighty oven without tainting your scheme. This oven is surely worthy the investment. 

'What we loved astir this – and truthful overmuch of what we saw astatine Salone – was the adjacent attraction fixed to some signifier and function.'