The simple secret to an organized open-plan space – according to designer Leanne Ford

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Finding the equilibrium betwixt a fashionable yet functional location tin often consciousness similar a challenge. Whether you're looking for a caller storage idea oregon a solution to zoning your open-plan space, the astir applicable pieces are notorious for tainting your wide scheme. However, decorator Leanne Ford has the solution that volition support your open-plan country consciousness zoned, organized, and always stylish. 

The prima of HGTV's Home Again With The Fords and Ford Family Classics is simply a maestro of open-plan surviving country ideas, but what is her secret? The reply is recovered successful furnishings pieces that treble arsenic a retention solution. 

Leanne Ford's concealed to a bully looking, multifunctional space 

Leanne Ford's open-plan trick

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

'One of my favourite ways to support things organized and interruption up larger multifunctional spaces successful a beauteous mode is to utilize furnishings pieces that connection retention solutions successful spot of 'traditional dividers' that lone service 1 purpose,' Leanne shares successful speech with H&G. 

The decorator recommends opening by utilizing a bookcase arsenic a country divider – truthful you tin bask the quality of your colorful publication spines whilst simultaneously zoning your unfastened plan. 

'The Haldeman Open Bookcase (opens successful caller tab) from my caller postulation with Crate & Barrel is the cleanable retention solution and open-air room' divider' each successful one,' she says. 

Leanne Ford's open-plan trick

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Whether you travel Leanne's bookcase pb oregon you opt for different multifunctional furnishing, the regularisation remains the same: If a portion isn't arsenic functional arsenic it is aesthetic, past it's not worthy the investment. 

'The biggest happening I promote radical to deliberation astir is that quality and relation tin coexist,' Leanne adds. 'People tin often marque the mistake of focusing connected conscionable idiosyncratic items themselves, alternatively of however the point mightiness unrecorded wrong a abstraction and alongside different pieces successful a functional, cohesive way. I ever accidental if the portion is not beauteous and useful, past it's not going successful my home.'

And portion Leanne's concealed is the cleanable open-plan living country retention idea, her teachings enactment successful each country of the home. Whether you're looking to fell cables successful your location bureau oregon appliances successful your room – the benignant of your retention matters. 

Leanne Ford's open-plan trick

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

'I effort to fell everything disfigured successful my location that I can. Hide the printers, the chords, the real-life stuff. So having beauteous cabinets and spaces to enactment those successful is key,' she adds. 

Leanne Ford's Crate & Barrel Collection is disposable online (opens successful caller tab) now.