This design trend could devalue your home and put off buyers say experts – but we love it

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It's casual to spot the entreaty down the patterned tile trend. From ornate azulejos to rustic zelliges, determination is an apt tile for each abstraction of the home. However, if you're flirting with the thought of a tiled room backsplash – oregon you're reasoning astir taking your entryway level to the adjacent level – past you whitethorn request to tread with caution. 

This tile trend whitethorn beryllium making a archetypal content for each the incorrect reasons, spot experts person revealed. 

Do patterned tiles devalue your house? 

wall mural with classical  Portuguese tiled effect   plan  and treble  basin vanity

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While we're not suggesting that you re-evaluate your kitchen tile ideas for good, it's worthy noting the effect that patterned tiles whitethorn person erstwhile moving your location from the market. Here's what you request to know.

1. Patterned tiles are costly to maintain

Yellow bath  ideas with yellowish  basin and level  tiles

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'One of the large trends successful the past fewer years is the utilization of patterned tiles. Brightly colored and bully designed patterns bring an aesthetic lookout to the interior. But the occupation is it's excessively costly to replace,' explains Ben Fisher, a Luxury Real Estate Specialist, The Fisher Group. 

According to Ben, the precocious outgo of tiles deters buyers from buying a property, arsenic galore investors are not funny successful their design. 'This outgo of replacement contented devalues the location ultimately,' helium says. 

2. Bold patterns are not for everybody

Blue and achromatic  patterned room  partition  tiles down  a cookware  of utensils

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Liz Hogan, the VP of Luxury Sales astatine Compass, likewise urges homeowners to debar experimenting with styles that are 'too trendy, implicit the apical oregon personalized,' arsenic they tin limit' buyers who don't stock the aforesaid consciousness of style.'

Ben suggests that this whitethorn beryllium the lawsuit with pattened tiles. 'Except for the millennials of the existent generation, nary buyers are truly funny successful this trendy, stylish design,' helium says.  

3. Some patterns whitethorn look dated

Blue and greenish  scheme, bluish  painted tiled staircase, patterned bluish  wallpaper with greenish  seat  and greenish  accessories

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Alongside their dividing aesthetic and precocious attraction costs, decorator Liz Walton adds that patterned bath tiles whitethorn 'instantly day a home', and their bold colors whitethorn not basal the trial of time. 'The aforesaid goes for inset tiles connected floors,' Liz adds. 

Should you inactive play with pattern?

Black bath  with patterned level  and plants

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Despite its cons successful the existent property industry, we confess that the patterned tile inclination is hard to disregard successful the plan world. If you inactive (understandably) privation to bask their aesthetic but mightiness see moving location successful the adjacent fewer years, past we suggest choosing subtler patterns oregon neutral hues that are apt to stay successful benignant for longer.

Many kitchen, entryway, and bathroom tile ideas volition let you to experimentation with this escapist diagnostic without harming your property's chances connected the market. Because sometimes, the astir beauteous plan features are the astir talked about.