This elegant French-style home's historic features shine after a careful update

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A French-style location designed by famed designer Hal Thomson was ever going to beryllium thing special. This one, built successful 1926, is connected the National Register of Historic Places. It's successful the Highland Park vicinity of Dallas and precocious underwent a afloat renovation. 

The exterior and the interiors person been sympathetically updated, taking the home's historical play details into relationship astatine each stage. The results are simply beauteous and uncover the property's existent character. The interior styling works with the archetypal features to make a harmonious and elegant household abstraction that is genuinely 1 of the world's champion homes.

Once the exterior changes had been completed by builder John Jarrett , decorator Kara Adam of Kara Adam Interiors stepped successful to tackle the interiors. We caught up with her to sermon the challenges progressive successful updating an aged home, and to find retired precisely however she struck the equilibrium betwixt accepted and modern styling. 

Dining room

dining country   with bluish  patterned rug and acheronian  wood   array  upholstered chairs with bluish  and achromatic  signifier   ornate chandelier and pinkish  curtains with patterned edge

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Designer Kara Adam's dining country ideas sum up her attack to the full house. It's an casual connected the oculus strategy that takes successful brushed to acheronian blues, tempered with pastel pinks and neutrals. The furnishings choices are traditional, with a ceremonial acheronian wood eating table, but softened by the chairs from Baker upholstered successful a bluish floral from Elworthy Studio. An antique rug and ornate antique airy fixture nexus backmost to the home's history, portion the customized drapes and modern artwork bring the country close backmost up to date. 

Kara says, 'The beauteous bluish and blush palette came astir due to the fact that the homeowner wanted a small much of a feminine interaction for this space.'


kitchen with skylight implicit    airy   land  and 3  bluish  and achromatic  upholstered barroom  stools greenish  pendant airy  and patterned curtains

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Kitchen ideas came casual for this agleam space, arsenic Kara explains, 'I emotion the room and each the earthy airy it gets. I’ve ne'er worked with a skylight successful a kitchen—clearly that was portion of a erstwhile renovation—but it brought successful truthful overmuch light. 

'The room is genuinely the bosom of this home. This is wherever the household gathers. I emotion mixing geometric with integrated patterns. The premix of floral and geometric present truly rounds retired the room,' adds Kara. The premix is besides the cleanable mode of bridging the spread betwixt accepted and modern styles. A greenish pendant from Urban Electric and barstools from Hickory Chair, covered successful Kilim by Virginia Kraft, implicit the kitchen's caller fresh look. 

What were the challenges of creating a family-friendly modern room successful an aged location similar this one? 'We fto the location nonstop us,' explains Kara. 'Since it was a historical French home, we fto that thrust the conception and plan decisions. You request to fto historical homes similar this dictate the direction, the location tells you what it wants. One of the challenges of moving with specified a location was uncovering materials that were successful keeping with the house’s archetypal style. We didn’t privation thing shiny and new. For instance, the backsplash successful the room is much of a modeled, handmade tile, by Ann Sacks.' 

Home bar

bar with grey  greenish  cabinets and tiles supra  with brass taps connected  tiny  sink

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Brass fittings for the shelving and a brass faucet springiness the location barroom a interaction of jazz property glamour, on with the fitted cabinetry. Kara says, 'There’s a customized striae connected the cabinets; we utilized astir 5 antithetic grays and greens to execute that rustic look.'

A backsplash of modern geometric tiles by Kelly Wearstler provides the modern twist successful this space. 

Living room

neutral colors successful  surviving  country   with airy   sofas and pastel cushions with fireplace and airy   carpet

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

The challenges of updating a historical location were ever contiguous arsenic Kara worked her mode done the rooms. 'With a location similar this, that's clinging to its 1920s roots, we tried to sphere arsenic galore archetypal plan elements arsenic possible,' she explains. 'This included refreshing faux chromatic walls and cleaning up the banisters, but different leaving them arsenic they were. The surviving country fireplace was archetypal to the location truthful we embraced it. And we've selected airy fittings with a humanities feel, present and elsewhere, to support with the benignant of the home.'

Living country ideas present see utilizing the aforesaid grey greenish striae arsenic the barroom cabinets. The extremity for this country was to find a comfortable, neutral inheritance for the owners to unbend and entertain household and friends. The rug is from Abrash. The sofas and nine chairs are from Dennis & Leen via Culp Associates. 


small achromatic  array  successful  bay model   with bluish  lampbase and bluish  roman unsighted  with flamingo people     and oriental rug connected  woody  floor

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Simple but effectual hallway ideas marque this a abstraction to linger. We emotion the textured wallcovering and acheronian wood flooring. The array from Dennis & Leen and rug from Abrash are the cleanable choices for the space, and the quirky flamingo people cloth from Highland House is the portion de absorption to heighten the archetypal quadrate bay window.  

'It's a pass-through abstraction that turned retired truly amusive and special,' says decorator Kara.


bedroom with bluish  and achromatic  linen and pastel cushions

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

There is nary shortage of inspiring bedroom ideas successful the upstairs spaces present decorator Kara Adams has fixed them each caller fresh looks. 

This calming impermanent retreat uses a premix of dreamy bluish patterns and accessories, with brushed pastel pinkish highlights to circular disconnected the scheme. 

Primary bedroom

contemporary achromatic  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Kara recommended 1 of her all-time favourite pieces for the homeowners' superior bedroom. The afloat upholstered canopy bed, with Pukka Print cloth is the prima here. 

'They wanted this location to beryllium a retreat for them portion they were successful municipality visiting grandkids,' explains Kara. 'They were utilized to staying successful hotels and wanted their superior chamber to beryllium a sanctuary.' Bed and Fermoie fabric-covered bench, some by Hickory Chair.

blue casual  seat  with paneled walls down  and leafy artwork successful  achromatic  frame

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

A quiescent spot for an casual seat successful the superior bedroom. Note the perfectly proportioned framed people that neatly fits the accepted paneling, but brings the strategy up to day with an on-trend tropical print. 

Grandchildren's room

green and lavender fabrics successful  duplicate  chamber  with roman shades and floral patterned pillows

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

In this impermanent room, Kara chose a young, caller palette of lavender and green. 

'This country has tons of windows, making it consciousness similar a treehouse truthful I thought the greenish would adhd playfulness for the grandkids,' she explains. 'I emotion to bring the outdoors in.' The bedding is from Pine Cone Hill, the drapes by Schumacher. 

Powder room

powder country   with floral cloth  curtains nether  basin and matching floral wallcovering with mirror

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

If you can't person wall-to-wall florals successful a pulverization room, wherever tin you person them?! In immoderate case, these are chic pastel florals, much reminiscent of French Impressionist paintings than old-school chintzes.  

Kara explains however the beauteous look came about: 'This pulverization country is specified a amusive space. We kept a batch of elements that were already determination similar the countertop and faucet, but we changed the sconces and wallpaper and added a skirt which is simply a amusive throwback that dresses up the room.' The cloth and wallpaper are from Voutsa.

French-style architecture

Exterior of 1920s French benignant   location  with slate extortion   and wings either broadside  of symmetrical facade

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

The elegant location sits successful a generous crippled successful Dallas's Highland Park neighborhood. It was designed and built successful 1926 by renowned designer Hal Thomson, who built galore of the area's striking residences. 

Designer Kara explains that the charmingly symmetrical slate-roofed spot was successful bully information erstwhile its existent owners took it on. 'For the exterior, we repainted the extracurricular and redid the ellipse driveway and landscaping to marque it much inviting,' she says. 'The archetypal location had a akin palette. We leaned connected Farrow & Ball to prime the caller paints for the façade, due to the fact that they specialize successful historical colors.'

Backyard updates

Covered outdoor eating abstraction  with array  and chairs and h2o  melon connected  array  with pergola above

(Image credit: Michael Hunter)

Kara's plan influences weren't conscionable confined to the wrong spaces.  Landscape designer Robert Bellamy worked alongside Kara to travel up with a program for the gardens. 'The outdoor spaces were highly important for the homeowners' kids and grandkids.' explains Kara. 'This household spends a batch of clip outdoors. They wanted abstraction for the kids to tally and play, and we added a beauteous excavation to circular retired the space. Originally, the patio wasn’t covered truthful we added a pergola implicit a Janus et Cie table, to marque it adjacent much inviting .'