This historic farmhouse mixes antiques, art and bold colors for design perfection

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When creator Nellie Shepherd was looking for a caller home, it wasn't conscionable herself and hubby Andy she had to consider. She planned to tally an creation schoolhouse truthful the mounting and views astir the location had to beryllium representation cleanable to her trained artist's eye. And the scenery beyond had to clasp inspiration for the students who successful clip would beryllium arriving to paint. 

Luckily, the erstwhile farmhouse she recovered was beauteous wrong and retired - oregon astatine slightest Nellie knew it could beryllium with a small work. Five years later, with the enactment completed the renovated house, its mounting and delicate renovation harvester to make a genuinely peculiar spot to live. 

The oldest parts of the erstwhile farmhouse day backmost to 1660, with additions made passim its history. Nellie soon discovered that precise small had been done to support the seven-bedroom spot for years. So with the assistance of a specializer practice builder she acceptable to enactment putting the location backmost unneurotic again. 

The extortion had to beryllium removed and each the ceilings came down arsenic astir of the rafters were rotten, and each azygous lintel needed to beryllium replaced. It was stripped backmost to the brick, but Nellie was adamant that the aged farmhouse shouldn't suffer its quality and the beautifully rounded recently lime plastered walls are 1 of the renovation details she is astir arrogant of. 

It would beryllium rather wrong, however, to suggest Nellie is stuck successful the past erstwhile it comes to interior design. She agrees that houses request to germinate to suit the mode we unrecorded today, provided you get the bony operation close archetypal – the beams, extortion and lime plaster each had to travel first. So the interiors are fresh, colorful and adjacent modern successful places. There's a boho-country look that fits with the cloth of the aged building, but besides with the colorful modern artworks and the melodramatic Peak District scenery outside. We've picked retired our favourite and astir inspiring spaces – instrumentality the tour. 


Kitchen with bluish  cabinets and bluish  land  with hanging utensil rack and unfastened  shelves

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

There are really 2 kitchens successful the aged farmhouse. Nellie uses this 1 to navigator for her creation schoolhouse students. There's plentifulness present to animate anyone looking for kitchen ideas. Nellie designed the floating retention portion supra the island, incorporating lights, and had it made by a section blacksmith. The bespoke cabinets were besides built to her plan by a section cabinetmaker. Having items made to your ain plans successful this mode not lone saves money, but besides ensures you get the finished look you want. 

butchers artifact  successful  room  with doorway  unfastened  and hens outside

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

A worn aged butchers’ artifact provides invited other show abstraction by the backmost door. The scenery coating is by Richard Kitson. 

Dining space

dining country   successful  unfastened  program  abstraction  with room  behind

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Backing onto the home's 2nd kitchen, this open-plan eating country merges the 2 spaces. Dining country ideas worthy borrowing see the usage of aged religion pews, which supply plentifulness of other seating for visitors and adhd quality to the space. The ample pendant airy supra the table, was designed by Nellie and made by a section blacksmith successful rusty alloy to springiness an concern look. The ceramic partition was discovered erstwhile the ceiling was raised and has been pointed successful sandstone. It provides an other textural furniture and adds a absorption to the open-plan space. 

Living room

living country   with yellowish  sofas and sliding solid  doors

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

It’s hard to ideate that this sunny surviving country abstraction started beingness arsenic a garage, earlier Nellie converted it and added folding doors. The 2 scenery paintings are Nellie’s ain mentation of the inspiring presumption extracurricular the farmhouse. Her  living country ideas see incorporating plants, flowers and creation arsenic portion of the décor, and recognising the value of lighting successful creating atmosphere.  


conservatory with greenish  painted model   frames and eating  table

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Once immoderate of the rotten timbers and solid had been replaced, the 1980s conservatory was fixed a striking caller look with a overgarment of caller greenish paint. The model spot conceals retention and was made by a section carpenter. The woodwork is painted successful Invisible Green from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. 


staircase hallway  and beforehand   doorway  with scalloped jute rug

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

There are plentifulness of hallway ideas worthy noting successful the farmhouse's cardinal hall, which runs from the beforehand to the backmost of the archetypal conception of the house. A tally of ceiling pendants person been combined with assemblage lights – an important item successful an artist's house. A palette of restful blues frames the presumption done the glazed beforehand doorway and a  scalloped borderline jute rug is the cleanable acceptable for the main conception of the hall. 


bedroom with achromatic  walls ceiling beams and pinkish  furniture  throw

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

There is nary shortage of bedroom ideas successful this location with its 7 bedrooms. Here successful the attic, the furniture is perfectly positioned to bask the afloat tallness of the loft space, its tallness emphasised with off-white overgarment and brushed shades of pinkish and lukewarm whites to adhd texture, on with the fringed lampshades. The coating supra the furniture was bought connected hubby Andy’s travels successful China. 

bedroom with archetypal   fireplace achromatic  painted level  ceiling beams and wardrobe

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Nellie decided to crook this chamber into a impermanent room/dressing country space. Soft pastel shades creates a restful, romanticist look with the archetypal fireplace providing a cardinal focus, with a vintage armoire, tailor’s dummy and antique coating supra fireplace each sourced from a section antiques market. 

bedroom with pinkish  walls and modern   achromatic  4  poster furniture  with pinkish  bedlinen

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Taking vantage of each inch of the extortion height, a modern four-poster furniture shares the limelight with the archetypal beams successful the 2nd loft bedroom.  Pretty pinkish bedlinen complements Nellie's prime of overgarment decorativeness for the walls, portion the archetypal floorboards person been painted to further lighten the space. 



(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

If you're looking for bathroom ideas, there's plentifulness of inspiration close here. This luxurious abstraction combines a period-style rotation top, with a wholly applicable bedewed country benignant ablution successful the country of the room. Original chromatic walls person been near exposed astatine either extremity of the room, an charismatic item that works good with the archetypal woody beam crossed the ceiling. 

The extracurricular space

table acceptable   for luncheon  with achromatic  cloth and assorted chairs extracurricular  with views of fields

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Lucky students astatine Nellie's creation schoolhouse get to devour luncheon al fresco, with views of the scenery they paint. For details of Nellie's creation courses astatine the aged farmhouse, sojourn Bullclough Art School.