This Houston home mixes old and new with soft pastel shades for a refined look

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The caller proprietor of this location successful Houston, Texas, wanted a warm, comfy and accepted look that felt elegant yet not overly formal. 

Two years on, with a premix of well-curated antiques from antithetic eras and newer pieces, positive a supremely livable colour palette of brushed blues, greys and lukewarm neutrals, the awesome interiors marque this 1 of the world's champion homes. It's afloat of inspiration for anyone seeking a likewise refined look. 

It was a precise antithetic story, however, earlier interior decorator Sarah Eilers of Lucas Eilers Design Associates became involved, arsenic Sarah herself explains: 'It had been a rental location for respective years, truthful it truly needed a batch of love. I was precise fortunate to assemble the squad of D.L. Doyle Construction and designer Kevin Dahlstrand to assistance with the renovation.'

The wide plan conception was developed from the client’s Southern roots and fondness for mixing accepted and modern styles. 'With plans to accommodate ample groups for entertaining, it was important that the remodeled surviving spaces support an unfastened concept, including a ample land for gathering successful the kitchen, and aggregate areas with comfy seating,' adds Sarah Eilers. 'My lawsuit besides loves antiques and we had amusive sourcing pieces from each implicit the country.

Stately antique furnishings and lighting capable the interiors. A premix of playful patterns and textures tin beryllium recovered throughout, beautifully balancing soothing colour palettes and lending a laid-back refinement. 

New eating country with accepted style

dining country   with airy   bluish  walls and grey painted eating  chairs and glazed furniture  with acheronian  wood   circular  array  and oriental benignant   rug connected  acheronian  wood   level  and chandelier

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

A fewer changes were needed to marque the location enactment arsenic a sociable abstraction for entertaining. 'One of the archetypal things we did was to reappraisal the wide layout, particularly the archetypal floor,' explains Sarah Eilers. 'We turned the aged meal room, which was huge, into the eating country and we took the aged survey and combined it with the tiny kitchen, opening it up to the household room.'

Anyone looking for dining country ideas volition find plentifulness to animate successful this calm, relaxed room, which has a hint of Gustavian benignant astir it. Key benignant points present are a caller circular eating array from Alder & Co, a painted 19th-century bookcase from Italy for overmuch needed storage, and a beauteous Persian Sultanabad rug from Matt Camron, chosen, says Sarah, 'to complement the colour palette of blues with accents of coral utilized done the house'. 

She adds: 'I emotion to find one-of-a-kind items that lend property and individualism to a project. The chairs were recovered astatine Jere’s Antiques successful Savannah and were primitively stained, but we painted and glazed them. An antique gilt chandelier is the finishing touch.'


library with unfastened  shelves connected  reddish  walls with acheronian  wood   level  and patterned rug with circular  pedestal array  and acheronian  wood   carver seat  and modular  lamp with stairs successful  background

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This is decorator Sarah Eiler's favourite country successful the new-look home. 'I adore the library!' she says. 'The Brunschwig & Fils reddish wallcovering wrong the bookcases serves arsenic a beauteous opposition against a quirky postulation of antique timepiece faces we recovered from a trader astatine the Round Top Antique Fair and my client's Texas past books.'

fireplace with antique scenery  coating  supra  and 2  bluish  armchairs and ottoman connected  patterned rug with airy   walls and patterned curtains

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

At the other broadside of the room is simply a accepted grouping of comfy armchairs, arranged symmetrically astir an ottoman, with reflector representation java tables and speechmaking lamps. 

'The Serapi rug from Matt Camron truly sets the code for the full colour palette, and I emotion the Robert Kime 'Arles' linen curtains and Gemelli lounge chairs sitting successful beforehand of the fireplace,' says Sarah of this cozy spot. 

Family room

living country   with airy   bluish  paneled walls and woody  furniture  and bluish  sofas and patterned armchairs with acheronian  wood   java  array  and vino  array  gallic  windows successful  backgrounds

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

If it's living country ideas you need, instrumentality inspiration from this comfy abstraction – peculiarly if you person a much accepted mounting successful mind. Sarah Eiler explains that the archetypal country has been radically altered with immoderate rather important gathering enactment to make its existent light, elegant look. 

'In the archetypal plan, determination was a fireplace successful the halfway astatine the extremity of the room,' she says. 'There was a debased spot successful the crippled and h2o was coming successful done each of the doors connected either side. Instead of rebuilding the fireplace, we decided to instrumentality it out, unfastened that wall, and adhd much windows to springiness a amended presumption of the backyard and the pool.' Groundworks extracurricular solved the flooding issues, and the caller abstraction is infinitely lighter than the archetypal room.  

Key pieces present see an O’Henry House sofa combined with a Minton-Spidell occasional seat and Paul Ferrante java table. A 19th-century debased furniture recovered astatine Joyce Horn Antiques successful Houston provides retention with a custom-built partition furniture supra it with treble doors to fell the TV. This is simply a large solution if you're furnishing a traditional-style country wherever modern exertion whitethorn look unsightly and retired of place. 

living country   bluish  patterned armchairs with airy   bluish  paneled walls and gallic  windows to plot  and circular  pouffe with mugs connected  tray and acheronian  wood   circular  pedestal lamp array  and acheronian  wood   windsor chair

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

In the recently created model abstraction is an intimate seating country with 2 Brunschwig lounge chairs successful a customized Pintura cloth paired with a Cameron Collection ottoman successful a Perennials cloth for durability. The antique tripod array was sourced by Janet Weibe. 

The room – enlarged to make a sociable space

kitchen with airy   bluish  walls and paneling with achromatic  cabinets and upholstered acheronian  wood   barroom  stools

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

The room was reconfigured and walls were removed truthful that it could link to different entertaining spaces wrong the home. By incorporating the footprint of the adjacent study, Sarah Eilers worked with the designer to grow the room and widen the land to let seating for four. 

'The room is present wholly unfastened to the household country via a ample cased opening and the caller room feels truthful overmuch brighter and fresher for modern living,' says Sarah. 'Clean lines successful the room bring an updated sensibility to the location portion coordinating with bluish hues successful adjacent rooms portion the bluish and achromatic backsplash implicit the descend adds charm and property to the space.'

Kitchen ideas worthy a bargain from this beauteous country see the applicable acheronian hardwood floors, which springiness a astute and hardwearing decorativeness that doesn't amusement up marks, and the acheronian wood upholstered antagonistic stools that notation the flooring. The beauteous inset backsplash of airy bluish patterned tiles supra the sink, with plain achromatic tiles astir it, is an antithetic diagnostic that would enactment good successful immoderate kitchen. The decorative tile backsplash is from Walker Zanger and the antagonistic stools are from Alder & Co.

Entryway redesign

entryway with exposed ceramic  partition  and oriental rug and fractional  satellite  console array  successful  acheronian  wood   with lamp and patterned curtains umbrella basal   and accepted   wood   chair

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

The spot has a classical Charleston-style architecture which often puts entryways connected the side. In this case, the introduction was successful the beforehand but the proprietor agreed that moving the beforehand doorway would afloat clasp the home’s intended charm. 

Reconfiguring the layout created abstraction for a much spacious entryway.  If you're looking for hallway ideas, this 1 includes classical furnishing choices, specified arsenic the elegant half-moon console table, an antique Persian Malayer rug (from Matt Camron Rugs) and tapestry-style curtains are made up successful Robert Kime's Arles linen fabric, a plan inspired by a fragment of a 19th-century French textile. 

Luxurious superior bedroom

double furniture  with airy   bluish  walls and bluish  furniture  linen and headboard oriental benignant   rug and antique seat  astatine  ft  of furniture  and airy   bluish  nursing seat  with cushion and airy   curtains

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Sweet dreams wouldn't beryllium acold distant successful a luxurious chamber similar this one. Bedroom ideas see a customized sisal rug chopped to the room’s size, layered with a smaller antique faded bluish rug from Matt Camron Rugs connected top. The furniture is the Hickory Chair Simone furniture  with an O’Henry House occasional chair, and Chelsea Edition propulsion pillows. 

Guest bathroom

bathroom with airy   bluish  vintage seat  and overgarment  pegs with descend  successful  inheritance  and pattened rugs connected  floor

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This elemental but appealing impermanent bath was created erstwhile the downstairs floorplan was updated. If you're looking for bathroom ideas see adding a agelong bench, if abstraction allows. This vintage portion truly adds quality to the abstraction and provides retention wrong the seat. 

'We chiefly focused connected changing retired the finishes here,' says decorator Sarah Eilers.  'We recovered a brace of antique panels astatine the Round Top Antiques Fair and added hooks for bags and formation towels. They are hung supra an antique seat we selected from Chairish, and the decorative lighting is from Circa and the Wave reflector is from Carvers' Guild.

Pretty pulverization room

powder country   with patterned tiles copper colored faucets and backsplash and achromatic  cabinets with reflector  supra  and oriental rug connected  floor

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

An aged furniture with broadside show shelves was replaced with this smart, higher vanity portion topped with a remnant portion of Rojo Alicante marble, which gives a beauteous decorativeness and complements the customized Pintura wallcovering, antique mirror, and sconces, which are from Joyce Horn Antiques. The antique rug lends a invited consciousness of warmth. A tiny country similar this is simply a large spot to splash retired connected luxury finishes – marbles and peculiar tiles successful this lawsuit – arsenic you don't request them successful specified quantities and they marque a large impact. 


exterior of 1970s location   with ceramic  structure  and achromatic  wood   cladding and patio with outdoor chairs and table

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

The location has charismatic Charleston-style architecture and the extracurricular abstraction is astir arsenic important arsenic the wrong of this Houston home. McDugald Steele did extended enactment to close the home’s drainage and amended the backyard. 

'The homeowner enjoys spending clip connected the patio and plot each twelvemonth round, truthful the excavation country was particularly important for those blistery Houston summertime months!' says Sarah. 'Each unsocial plan element, wrong and out, was cautiously considered to physique a warm, joyful location that the lawsuit and her household volition bask for generations to come.'