This idyllic retreat mixes modern hill country aesthetics with traditional charm

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Picture the scene… a luxurious recently built play retreat with views of the Frio River successful Texas Hill Country. Not lone that, but it's surrounded by hills – of people – and 3 acres of waterfront gardens. Sounds perfect? Well, nearly. 

The fortunate owners of the idyllic seven-bedroom spot wanted to usage it arsenic a spot to unbend and unwind, a spot to stock with their children and grandchildren. And the cardinal situation was that the high-end interiors should inactive person an accessible and casual consciousness – truthful that everyone who stayed present would consciousness astatine home. 

The results genuinely marque this 1 of the world's champion homes. Its astute operation of modern luxuries with characterful antiques and salvaged materials fits the little exactly. 

And the idiosyncratic liable for gathering that little is decorator Blair Burton of Blair Burton Interiors. She took connected the task erstwhile the archetypal physique was finished. 

Family surviving room

living country   with wingback chairs occurrence  lit successful  chromatic  fireplace chandelier and airy   chromatic  floor

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

Living country ideas for the household country needed to beryllium flexible supra each else. It's unfastened program to the room and would beryllium successful for plentifulness of use. 

'We utilized each durable velvets and leathers. It’s a large abstraction and we didn’t privation the lighting to consciousness mislaid successful there, truthful we hung the Paul Ferrante chandelier to marque it consciousness intimate,' explains Blair. 'The thought is that if there’s conscionable 2 of you successful the space, it doesn't consciousness similar you’re waiting for the remainder of the enactment to amusement up. The doors betwixt the screened successful patio and this abstraction pouch into the frame, truthful the full country is open.'

The fireplace successful the household country was a large plan element. There are TVs down the antique doors supra the fireplace. 

'The homeowners didn’t person furnishings to outfit a 2nd location going into this project. One of the large challenges was to bargain each caller pieces that inactive felt soulful and collected,' explains Blair. 'We shopped for their furnishings for 3 oregon 4 years. It was a labour of love. The homeowners didn’t propulsion america to finish, they wanted it done correctly. It was a bully pace.' Among the furnishings selected for the household country are customized sofas and wingback chairs by Lee Industries, an ottoman covered successful Holly Hunt Great Plains faux leather  and the customized Paul Ferrante chandeliers. 


kitchen with acheronian  wood   antagonistic  and stools and beams and alloy  cookware  rack and lights achromatic  cabinets and airy   chromatic  floor

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

Anyone looking for kitchen ideas volition find nutrient for thought successful this awesome space. The woody beams for the room – and elsewhere successful the location – were reclaimed from an 1800s Vermont barn. 'This decidedly added a ton of quality to the house,' says decorator Blair, who besides sourced an antique walnut antagonistic to make the melodramatic land mentation space. Wooden stools by Theodore Alexander implicit the scene. 

'There’s not a recessed tin airy successful the house, truthful making definite it was lit decently and functional was a feat,' she adds. With that successful mind, she designed a cookware rack, customized built by Two Hills Studio with integrated shades and pendant lights from Northeast Lantern. 

Stone floors were besides a must-have. A worldly that tin instrumentality immoderate deterioration and teardrop is indispensable successful this large country successful which you could cook, eat, and adjacent play a game. It opens to the surviving country truthful everyone tin beryllium unneurotic successful the space. 'You tin person 25-30 radical successful that abstraction and it wouldn’t consciousness crowded, oregon you could person 2 radical and it wouldn’t consciousness empty. With the standard of the room, it ne'er feels excessively bare oregon excessively cluttered,' says Blair. 

dining country   with airy   chromatic  level  and acheronian  wood   ceiling chandeliers acheronian  array  and achromatic  leather benignant   chairs

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

In the eating room, each Blair's antique and salvage hunting truly paid off. The ceiling is made of reclaimed antique flooring and there’s antique chromatic connected the walls. 

'We looked for months for a array and yet recovered it from a trader successful France. The antique woody buffet was recovered astatine Marburger Farm Antique Show,' says Blair. 

Dining country ideas worthy a bargain from this astute abstraction see the graceful chandeliers, which lend a interaction of luxury but decidedly nary glitz – the cleanable prime for this state home's much rustic vibe. The chromatic flooring continues into the eating room, keeping to the earthy earthy textures elsewhere successful the home. Note the mode the boarded ceiling adds warmth and intimacy to the abstraction – large qualities for a eating country wherever you privation your guests to bask a cozy gathering. 

Enclosed patio

patio enclosed with airy   chromatic  level  array  and extracurricular  sofas

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

This screened successful patio country is an hold of the household country and is an important country for this play location wherever indoor and outdoor surviving merge. 

This abstraction has a ping pong table, a sitting country and a eating table. 'The fireplace was the large plan constituent for the patio,' says Blair. 'It’s a wood burning fireplace made with antique stone. The structure is astatine slightest 20 feet deep, and the Frio River is ever cold, truthful you ever person a large breeze disconnected the stream each twelvemonth round. This is the champion spot to beryllium erstwhile you’re retired there.' The agelong woody array and benches were from Marburger Farm Antique Show. The chandeliers are from Chateau Domingue. The sectional successful the inheritance is from Anthony’s Patio. 


door unfastened  with airy   wood   seat  and striped propulsion  reflector  and acheronian  wood   ceiling

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

You participate the location done a large beforehand porch, and into this hallway. 

Hallway ideas see sepia-toned reclaimed flooring utilized for the ceiling, which provides a bully opposition with the crisp achromatic shiplap panels. An inviting woody seat adds to the precise lukewarm invited you're assured erstwhile you measurement done the beforehand door. 

Steel span summation links to the caller bedrooms

Glass nexus  span  with alloy  framed windows and views of plot  outside

(Image credit: Piston Photography)

A solid nexus extension, with alloy framed solid panels links the archetypal gathering (finished successful 2013) with a newer three-bedroom summation (completed successful 2015). The owners telephone it their 'bridge', and done the full-height solid walls determination are fantastic views of the riverside surroundings and hills beyond. 

Primary bedroom

large airy  chamber  with achromatic  paneled walls acheronian  beams airy   chromatic  floors patio doors and bluish  bedhead

(Image credit: Piston Photography)

The superior bedroom, successful the caller chamber wing, features shiplap walls and reclaimed beams. There are plentifulness of enviable bedroom ideas successful this space, not slightest the representation windows, reclaimed French limestone flooring, and a country fireplace (not seen). 

'This is the lone chamber without a loft oregon bunks arsenic the owners wanted a backstage abstraction for the 2 of them,' explains Blair. 'We enactment successful a fireplace to marque it particularly cozy. There are nary TVs successful immoderate of the bedrooms – the thought is nary 1 hangs retired successful their room.'

Guest country with mezzanine bunks

bedroom with bluish  linen and airy   chromatic  level  paneled walls and acheronian  wood   mezzanine with wood   ladder up

(Image credit: Nick Johnson)

All 3 bedrooms successful the archetypal conception of the location person a king oregon queen furniture with a loft supra with further sleeping space. The flooring and beams are reclaimed. This was the archetypal maestro chamber successful the older conception of the house. The furniture is from Pottery Barn, the nightstands and lamps are antiques, and the reclaimed terracotta flooring is from France. 

The extracurricular view

single storey location   with solid  nexus  and greenish  scenery  and hills around

(Image credit: Piston Photography)

Even the exterior of this new-build spot has had the salvage gait treatment. The extortion was new, but the beams, columns and lintels were each reclaimed. The full spot is simply a triumph of careful, curated sourcing – some wrong and out. 

Interior design: Blair Burton Interiors

Architect: David Shiflet Shiflet Richardson Architects

Builder: Dalgleish Construction Company