This is how designers are using Kelly Wearstler and Farrow & Ball’s exterior collection in their gardens

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When Farrow & Ball selected Kelly Wearstler to beforehand their archetypal externally designed postulation since their founding successful 1946, they made a cleanable choice. 

The SoCal-based decorator is synonymous with her state’s subtropical beaches, oversea islands, and shorelines – implicit with pastel-hued houses and oceanic blues. So, it is lone inevitable that her aptly named California Collection pays homage to her autochthonal onshore done 8 sun-soaked shades that look bully acold beyond the Pacific Coast Highway.

These tones person already brought an escapist twist to our paint ideas for the past year, but this summer, Kelly Wearstler has fixed america support to instrumentality them outside. 

The postulation is present disposable successful Farrow & Ball’s Exterior Eggshell and Exterior Masonry finishes – some of which are durable formulas that volition past connected your beforehand doors, walls, and outdoor furnishings agelong aft the summertime concludes. 

How to usage the California Collection – according to designers

Outdoor eating  array  painted blue

(Image credit: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball)

The epoch of Cali-colored backyard ideas is here, but wherever should you begin? We asked immoderate of our favourite designers, including Kelly Wearstler herself, however to bring the palette into your location this summer. 

1.  Surprise with pops of color

Outdoor eating  array  painted blue

(Image credit: Joyce Park)

'Bolder colors similar Tar (opens successful caller tab) and Stoke (opens successful caller tab) tin heighten cardinal architectural features, portion pops of colour make unexpected moments and adhd synergy to a space,' says Kelly Wearstler successful an exclusive speech with H&G. 

The decorator shares that she uses Faded Terracotta (opens successful caller tab) to stress the arched niches of her excavation house, 'drawing a striking opposition to the greenery and vintage sculptures.' Meanwhile, 'the classical checkered signifier successful Citrona (opens successful caller tab) for a tennis tribunal provides an elevated instrumentality connected hues associated with the sport,' Kelly adds. 

2. Play with the cleanable yellow

Outdoor eating  array  painted blue

(Image credit: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball)

Los Angeles-based decorator Rachel Bullock of LAUN (opens successful caller tab) is opting for Citrona (opens successful caller tab) – a welcoming yet stylish paint colour for the exterior of a house.

'I person a citrus histrion extracurricular my room model and seeing those agleam pops of colour makes maine grin each morning,' she says. 'Pale yellowish walls often consciousness excessively dated and bold yellowish is not for the faint of heart, Kelly has struck the cleanable equilibrium present of softness and brightness; Citrona is simply a joyful colour that won't overwhelm.'

3. Celebrate modern minimalism

Outdoor eating  array  painted blue

(Image credit: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball)

NYC-based interior decorator Tina Ramchandani (opens successful caller tab), laminitis of Tina Ramchandani Creative, is simply a maestro astatine decorating with gray and has already brought Kelly Wearstler's Tar into her interiors. But however does it enactment outside?

'We precocious utilized Tar (opens successful caller tab) connected the interior of a home, successful a specialty decorativeness connected a ceiling. It was the cleanable acheronian grey - it has depth, reflects a temper without being excessively dark, and has a hint of brightness to it,' the decorator says. 

'This colour translates truthful good from interior to exterior. On the ammunition of a home, it volition bespeak the sunshine and consciousness modern and minimal portion inactive adding warmth. Even though it's a acheronian tone, it feels reflective.'

Whether you're looking to make a talking constituent astatine your adjacent enactment with a brushed yellowish oregon you're celebrating eternal colour trends with a chill grey – your backyard is acceptable and waiting for the joys of the California Collection.