This lakeside cabin mixes cozy interiors with bright and breezy beach house style

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A lifelong imagination of owning a play location connected the stunning Lake Michigan was yet realised erstwhile the Chicago-based owners purchased a crippled connected a earthy soil dune precocious supra the lake, implicit with its ain backstage beach. 

The caller lakeside cabin, 1 of the world's champion homes, blends with and borrows from its beauteous lakeside setting. Its earthy, integrated décor and furnishings ensuring that the wrong and extracurricular worlds merge to make the cleanable earthy retreat from engaged mundane life. 

The lakeside location is recently built and replaces a assemblage benignant location that wasn't suitable for development. With the talented squad of architects Booth Hansen and interior decorator Bruce Fox involved, the caller location soon began to instrumentality shape. We caught up with decorator Bruce Fox, who guides america done the highlights, starting with the structure space, above. 

'A summertime location isn’t implicit without a surface porch,' says Bruce. 'Here we brought successful section vintage finds similar the Old Hickory sofa and 1940s rocking seat to acceptable the code for this fantastic indoor-outdoor space. The tendency to make a relaxed and soothing abstraction was the concept.'

A larkspur java array successful weathered teak, from Kingsley-Bate and a circular eating array successful teak bespeak the earthy hues of the woody boarding and pillars, portion vintage Tolix chairs complement the different antique furnishings. 


Entrance hallway  and stairs with achromatic  paneled walls slate tiled level  and bluish  dresser and armchair successful  distance

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

'This lower-level introduction is the main entranceway to the home,' explains decorator Bruce, 'you spell up to the main level from here.' When the introduction is connected a antithetic level to the remainder of the location it's worthy moving hard to marque a country of it, alternatively than conscionable an bare modulation space. 

Bruce's hallway ideas revolved astir making this introduction welcoming to acceptable the code for the home. 'The early-19th period painted furniture was conscionable the close find for this abstraction and grouped with a seat makes a welcoming respite portion entering the home, and doubles arsenic a speechmaking niche for the impermanent chamber successful the distance,' explains Bruce.

Living country – airy by day

bright surviving  country   achromatic  paneled ceiling chromatic  fireplace large  windows greenish  sofa airy   bluish  armchairs duplicate  kilim stools

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

Living country ideas for this light, agleam abstraction had to enactment conscionable arsenic good connected wintertime evenings, and the operation of vintage and earthy woody furnishings grounds the abstraction and helps it to blend with its magnificent setting.   

'The lawsuit asked to bring the outdoors into the abstraction – casual with each the astonishing windows – but we wanted to instrumentality it a spot further,' explains Bruce. 'Early connected they described the interiors arsenic having a spot of a compartment consciousness and here, we utilized aged hickory and a reclaimed wood array to bring successful the warmth of earthy wood.' 

Key pieces see a brace of midcentury American rustic hickory benignant benches, from Newel Seating, upholstered successful Ralph Lauren's Red Rock Blanket/Harvest fabric; 1920s French lounge chairs from Restoration Hardware; and a handmade Catalonian cocktail array from Demiurge, NY. 

Living country – cozy astatine night

living country   astatine  dusk with large  windows views of the water  greenish  sofa bluish  armchairs and duplicate  kilim stools

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

'We wanted this cozy sitting country to consciousness arsenic comfy connected the cleanable August formation time arsenic it does connected a chilly wintertime evening sitting by the fire. Being a year-round getaway, this location has to beryllium comfy during each seasons,' says Bruce. 

And with dusk views implicit the lake, determination surely isn't a abstraction successful the location to lucifer it. 

Dining abstraction successful the treetops

Dining country   with afloat  tallness  windows stickback chairs with gingham cushions agelong  wood   array  with integrated  earthy  borderline   woody  flooring and stairway behind

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

Dining country ideas for this cardinal hub of the location are elemental and integrated – there's nary constituent successful trying to vie with the treetop views done the full-height windows. The country is besides positioned with the stairs down it, truthful it's important that the furnishings don't assemblage the presumption from the stairway. 

'Bringing the outdoors successful was the superior plan absorption here,' says decorator Bruce. 'Choosing a unrecorded borderline eating array sourced and handmade locally from coagulated achromatic walnut was conscionable the close move. You tin truly consciousness the psyche of the histrion with a unrecorded edge. Our lawsuit was precise nostalgic astir reddish and achromatic gingham and present it's cleanable for cushions connected the Windsor-style painted chairs.'

Galley-style room workspace

galley-style room  with achromatic  units achromatic  worktops achromatic  paneled ceiling achromatic  tiled backsplash woody  level  and kilim rug bluish  land  portion   and afloat  tallness  windows and doors with treetop view

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

This is decorator Bruce Fox's favourite space. 'I emotion that you tin unfastened doors connected each extremity and the breeze blows through. The greenish painted land successful Farrow & Ball's Lichen Is conscionable cleanable for the treetop perch,' helium says. 

His kitchen ideas included creating a galley-style statement for the main moving country with acheronian worktops and handles against achromatic cabinets. 'We wanted the cabinets to consciousness neutral and calm, leaving america with the land to supply opposition successful the overgarment color.'  

Kitchen doorway

kitchen doorway with presumption    of bluish  land  portion   achromatic  walls and paneled ceiling orangish  stool and seat  spot   with kilim runner rug and French windows vintage broadside  array  with caller  flowers

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

A customized seat spot has been tucked into an alcove astatine 1 extremity of the room to support things comfy – and sociable. 'The orangish of the flatweave rug and stool supply a beauteous counterpoint and punch of colour to the neutral space,' adds decorator Bruce. 

Primary bedroom 

bedroom with airy   bluish  walls treble  windows each  circular  French windows neutral bedlinen integrated  histrion   trunk bedhead kilim rug Burberry checked ottoman bluish  armchiar and footstool and achromatic  paneled ceiling

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

Anyone looking for bedroom ideas for a genuinely relaxing country should see this premix of earthy neutrals with chill watery blue. Designer Bruce Fox explains the reasoning down the scheme: 'Perched successful the trees, this chamber has singular views of Lake Michigan, which was the archetypal inspiration for the colour palette. The bluish is calm and relaxing, arsenic 1 would ideate a water location should be. The unrecorded borderline headboard again brings the outdoors into this calm abstraction and the kilim rug continues the relaxed vibe.'


bathroom with airy   greenish  lustre tiles freestanding bath duplicate  basins and accepted   kilim rug and antique seat  and partition  mounted lamps

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

The agelong constrictive superior bath is perfectly laid retired with a ablution connected 1 extremity and a fantastic soaking tub connected the other. 

Bruce explains his bathroom ideas for the abstraction that cleverly span the spread betwixt modern luxury and a much rustic vibe. 'We took the accidental to make warmth with a fantastic antique rug and a twig seat that again brings successful the outdoors and the compartment aesthetic that our lawsuit enjoys,' helium says. 

The extracurricular view

Lakeside compartment  with cedar cladding and ample  platform  and little   covered structure  surrounded by trees

(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty )

'Outside spaces were captious for the lawsuit who wanted to marque definite determination was a batch of flexible abstraction connected the exterior platform that looked implicit the water and the screened structure rapidly became 1 of the favourite spots successful the house,' says Bruce. 'It’s an astonishing spot to beryllium successful the summertime with the cooling water breezes and catching the prima glinting disconnected the water done the trees.'

This idyllic retreat is the effect of a cleanable collaboration betwixt the architect, builder, decorator and client. It successfully translated the client's wishes for indoor-outdoor surviving and marries cozy indoor rooms with much rustic formation hut and compartment benignant spaces. And the caller home's position, 3 flights supra thoroughfare level, makes the precise champion of the water and treetop views. 

Interior Design: Bruce Fox Design 
Architecture: Booth Hansen 
Build: Scott Christopher Homes 
Landscape Architecture: Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects