This pretty farmhouse home is full of inspiring and artistic decorative touches

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With a small assistance from creator Philippa Jeffrey and her hubby Jonathan, this Grade II-listed 18th-century farmhouse has stepped retired of the shadows and into the light. When they bought their state location 5 years agone it was precise dark, with a dull grey and beige décor. But it is accelerated becoming a latter-day mentation of Charleston benignant – the decorative Sussex location of the Bloomsbury Group. Rich, inspiring and uplifting shades and thought-provoking patterns marque their marks successful each country of the house. Philippa has near nary aboveground untouched. 

And the genuinely unsocial decorative finishes marque this 1 of the world's champion homes, afloat of inspirational touches we'd each emotion to spot successful our ain homes. Here are the highlights. 

Entrance hallway – a spot to linger

hallway with fireplace and geometric rug and midcentury seat  screen  with beams

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The spacious entranceway hallway is simply a spot to linger, with a characterful inglenook fireplace and an inviting mid-century benignant armchair. The astute geometric people upholstery cloth and rug bring the look close into this century. Hallway ideas and updates similar these would enactment conscionable arsenic good successful a newer spot arsenic they bash successful this 18th period farmhouse. The slate flooring was added by the erstwhile owners. In the fireplace are aged magazines from Philippa’s days moving for a manner magazine. 

Dining abstraction with assemblage partition display

gallery partition  supra  staircase successful  room  with woody  table

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

During the caller lockdown, successful betwixt homeschooling the children, Philippa decided to refresh the room scheme, incorporating an antithetic caller decorative constituent that virtually takes things to a caller level. Built into the tallness of the room is simply a mezzanine floor, added erstwhile the erstwhile owners updated the kitchen. Philippa uses the staircase partition for a assemblage show of paintings and prints. An creation assemblage whitethorn not beryllium apical of your database of dining country ideas, but immoderate benignant of assemblage show adjacent a eating array provides a bully talking constituent astatine mealtimes, and injects property into a space. 

Kitchen with brushed pinkish cabinets

pink room  cabinets with geometric pinkish  and grey tiles

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The room was a aboriginal summation to the house, and Philippa wanted to bash everything she could to marque it arsenic airy and airy arsenic possible. The erstwhile owners had added acheronian wood beams and achromatic granite worktops, truthful Philippa and Jonathan's kitchen ideas included replacing the worktops and painted the beams achromatic – rather an accomplishment fixed the tallness of the ceilings. The room layout was good, and the cabinets, successful 2 tones of beige, were primitively from Mark Wilkinson and were acold excessively bully to replace. Philippa wanted a caller fresh look, and abstraction for a table. And the pinkish cabinets are her favourite dusty pinkish shadiness that she uses a batch successful her work, truthful the colour felt similar an evident choice. This beauteous country truly is impervious that you tin make a precise antithetic look simply by applying a overgarment of overgarment successful a caller fresh shade. 

Bedroom – an oasis of calm… and pattern

Bedroom with decorative bedside array  and reddish  people     lampshade

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Above the beauteous inlaid bedside furniture from Graham & Green is 1 of Philippa’s paintings, 1 of the subtle changes that has fixed the country a existent lift. Other bedroom ideas here, that are good worthy copying, are to furniture and harvester bedlinen from antithetic brands - thing excessively matchy matchy. So vintage-style bedlinen is topped with a boho throw, with a stripy pillowcase and a vintage lace cushion. 

Child's chamber is beauteous successful pink

decorative child's country   with pinkish  wallpaper each  implicit    and patchwork quilt connected  bed

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

One of the astir caller updates upstairs is successful the children’s impermanent room. It was a lockdown task truthful arsenic yet not galore young guests person had accidental to slumber implicit here. The mates worked connected the country together, with Jonathan wallpapering each 4 walls and the ceiling to make a cosy, cocooning space. The wallpaper is Love Leaves from Common Room. 

Philippa added accessories and furnishings successful her favourite shades – galore pieces are antique oregon vintage finds. Philippa made the lampshade herself, and the vintage patchwork quilt was made by her mother-in-law

Powder country beauty

round cloakroom basin connected  vintage basal   with geometric tiles behind

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

The downstairs pulverization country is afloat of inspiration that would enactment conscionable arsenic good arsenic bathroom ideas for main bathrooms. The washstand is from a vintage store and the mates sourced the marble and circular vessel online past added Moroccan taps from an Etsy trader. The cloth was besides recovered connected Etsy

The aged farmhouse exterior view

country location  exterior with canopy structure  and greenish  beforehand   door

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

It's not conscionable the interiors that person been updated. Every azygous model successful the location had to beryllium replaced arsenic the aged ones were rotten, causing vigor nonaccomplishment and condensation. These are woody heritage-style replacements. All of the house’s stonework has besides been repointed utilizing accepted methods and, overmuch to everyone’s delight, the wisteria was preserved. 

This has been a thorough and inspired renovation – wrong and retired - that has brought beingness and much-needed colour backmost to the aged farmhouse.