This rejuvenated period home in London feels like a country house in the city

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Can it ever beryllium excessively precocious to alteration your career? Sarah Brown would accidental no. The erstwhile graphic decorator spent much than a decennary moving successful publishing earlier deciding it was clip to fulfil her teenage imagination of becoming an interior designer. A people astatine KLC School of Design led to enactment placements with Nicola Harding and Rita Konig, some doyennes of colorful interiors. Becoming ‘the oldest intern successful town’ (sorting samples and doing the java tally were portion of the job) was an invaluable acquisition successful the realities of a commercialized often portrayed arsenic glamorous. ‘Being originative is simply a tiny portion of the business. The remainder is astir being organised, keeping connected apical of budgets and getting connected with suppliers,’ says Sarah, who acceptable up her signifier successful 2017. 

She has enactment each those lessons to bully usage successful her ain home, not amazingly 1 of the world's champion homes, wherever double-fronted, light-suffused surviving rooms beckon from either broadside of the hallway, giving the consciousness of ‘a state location successful London’. 

Previous owners had hardly touched the 1901 interior, which retains its archetypal decorative plasterwork and fireplaces, and Sarah has conserved the authentic atmosphere. New additions – including a model successful the eating room, glazed solid doors that pb to the cloakroom and a capacious pantry – consciousness arsenic if they person ever been there. Rejuvenating the house, wherever Sarah lives with her hubby and 2 daughters, has besides allowed Sarah to make a benignant which, she says, sits neatly betwixt ‘classic and modern, municipality and rural’. Her inheritance successful graphics has besides fed into the mode that she composes spaces, confidently mixing pigments with antithetic antiques and pieces by British craftspeople specified arsenic Alfred Newall. ‘It’s similar designing a page. I tin visualise colour and enactment retired wherever a spread needs to beryllium filled,’ says Sarah, who sometimes applies the ‘three-color’ attack to decorating: ‘I’ll usage a deeper grounding colour for the walls, mixed with a softer colour and a brighter pigment to offset that.’ 


blue hallway with patterned wallpaper and woody  level  starring  to surviving  country   with bluish  patterned armchair, greenish  sofa and greenish  striped blinds

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Sarah cautiously considered her hallway ideas – exuberant mixing of colour and signifier is calmed by subtler plan choices, including airy wood flooring and a fewer walls successful much neutral hues.

blue hallway with bluish  banister and patterned wallpaper and reddish  room  doors

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Painting the skirting committee and banister successful the aforesaid shadiness has enhanced the simply stunning decoration.

Living room

neutral surviving  country   with reddish  zig zag sofa, pinkish  and greenish  artwork, and disconnected  achromatic  buttoned ottoman

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

From her archetypal bosses, Sarah learnt astir ‘those tiny details that adhd comfortableness to a room’. You tin spot this successful the surviving country with its broadside tables – astatine optimal tallness for that G&T – and glowing lamps. Inviting seating and debased lighting person been utilized to make welcoming zones successful this space.

neutral surviving  country   with reddish  velvet armchair, greenish  and achromatic  striped unsighted  and bookshelves

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

The surviving country was not an casual abstraction to plan due to the fact that it is truthful wide. Among Sarah's living country ideas was the summation of L-shaped bookshelves, painted a softly glossy pink, which bring explanation to the abstraction and inject further architectural involvement to this ample space. The shades of reddish and greenish successful the speechmaking country are echoed passim the room.

Dining room

dining country   with brownish  walls, swag botanical blinds, achromatic  pendants, achromatic  washed woody  array  and achromatic  modern   chairs

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Among Sarah's dining country ideas was the instauration of heavy mid-brown walls to marque this an atmospheric mounting for entertaining. Generous swag blinds bring softness and a affluent botanical signifier to the scheme. 

dining country   with mid brownish  walls, bluish  doors, 1960s fluorescent connection    artwork, grey  and wood   console, achromatic  washed wood   array  and achromatic  modern   chairs

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

The 1960s fluorescent people is simply a striking opposition to the botanical swag blinds.


pink room  with reddish  table, reddish  seat  and grey  pendant

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

The unsocial reddish and pinkish palette has fixed each of the accepted elements successful the room a caller spin.

Sarah knew precisely however she wanted the room to look, and was decisive astir her kitchen ideas. ‘I’m not a instrumentality of islands; they thin to predominate a space.’ The ‘chop and chat’ room array and seat that place the beauteous plot are a sociable alternative. The caller sash windows reflector the bespoke classical cabinetry made from coagulated wood (‘a downside of being successful the manufacture is simply a sensation for the best’). On the shelf, confit pots – arsenic golden arsenic harvested fields – were a contiguous from different cardinal influence: her precocious mother-in-law, Ann Brown, who ran an antiques shop. ‘She opened my eyes to a caller world. I’d ne'er person thought of buying brownish furnishings – but mixed with the close things it looks wonderful.’

pink room  diner with reddish  seat  and reddish  array  with woody  top, yellowish  stools, connection    artwork and grey  pendant

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

The Lucy Augé artwork supra the seat creates a focal constituent portion striped cushions inject a jaunty touch.

Main bedroom

bedroom with grasscloth wallcovering and furniture  with patterned headboard

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Bedroom ideas included introducing grasscloth arsenic a textural backdrop to the scheme.

bedroom with disconnected  achromatic  chaise, reddish  patterned curtains and woody  thorax  of drawers

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Traditional furnishings enhances this metropolis home’s state location feel.

Main bathroom

bathroom with airy   walls, greenish  doors and windows, and bath with woody  surround

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Among Sarah's bathroom ideas was utilizing reeded glazing to guarantee plentifulness of airy and a consciousness of privacy.

bathroom with airy   walls, treble  vanity and woody  mirrors

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

Pale walls are the perfect backdrop to the lukewarm wood and acheronian flooring successful the bathroom.

Inevitably, this location has go a showcase of ideas, wherever clients tin spot however Sarah likes to work. It has brought commissions for ample houses successful the UK and New York, wherever she is bringing a brownstone to life. It is impervious that sometimes successful beingness you request to beryllium brave – and marque a change.

Interior design/ Sarah Brown

Photographs/ Rachael Smith

Text/ Serena Fokschaner