This tile trick creates a more spacious-looking bathroom, say designers

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The question of however to marque a tiny abstraction consciousness larger remains an enduring statement amongst designers. But portion galore look towards overgarment colors and others towards lighting effects – determination is 1 origin that is often overlooked – until now. 

Designers person revealed that the easiest but astir effectual ways of making a tiny bath look bigger, and the bully quality is that this striking small bath idea is close on-trend. Yes, glossy tiles request to spell connected your remodel buying list. But what bash you request to cognize earlier you invest? Here, the experts impart their wisdom. The bully news? It works successful kitchens, too.

Using glossy tiles to marque your bath look bigger

Glossy tiles successful  a bathroom

(Image credit: C.P Hart)

'In smaller bathrooms, highly reflective gloss tiles are a large mode to make a consciousness of space,' says Andrew Bendall, Marketing Manager astatine Craven Dunnill Jackfield. The decorator explains that the size-enhancing powerfulness comes from the mode that the airy 'beautifully reflects disconnected the glaze finish' to make 'a fantastic consciousness of openness' that makes the country look wider. 

And Andrew is not unsocial successful his appreciation of this clever bathroom idea. C.P Hart's Director of Design, Emma Scott, emphasizes that glossy tiles are a large prime 'for a tiny abstraction arsenic the decorativeness tin assistance bespeak airy astir the room, making it consciousness bigger and brighter.'

And portion this instrumentality occurs erstwhile the airy combines with the glazed finish, Andrew adds that tile color ideas besides play a portion successful the trick's success. 

Glossy tiles successful  a bathroom

(Image credit: Craven Dunnill Jackfield)

'While light, muted, and earthy tones marque a abstraction look bigger, heavy patterned tiles successful bold colors tin marque a country consciousness much enclosed,' helium says. 

Meanwhile, Emma adds that patterns are arsenic impactful erstwhile accentuating the size of your bathroom. She suggests that patterned tile formats specified arsenic herringbone oregon chevron besides adhd involvement to smaller areas and springiness the quality that they are larger than they are – consequently encouraging your country to consciousness bigger.

'Crisp, uniform-finished tiles specified arsenic a bevelled subway springiness a precise neat, cleanable look, whilst distressed oregon mottled gloss tiles make a much relaxed, rustic feel,' she says.


(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Brown)

Will you experimentation with this bathroom tile idea? If you do, you tin remainder assured that it's wholly designer-approved and close on-trend this season.