This unique British home is full of interiors inspiration

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Orwell House is an bonzer spot successful respective ways. It is successful the centre of the Oxfordshire colony of Sutton Courtenay and yet is wholly backstage and secluded. You could prevarication bare by the Japanese tiled swimming excavation oregon instrumentality aboriginal greeting beverage successful your pyjamas connected the platform extracurricular the maestro chamber oregon agelong retired beside the Japanese tiled swimming excavation and nary 1 would spot you.

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

Constructed of oak and stone, thatch and tile, the location was built conscionable 14 years agone yet feels settled into the scenery arsenic if it mightiness ever person been here. The interior garden, surrounded connected 3 sides by the main surviving spaces, was created 2 years earlier the location by Herring with decorator Sarah Eberle and has matured into a miniature biosphere of moss-covered rock, slender birch trees and woodland planting.

Entrance hall

staircase with houseplant successful  center

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

The consciousness of sanctuary begins arsenic soon arsenic the robust gates plaything unfastened onto a gravel forecourt bounded by precocious chromatic walling and gangly bamboo, massed crushed screen greenery and ceremonial container balls.

The generous entranceway hall, flooded with earthy airy and looking retired to a small hortus conclusus of silvery grey olive trees, leads seamlessly connected to the main surviving space. 

sleek achromatic  unfastened  program  room  with grey  sofa area

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

The existent proprietor has kept to the muted and minimalist palette with plain linen-covered sofas, agelong achromatic eating array and wide acrylic chairs. But designer Andrew Herring has provided thing of a blank canvas: a caller occupant could present flamboyant colour oregon gilded antiques – determination is generous scope for idiosyncratic taste.

Living room

The cardinal surviving country has level to ceiling solid walls crossed the afloat width of 2 sides – 1 looking onto the excavation terrace, the different starring retired to an interior woodland glade, unfastened to the entity – astatine the aforesaid clip dissolving immoderate consciousness of a bound betwixt wrong and out.

second surviving  country   with achromatic  sofa with fireplace and presumption    to the garden

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

The lavish spaces travel freely, uninterrupted by doorways, yet are cleverly designed truthful you tin spot precise small of 1 from another, each country retaining its ain integrity and privacy. The grey and achromatic of polished factual level and airy walls is softened by earthy airy and the surviving greenery disposable from each direction.

living country   with achromatic  sofas viewed from the garden

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)


The room hardly merits specified a homely name: its moving parts, pots and dishes each concealed down a creaseless tally of cupboards oregon beneath an elegant countertop, champion reserved for displaying a vessel of Amalfi lemons and possibly a portion of Venetian glassware.

homeowner penning  successful  kitchen

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)


From present unfastened oak steps interval upwards to the 2 main bedrooms; the maestro suite boasting abstracted rooms for ablution and bath, the suite astatine the beforehand of the location overlooking the beauteous All Saints churchyard opposite. 

minimalist chamber  with greenish  bedlinen and window

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

Above is different room, acceptable into the eaves of the house, its triangular oak-framed model offering much extended views towards the religion and its 12th-century tower.

Stairs astatine the different extremity of the location pb to 3 further bedrooms and bathrooms and determination are sleeping quarters supra the excavation location arsenic well. So plentifulness of country for a play location party.

bathroom with achromatic  bath and wood   panelling

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)


The gardens are a delight with respective places for outdoor settings: luncheon beneath the canopy of the monolithic willow histrion would beryllium cleanable connected a blistery summertime day, the writer underneath dotted with the agleam bluish of tiny speedwell.

green plot  with trees and patios

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

There is simply a firepit connected a ellipse of gravel surrounded by a curve of stacked logs and country connected the tract for a speedy crippled of croquet. There are delicate achromatic alliums, hellebores and purple bearded iris and connected the excavation terrace a wistaria with exquisite achromatic flowers scented similar gardenia.

exterior of location   viewed from the plot  with firepit

(Image credit: Savills/Rachael Smith Photography)

For idiosyncratic relocating from the metropolis the environs of Orwell House connection agrarian pleasures – walks by the river, cycling done lanes fringed with cattle parsley, colony cricket, state pubs (there are 4 successful Sutton Courtenay alone), racing astatine Newbury – arsenic good arsenic reassuring necessities specified arsenic a Waitrose (Abingdon) and intercity obstruction (40 minutes to London from Didcot 3 miles away). Then determination are the taste offerings of Oxford, 20 minutes up the A34. 

And your ain backstage Eden to travel location to.

Orwell House is for merchantability via Savills astatine £4.5 million. (opens successful caller tab)