Tile countertop ideas – 10 ways to embrace the look

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While tile countertop ideas are sometimes thought of arsenic passé, we person witnessed a revival successful caller years, with those looking for a decorative alternate to classical fitted countertops successful stone, composite and wood.

Whether utilized successful a kitchen, bathroom, laundry country oregon adjacent successful an outdoor kitchen, tiled countertops are a large mode to bring color, signifier and texture to applicable spaces arsenic determination are endless designs and configurations. To spot if tiles could beryllium the prime for you, we’ve rounded up a enactment of tile countertop ideas and immoderate tips from the experts.

Tile countertop ideas

If you’re reasoning of installing a tile countertop for a room determination are immoderate applicable considerations to instrumentality into account. While they bash not request resealing and attraction similar chromatic countertops, immoderate tiles tin beryllium prone to cracking and volition request regular cleaning to support the grout from staining. 

When choosing kitchen countertop ideas successful peculiar it's important to see materials, explains Harriet Goodacre, tile advisor astatine Topps Tiles. 'If you’re looking to spruce up your room countertops with tiles past determination are a fewer important things to consider. Firstly, you’re amended disconnected choosing a porcelain tile arsenic they’re little porous and mostly much hardy than ceramic ones. This makes them the perfect tile to usage successful an country wherever you’ll beryllium preparing nutrient and determination mightiness beryllium nutrient spillages and splashes.'

1. Create a utilitarian look 

Tiled countertop ideas

(Image credit: Nimtim Architects / Megan Taylor photography )

Set against ply walls, this achromatic tile countertop thought brings a retro, utilitarian look to this municipality room summation and creates a playful opposition of materials, with the kitchen tile ideas constricted to the countertops only.

'We chose a elemental achromatic ceramic tile which would intelligibly specify the room land and countertop and is acceptable against the affluent hue of earthy ply doors for the room and joinery,' explains Nimi Attanayake laminitis of Nimtim Architects. 'We wanted a worldly and colour that was simple and uncomplicated – casual to usage for each ages.'

While the tile countertop was a plan choice, determination were practicalities to see explains Nimi Attanayake. 'Curved D-tiles are utilized to create spaciousness and let the aboveground to seamlessly fold without immoderate corners, for illustration to signifier a recessed descend wrong the land unit. The curved edges besides marque the abstraction easier to cleanable and much child-friendly arsenic the kids bask running around the land unit.'

2. Bring texture to a rustic kitchen

Tiled countertop successful  a achromatic  kitchen

(Image credit: Image courtesy of Peter Irvine | Instagram @thewhitehome)

If you person a white kitchen past a tiled countertop tin beryllium an effectual mode to present texture, arsenic this abstraction proves. Inspired by Spanish interiors and designed to showcase the quality of idiosyncratic pieces, this tiny yet beauteous room is simply a solemnisation of texture and materials.

While they are aesthetically pleasing, if you are readying to usage tiles connected a room countertop attraction indispensable beryllium taken whilst preparing nutrient explains Harriet Goodacre.

 'You shouldn’t spot thing blistery consecutive onto the tiles and beryllium cautious to debar dropping thing connected them arsenic this could origin chipping oregon cracking. Once a tile is cracked it volition request replacing, truthful it’s worthy keeping a fewer spare tiles successful conscionable to beryllium safe,' she advises. 'It’s besides important to marque definite you don’t chopped oregon hole nutrient straight connected a tiled worktop. Always usage a due chopping committee oregon sheet to guarantee bully nutrient hygiene.'

In these busier spaces, organizing room countertops good is important to halt them feeling cluttered.

3. Add a colour popular to a bathroom

green tiled countertop with freestanding basin and creation  deco wallpaper

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

According to our plan experts, there’s been a emergence successful homeowners wishing to bring colour into their bathroom. 'There has been a displacement distant from utilitarian achromatic bathrooms into those with a small much colour and property to them, and we expect that this inclination volition proceed good into 2022,' says Emma Joyce, marque manager EMEAA at House of Rohl.

Available successful a immense array of designs and colors, glazed bathroom tile ideas are a fabulous mode to inject a interaction of property into a country without overpowering a space. However, glazed tiles tin easy spot if dense items are dropped connected them, truthful they are champion utilized connected surfaces which bash not spot a ton of deterioration and teardrop specified arsenic connected a bathroom vanity portion successful a cloakroom oregon impermanent bathroom. 

Just arsenic successful a kitchen, organizing a bath countertop volition assistance support this visually busier abstraction looking streamlined. 

4. Create a seamless look

Pink tiled bath  with tiled descend  shelf

(Image credit: Bert & May)

If you person a small bathroom past see mounting a pedestal descend connected a floating tiled bathroom countertop arsenic a space-saving solution. Not lone volition a floating support instantly maximize floorspace, if covered successful the aforesaid tiles arsenic the remainder of the wall, the support tin blend seamlessly with the remainder of the abstraction giving the illusion that the country is larger than it is. If you are readying to usage encaustic tiles specified arsenic these Luna pinkish tiles from Bert & May past they volition request sealing to beryllium suitable for usage successful bedewed areas.

5. Create a Moroccan consciousness with zellige tiles

tiled room  countertop

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you're readying to tile a countertop past zellige tiles marque a beauteous prime owed to their affluent aboveground texture. Clay tiles handcrafted successful Morocco, they travel successful an array of antithetic colors from pearly grays to vibrant turquoise and boast beauteous variations successful code and texture. The handmade process means nary 1 tile is the same, with each displaying differences successful size, shine, extent of glazing, truthful erstwhile laid unneurotic they make a beauteous textural effect. Used implicit room countertops, they're a large mode to bring a Moroccan consciousness to a kitchen.

When it comes to installing zellige tiles, 'they are usually laid arsenic intimately arsenic possible, but owed to variations successful flatness and thickness they volition ever person a small gap,' explains Jerome Miller, tile adept and advisor astatine Mosaic Factory. 'It's champion to usage cement-based grout suitable for bladed gaps of astir 0.5mm to 2mm and to h2o the grout down slightly.' 

6. Blend your countertop with your backsplash

A tiled countertop with zellige tiles from Mosaic Factory

(Image credit: Mosaic Factory)

One of the cardinal benefits of tile countertop is being capable to lucifer the enactment aboveground to your backsplash ideas to make a seamless look. 

If utilizing handmade tiles specified arsenic zellige tiles, arsenic pictured here, past you request to beryllium prepared for immoderate wear, explains Jerome Miller of Mosaic Factory. 'The saltation needs to beryllium factored in; the aboveground volition germinate and determination whitethorn beryllium chipping,' helium says, but this is each portion of their earthy charm arsenic a handcrafted product.

7. Try small-scale penny tiles

Mosaic tiles connected  a room  countertop

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you're looking to make texture past wherefore not see penny tiles? While they tin make a pleasing decorative effect, tiny tile does person the drawback of having tons of grout lines which tin beryllium astatine hazard of staining and are prone to collecting ungraded and crumbs. If you similar mosaic countertops past see utilizing them connected a vanity portion nether a pedestal descend successful a impermanent bath wherever they volition not beryllium successful changeless use.

8. Bring texture with handmade tiles

Zellige tiled countertop

(Image credit: Mosaic Factory)

Experimenting with antithetic combinations of surfaces and materials tin make unsocial looks. If you person a room with tons of stainless alloy past adding a tile countertop made up of handmade zellige tiles tin beryllium a superb mode to present rustic texture and equilibrium the concern feel. 

The cardinal entreaty of zellige tiles lies successful their integrated quality and earthy process of manufacture explains Jerome Miller of Mosaic Factory. 'There's a batch of extent to these tiles and they bespeak airy well, erstwhile the tiles person been installed their quality and colour volition alteration depending connected the airy and wherever you are lasting successful the room.'

Zellige tiles tin besides marque large laundry country countertop ideas, bring texture and  character to these often under-decorated spaces.

9. Tile a countertop successful a bedewed room

tiled bath  shelf

(Image credit: Bert & May)

Wet rooms are areas of precocious humidity and moisture, truthful it's important to usage the close materials for countertops. Provided they are non-porous oregon sealed, ceramic and encaustic tiles are a bully aboveground solution for a bedewed country arsenic they are h2o resistant and casual to hitch clean. To springiness a bedewed country a sleek quality and to assistance it consciousness much spacious, effort tiling each surfaces, including the countertop, successful the aforesaid tile.

10. Make a connection with a tiled room island

Black tile countertop

(Image credit: Mosaic Factory)

Tile tin beryllium an eye-catching instrumentality to marque a diagnostic of a room land countertop – to adhd play to a achromatic and achromatic room see achromatic zellige tiles which person beauteous reflective qualities owed to their handcrafted manufacture. Not lone volition these bring wow factor, they volition besides inject question and beingness into spaces that tin sometimes tally the hazard of looking a small harsh and soulless.

Are tiles bully for countertops?

Tiles tin beryllium a fabulous mode to bring a decorative look to a countertop, offering the accidental to make myriad unsocial looks, but determination are immoderate drawbacks. While they tin beryllium easy wiped clean, glazed ceramic tiles tin ace oregon spot with vigor oregon interaction from dense items causing them to request replacing; porcelain is simply a acold tougher option. 

Tile countertops besides person grout lines which tin go stained with spills, truthful it is worthy bearing this successful caput if you are considering them for a room countertop. 

To assistance prolong the beingness of your tiled worktop, 'it’s important to usage a resin-based grout that is stain repellent and non-absorbent. This is cardinal to ensuring your worktop is protected from marks and stain,' explains Harriet Goodacre. 'You’ll besides request to marque definite the grout is wholly flush and level with the tiles, different you tally the hazard of nutrient collecting successful the ridges wherever your grout sits, making cleaning them rather difficult.'

It's important to enactment that surfaces tiled successful handcrafted tiles volition 'never beryllium wholly flush – this is not truthful overmuch of an contented for countertops but whitethorn origin problems for tabletops,' explains Jerome Miller of Mosaic Factory.

What tile is bully for countertops?

When it comes to what tile to usage for countertops, and successful applicable spaces specified arsenic kitchens and bathrooms, porcelain tiles are often hailed arsenic the champion prime arsenic they are hugely durable, stain resistant and casual to clean. ‘A porcelain tile is a large enactment for bath spaces arsenic they necessitate nary sealing and astir bath cleaners tin beryllium utilized to support them looking their champion – a porcelain tile can besides beryllium utilized successful conjunction with a epoxy resin grout which ensures the grout lines stay escaped from discoloration and immoderate dreaded achromatic mould,' says Isabel Fernandez, Director astatine specializer earthy chromatic company Quorn Stone.

Zellige tiles are besides becoming progressively fashionable for countertops arsenic a mode to clasp the handcrafted look and texture wrong interiors, positive they are made utilizing an eco-conscious process.