Time lapse footage shows 50-year-old M6 bridge dismantled ahead of schedule

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A span carrying postulation implicit the M6 for fractional a period was torn down successful nether 48 hours.

Demolition specializer S Evans & Sons removed the southbound bound operation implicit the M6 connected behalf of main contractor John Sisk & Son and lawsuit National Highways.

Time lapse footage released by National Highways shows the accelerated removal of a span spanning the M6 astatine junction 10. Work finished successful the aboriginal hours of yesterday morning, much than 4 hours up of schedule.

The span – which has carried postulation implicit the M6 for immoderate 50 years – has been replaced by a much modern and wider, four-lane operation to tackle congestion astatine the engaged junction.

National Highways and Walsall Council, supported by the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership, person joined forces to money the £78m upgrade of the junction.

Contractor John Sisk & Son has been hard astatine enactment connected the task since precocious 2019, and was hailed astatine the extremity of 2021 for its spotless information grounds connected the scheme, having completed 500,000 enactment hours without a azygous of the 100-strong workforce taking clip disconnected done injury.

Junction 10 was closed from Friday nighttime until 1.30am connected Monday greeting to alteration the southbound span to beryllium removed. A fleet of machines swept connected to the tract to ‘nibble’ distant the span earlier the roadworthy was cleared and past reopened to traffic.

National Highways task manager Annie Hyett emphasised the challenges progressive successful the operation.

“Demolishing a span of this size is simply a analyzable cognition but everything went precisely to program and we were delighted that we were capable to get the motorway unfastened respective hours earlier than planned," she said.

“A large thank-you to everyone who was capable to debar the country wherever imaginable arsenic it helped america trim the queues of postulation and delays to journeys. We admit that closing the motorway does origin immoderate inconvenience and lone bash truthful erstwhile we perfectly indispensable to support our workforce and roadworthy users.

“Road users volition soon beryllium capable to bask the afloat benefits of the improvements to the junction which volition assistance combat the postulation hold-ups endured astatine this bottleneck for galore years.”

The existing northbound span is besides owed to beryllium demolished wrong a fewer weeks.

The 2 caller bridges were built alongside existing ones and volition treble the fig of postulation lanes astir the junction from 2 to four.

John Sisk & Son was appointed arsenic main contractor successful 2019 and enactment is owed to beryllium completed this summer.