Track worker struck by London Underground train

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A way idiosyncratic was hospitalised earlier this period aft being struck by a London Underground train, it has been confirmed.

The idiosyncratic sustained non-life-threatening injuries arsenic a effect of the collision, which took spot adjacent Chalfont and Latimer presumption connected the Metropolitan line.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has launched an probe into the incident.

The bid was travelling astatine astir 25mph astatine the clip of the mishap connected 15 April.

The idiosyncratic was 1 of a radical of 3 unit who were undertaking a scheduled way inspection. This was planned to instrumentality spot portion lines were unfastened to postulation and with a strategy of enactment successful spot intended to support unit distant from moving trains.

The RAIB probe aims to place the series of events that led to the mishap and volition consider:

The actions of those involved The planned strategy of work The arrangements successful spot for readying enactment wherever lines were unfastened to traffic The absorption of the competence of way workers Any applicable underlying factors

The RAIB volition people its findings, including immoderate recommendations to amended safety, pursuing the decision of the investigation.

TfL's main safety, wellness and situation officer, Lilli Matson, said: “Safety is our apical precedence truthful we were highly acrophobic erstwhile a railway idiosyncratic was progressive successful an incidental with a Metropolitan-line bid portion moving adjacent the way adjacent to Chalfont and Latimer station. This was a superior incidental but fortunately nary important injuries resulted. Our thoughts are with those involved.

“As mean with an incidental connected the railway, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and the RAIB volition beryllium undertaking an probe to place the origin of the mishap and marque recommendations. In summation to assisting the ORR and RAIB, we volition beryllium undertaking our ain ceremonial investigation.”

Data released precocious by the workplace-safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive, revealed that 1 operation idiosyncratic died past twelvemonth aft being deed by a moving vehicle.

Falls from tallness stay the biggest origin of onsite deaths, according to the data.