Traditional bathroom ideas – 22 timeless styles and classic decor inspiration

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Your bath is simply a sanctuary, and these accepted bath ideas volition assistance you to make your imagination space, wherever you tin unopen disconnected from the remainder of the world. From colour schemes and flooring to furnishings and sanitaryware, each constituent indispensable enactment unneurotic to make a harmonious scheme.

Decorating with accepted bath ideas doesn't mean your bath needs to beryllium dated. Instead, accepted bath ideas are astir uniting modern bathroom ideas, exertion and amenities with the elegant and timeless shapes and patterns of traditional decor. 

'When designing a accepted benignant bathroom, prime absorbing pieces that incorporated a feeling of timelessness to the space, and debar items that are considered sleek and modern. The thought is to adhd quality and charm to the plan done details that tin beryllium pulled from antithetic plan eras of the past,' says Anna Franklin, interior decorator and laminitis of Stone House Collective (opens successful caller tab). 'A signature diagnostic successful a accepted bath is simply a standalone claw-foot tub, accented with faucets successful a brass oregon bronze code (try to debar chrome hardware wherever possible). Consider adding floral-printed wallpaper oregon wood paneling to the walls to make ocular involvement and plan depth.'

Traditional bath ideas – 22 looks for a dreamy space

Whether you are redecorating the family bathroom oregon creating a classically inspired ensuite bath idea, it is important that your bath is simply a spot that you love. After all, it is 1 of the fewer spaces wherever you tin fastener the doorway and springiness yourself immoderate overmuch needed 'me time'.

From freestanding tubs and elegant ablution enclosures to eye-catching fittings and connection walls, determination are countless ways to make a abstraction that truly works for you and chimes with your ain sensation and styles. Draw connected classical decorating ideas to animate your plan portion besides being alert of the unsocial challenges of the bath environment. 

1. Consider the silhouettes of your sanitaryware

Marble floor, metallic  bath base

(Image credit: Drummonds)

As a wide rule, modern bath ideas embody cleanable lines and crisp angles. Therefore, if trying to embody accepted bath ideas opt for cabinetry and sanitaryware with softer silhouettes. 

'Curved items specified arsenic oval freestanding bathtubs, descend faucets with rounded brushed edges, circular ablution heads and trim, supply a much accepted look,' recommends Jil Sonia, interior decorator and laminitis of Jil Sonia Interior Designs (opens successful caller tab).

2. Think astir your colour schemes


(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

In immoderate room, colour schemes play a captious relation successful curating the space. When it comes to the bathroom, determination are plentifulness of antithetic bathroom colour ideas from which to choose. However, for a classical look support your palette to a minimum. Pair 1 bold leader colour with softer neutrals specified arsenic whites, creams, oregon beiges to make balance.

When coating a bathroom, paint finishes are different indispensable consideration. Opt for a look that is dedicated to the bath arsenic it volition beryllium capable to withstand the moist environment. Also see a mould resistant look to support your bath looking elegant without the attraction requirements of a modular paint.

3. Have a ablution and a tub for the champion of some worlds

brass ablution  enclosure successful  bath  with rotation  apical  bath

(Image credit: BC Designs)

With america each having engaged lives, the ablution has go a staple portion of the greeting routine. For galore households, it is simply a non-negotiable addition. However, determination are myriad bathroom ablution ideas from which to choose. Whether a compact cubicle, dedicated bedewed country oregon a implicit over-bath system, it tin beryllium challenging to cognize which enactment is the champion acceptable for your location and lifestyle.

‘The prime of ablution that you determine connected tin beryllium partially dictated by the abstraction and signifier of your bathroom. If abstraction is limited, having a ablution implicit the bath is simply a applicable mode of ensuring you tin inactive person both, which tin beryllium important successful a household bathroom. Wet country ideas person grown successful prominence arsenic a bath inclination implicit the past 2 years, and are a large mode of opening up a abstraction to marque it consciousness larger. Glass screens tin inactive beryllium utilized to ‘zone’ areas, but keeping the travel of the aforesaid tiles tin assistance the country to consciousness overmuch larger and arsenic one,’ explains Barrie Cutchie, plan manager astatine BC Designs (opens successful caller tab).

4. Design your accepted bath astir a bold focal point

gold antique reflector  successful  bath  with greenish  tiling and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: MC Design)

If you're unsure wherever to commencement with your accepted bath ideas, statesman by selecting the leader portion for your scheme. This could beryllium a connection roll-top bath, a beauteous tile oregon a bold accessory. From here, necktie each the different elements of your plan to this piece, making definite that they complement – this volition guarantee your full strategy retains a cohesive and blase look.

'When creating a accepted benignant bath determination are a mates features to absorption connected to marque definite you deed the mark,' says Megan Dufresne (opens successful caller tab), main decorator astatine MC Design. 'The details are wherever immoderate plan comes to life. I similar to marque definite the finishes necktie the full plan together. In accepted bathrooms, brass oregon chrome are fashionable metallic finishes and tin beryllium incorporated with conscionable astir immoderate colour scheme. Overall, the accepted benignant is simply a spot much elaborate and decorative truthful we privation each the features to enactment successful harmony.'

Bathroom pictures

(Image credit: Paul Raeside/Future)

Bathroom flooring ideas are 1 of the biggest challenges of bath design. Bathroom flooring indispensable beryllium comfy underfoot – especially bare foot – and connection precocious levels of gaffe absorption portion besides being impervious to h2o ingress and not swell oregon warp successful the humidity. 

While tiles are the accepted prime for bath flooring, woody flooring is besides worthy considering – peculiarly arsenic a portion of accepted bath ideas – as it brings a softer, warmer aesthetic that is inline with this timeless style.

'By adopting a woody level you’re creating that consciousness of earthy wonder, making the abstraction consciousness much successful tune with the satellite astir it,' says Zoey Dromgoole, interior decorator astatine Wood Flooring Ireland (opens successful caller tab). 'You can’t conscionable laic hardwood flooring successful a bathroom, you’ll request to spell the engineered wood flooring route. This peculiar benignant of flooring is constructed by layering sheets of wood connected apical of 1 different and past placing a veneer of coagulated wood astir 5mm connected top, giving the hardwood consciousness with added structural integrity. Due to its construction, the engineered flooring is much than susceptible of dealing with the moisture contented and accelerated shifts successful humidity that you get successful a bath space.'

6. Take inspiration from humanities design

Traditional woody  portion   with 2  circular  sinks successful  a bath  with Victorian level  tiles successful  bluish  and yellow.

(Image credit: Future)

As its sanction suggests, accepted benignant is 1 that is calved from history. Therefore, the champion mode to embody accepted bath ideas successful your location is to incorporated vintage oregon antique pieces into your design. 

This could beryllium achieved by celebrating archetypal beams oregon plasterwork and making them a standout feature. Or, if you are not fortunate capable to person archetypal architectural features successful your bathroom, past you tin supplement the look by introducing antique accessories and furnishings into the scheme. Picking a fewer connection antiques specified arsenic bathroom reflector ideas, glassware oregon cabinetry volition instantly imbue your location with practice charm. 

7. Create a connection with a blase ablution cubicle

freestanding ablution  enclosure successful  accepted   bathroom

(Image credit: Drummonds)

The easiest mode to adhd a ablution into your bath is to instal a ablution enclosure. Simply, this self-contained portion removes the request for waterproof tiling, further waterproofing and adding screens astir your bathtub. This elegant plan from Drummonds would marque a showstopping centrepiece to a ample bath oregon would look arsenic stunning against a wall.

8. Don't hide accessories

bathroom descend  with antique reflector  and antique solid  of flowers

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

While your absorption volition people beryllium connected the larger features of your bath plan specified arsenic baths, brassware, flooring and tiling, smaller details indispensable not beryllium overlooked. 'Accessories successful accepted bathrooms are a must,' says Jil Sonia. 'Cut flowers successful metallic vases, Polished nickel hardware oregon Silver-plated brushes & manus mirrors tin beryllium picked up from vintage resellers, they genuinely personalize your bathroom!'

9. Make the astir of your lighting with a mirror

bathroom with reflector  other  a model   with lighting

(Image credit: Nedgis)

We each cognize the benefits of decorating with mirrors and what they tin bring to smaller spaces. In the bathroom, mirrors play respective roles. Firstly, they are a applicable piece, allowing you to get acceptable and spot your reflection. They besides tin assistance to increase earthy light successful your bath arsenic good arsenic creating the illusion of much space.

To get the astir retired of your mirror, presumption it other the window, past instal partition lights either broadside of the glass, arsenic seen above. This volition mean that the reflector volition bespeak sunlight during the time and artificial airy astatine night, helping to brighten your abstraction immoderate the time. 

'When measuring however overmuch airy you request for a bath you indispensable spell disconnected the lumens and not the watts. For a bathroom, you privation to person astir 500-600 lumens per 10 sq ft,' says Mitchell Elworthy, laminitis and manager of The Lighting Outlet (opens successful caller tab).

10. Add a solid ablution doorway for an elegant alternate to a ablution curtain

bathroom with accepted   designs and a solid  ablution  door

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

If you are opting for an implicit bath ablution strategy past a ablution curtain is simply a must. Gone are the days of unattractive integrative ablution curtains that bent limply astir your bath, alternatively see a sleek solid plan that volition clasp its blase quality adjacent aft years of use. 

I you are inactive hankering for the softer look of ablution curtains, however, past determination are plentifulness of stylish shower curtain ideas that would look large arsenic portion of your accepted bath ideas.

11. Bring classical benignant with paneling

country bath  ideas

(Image credit: Catchpole & Rye)

Instantly imbuing the abstraction with warmth, bathroom paneling ideas are a surefire mode to bring accepted benignant to your space. There are a wide assortment of looks and laying-patterns from which to choose, enabling you to prime the close plan to suit your bathroom. 

Here, rustic shiplap panels connected the partition and ceiling make a lukewarm and welcoming backdrop, portion quadrate panels beneath the dado obstruction elevates the look. If pairing aggregate paneling styles together, guarantee you support your colour palette to a minimum to debar overwhelming the space.

12. Create the cleanable spot to unbend with a moody colour scheme

traditional bath  ideas with otto tiles, copper bath and chandelier

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

Bathroom tile ideas are a large mode to bring some colour and texture into your bath design. Combining a heavy emerald shadiness reminiscent of accepted metro tiles with an on-trend scalloped design, these Fish Scale greenish tiles from Otto Tiles (opens successful caller tab) bespeak the airy from the copper bath, creating a dreamy backdrop for luxuriating. The tiles are complemented by its handmade Birds design. Inspired by the Amazon rainforest, the hardwearing ceramic tiles are the perfect, waterproof mode to adhd a connection people to your accepted bath ideas list. 

13. Add opulence to a accepted bath with a treble console basin

Traditional bath  ideas

(Image credit: Drummonds)

Symmetry successful interior design is simply a neat instrumentality you tin usage wrong your accepted bath ideas due to the fact that it creates a balanced look that's practical, too. Here, symmetry and practicality harvester wrong a duplicate basin, providing much than capable abstraction for some you and your spouse to get acceptable successful the morning.

The exposed plan of the washstand, present successful a astute stainless alloy decorativeness with matching taps, lets the richly colored marble apical bash the talking, portion a hanging obstruction provides utile towel storage.

Love this look? Find retired much astir the modern Chinoiserie trend successful our dedicated feature.

14. Use earthy pieces to adhd character

traditional bath  ideas - mandarin chromatic  pebble basin

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Evoke the serenity of the earthy satellite by incorporating earthy materials into your accepted bath ideas plan scheme. Mandarin Stone (opens successful caller tab) 's Lavastone basin is created from volcanic boulders sourced from Indonesia, and each basin is unsocial successful size, colour and design. Pair it with the beauteous mink-gray shaded Fume Emperador honed limestone tiles to implicit the earthy look.

15. Look to freestanding furnishings for the cleanable retention solution 

neptune accepted   bath  ideas – retention  and basin

(Image credit: Neptune)

There are tons of bathroom retention ideas that tin assistance you to support your abstraction tidy, however, it tin beryllium a situation to incorporated these into accepted bath design. 'Investing successful a azygous portion of freestanding furniture, similar our Chawton dresser, oregon Shepton cabinet, tin beryllium the cleanable solution for creating a small retention wherever you want. It looks the portion successful each country of the house,' says Amber Greenman, location decorator astatine Neptune (opens successful caller tab)

16. Creates the illusion of abstraction with connection wallpaper

traditional bath  ideas - cp hart tiny  accepted   bath  with built successful  bath, wallpapered walls and radiator

(Image credit: CP Hart)

Grand accepted bath ideas tin inactive enactment beautifully arsenic portion of small bath ideas. Accentuate the tallness of the country by pairing marble-effect tiles with a connection monochromatic wallpaper, similar Zoffany’s (opens successful caller tab) Richmond Park plan which evokes the quality of nature. Add to the luxe look with metallic accents specified arsenic C.P. Hart’s (opens successful caller tab) bespoke heated towel obstruction and Samuel Heath Style Moderne Flow taps successful Urban Brass which popular against the white. 

17. Pick the close colour for a accepted bathroom

traditional bath  ideas - pinkish  accepted   bath  with basin and acheronian  bluish  door

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

'If your accepted bath is large, past immoderate colour goes but by coating a airy code volition heighten the luxury of space, truthful possibly prevention the deeper shades for accents specified arsenic the bath sheet oregon door.' says Farrow & Ball says Charlotte Cosby, caput of originative astatine Farrow & Ball (opens successful caller tab) 

'Dark colors enactment peculiarly good for a tiny accepted bath arsenic it volition marque the country consciousness much intimate.'

18. Opt for blinds successful a accepted bath for flexible lighting and privacy

traditional bath  ideas - blinds2go venetian blinds successful  accepted   bathroom

(Image credit: Blinds2Go)

Privacy is indispensable successful a bathroom, but it tin beryllium a conflict to find the champion model dressing for the job. For a bath that has a low-level of splash hazard and that is good ventilated, bathroom curtain ideas tin bring a brushed interaction to your accepted bath ideas. However, for household bathrooms oregon for those that are looking for a much durable model dressing, shutters oregon blinds are a amended option. With a flexible slatted design, Blinds2Go (opens successful caller tab)’s Metropolitan Snow and Parchment woody blind, is made from kiln-dried and treated coagulated basswood, making it waterproof and warp-resistant, truthful you tin unopen disconnected from the satellite and relax.

19. Install a towel warmer for a interaction of indulgence

traditional bath  ideas drummonds towel obstruction   radiator adjacent  to marble shower

(Image credit: Drummonds)

Nothing feels much luxurious than wrapping yourself successful a warm, fluffy towel aft a blistery shower. A towel warmer makes this hotel-like indulgence a day-to-day reality, portion besides heating your accepted bathroom. Manufactured successful high-quality brass and finished with an antique copper oregon nickel effect, Victorian-inspired plan blends seamlessly into a play scheme.

20. Create a connection with a beauteous bath

traditional bath  ideas - pinkish  bath successful  accepted   bath  with marble tiles and achromatic  saintaryware

(Image credit: BC Designs)

The bath is the focal constituent of your bathroom, truthful fto it instrumentality halfway stage. Create an elevated level to gully the eye, giving it a glamorous interaction with a marble-effect surface. Then prime a bath with a stylish silhouette successful an eye-catching shadiness – we emotion the Art Deco-inspired Casini bath successful Satin Rose from BC Designs (opens successful caller tab). Alternatively, opt for a accepted roll-top with a colored exterior – galore companies connection bespoke coating services.

21. Opt for accepted elegance with a timeless bath design

traditional bath  ideas - achromatic  rotation  apical  bath successful  ample  accepted   bathroom

(Image credit: Burlington)

Considered a luxury successful the precocious 19th century, the claw-foot bath was the epitome of bathing opulence. This Burlington Windsor acrylic roll-top bath with chrome claw feet from UK Bathrooms (opens successful caller tab), features adjustable legs, meaning it’s casual to level your bath connected an uneven level – perfect for play homes. Its double-ended plan besides makes it much flexible, allowing it to beryllium sited successful the mediate of the room.

22. Embrace luxury with a copper bath successful a accepted bathroom

traditional bath  ideas - william holland copper bath with tin interior by model   with blinds

(Image credit: William Holland)

A copper bath is simply a stunning summation to a accepted bathroom. Its polished exterior ages gradually implicit time, transforming from a heavy pinkish hue to a warming red-brown. Plus, copper’s inherent properties means that it heats up faster and retains its warmth longer than enamel oregon acrylic tubs. The heavy benignant of William Holland (opens successful caller tab)'s bateau bath with artisan tin interior allows you to afloat immerse yourself for the eventual soak.

What is simply a accepted bathroom?

A accepted bath is 1 that tends to diagnostic achromatic ceramicware, a roll-top bath and copper oregon brass faucets alternatively than chrome. Walls tin either beryllium painted successful brushed colors, similar cream, taupe and gray, oregon tin arsenic diagnostic deeper, moody shades similar plums and emeralds. Natural materials whether marble tiles oregon a chromatic basin are besides a favourite features, adding property to the space.

What makes a timeless bathroom?

White sanitaryware is simply a large prime for a timeless accepted bath arsenic it goes with immoderate partition color, giving you the flexibility to refresh your interior arsenic and erstwhile you privation to. Light colored walls ever look blase and volition assistance to make a agleam and airy accepted bathroom, cleanable for relaxing. Pair this with copper oregon brass faucets to adhd interaction of timeless charm.

How bash I update my beige bathroom?

The champion mode to update a beige bath is to adhd colour and texture to the scheme. You don't needfully person to spell bold with your colour palette – though a affluent bluish oregon a vibrant greenish would surely make an eye-catching opposition to the erstwhile beige – a crisp and cleanable achromatic volition respire caller beingness into your bath conscionable arsenic efficaciously arsenic a brighter shade.

Can you premix modern and accepted bathroom?

Yes, you decidedly tin premix modern and accepted bath ideas. Combining elements of modern luxury tin invigorate your accepted bath ideas to make a abstraction that is brimming with quality and life.

‘Oftentimes erstwhile we deliberation of accepted we deliberation of thing dense and overly ornate.  By utilizing a brighter colour palette and these wallpaper murals we were capable to invoke the accepted consciousness without weighing down the room. The last details of the lighting, cabinetry, and furnishings were besides precise important to transportation this through.  The selections request to person a large constituent of item and thoughtfulness to each portion that makes it consciousness arsenic if they were collected overtime,’ says Lacy Hughes of Julian Design (opens successful caller tab).