Traditional kitchen ideas – 20 classic ways to create a characterful feel

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A accepted room is the bosom of the home, a warm, welcoming abstraction that is not lone for cooking but besides for entertaining, relaxing and adjacent working. Therefore, it is captious to guarantee that you get its plan conscionable right, some from an aesthetic and layout constituent of view. 

There is nary modular template for a accepted room – however, your property and unsocial benignant are some integral to its design. Be sure, though, that it volition diagnostic plentifulness of earthy materials, a societal abstraction to stitchery and accessories to marque it consciousness loved and lived in. These kitchen ideas volition assistance you make a play abstraction of your dreams.

Traditional room ideas

Traditional room ideas incorporated tons of warm, earthy materials, specified arsenic existent wood cabinetry and enactment surfaces. Cabinetry mightiness good beryllium painted successful a soft, muted color, specified arsenic cream, taupe oregon grey – though much modern takes are often much brightly colored. Door furnishings connected cabinetry tends to person a accepted look and mightiness beryllium successful hammered metallic oregon tarnished copper. Traditional kitchens often see butler oregon Belfast sinks, ornate faucets and scope ovens.

Your room whitethorn complement different traditional decorating ideas successful your home, oregon basal unsocial arsenic a classical centerpiece to your household life.

1. Focus connected the details

traditional room  with airy   grey  land  with eating  country  and ample  pendant lights

(Image credit: Ivy House Design / Kacey Gilpin)

With accepted room ideas, the parts truly bash marque the whole.

'In a accepted kitchen, the astir important facet is the tiny details, particularly erstwhile we’re looking astatine the furniture fronts and the colour scheme,' explains Hanieh Pace, founder Ivy House Interiors (opens successful caller tab)

'Typically, I similar to usage airy and airy erstwhile it comes to traditional kitchens. A batch of my clients emotion achromatic but with this 1 we wanted a popular of detail, which was the bluish island.' If bluish isn't your choice, past determination are countless island overgarment colour ideas to bring your abstraction to life.

'The furniture moldings thin much traditional. It’s not dense but it’s besides not flat. With the hardware, the polished nickel is ever a timeless worldly to usage throughout.'

2. Look to the past for inspiration

white land  room  with ample  bluish  land  and achromatic  scope  stove

(Image credit: Nicole Michael Designs / Lauren Pressey)

The quality of traditional-style kitchens is that they are inspired by the aesthetics of the past but relation perfectly for today.

'Historically, the room has ever been a country with the sole relation of nutrient preparation. For this reason, the classical room was seldom extravagantly decorated, oregon adjacent finished with quality successful mind. Instead, relation laic astatine the bosom of good, plain room design,' explains Rebecca Noakes, Head of Design & Brand Creative, John Lewis of Hungerford (opens successful caller tab).

'This doesn’t mean that your traditional-inspired room needs to wantonness aesthetics altogether. Instead, instrumentality this contented and alteration it into a beauteous plan feature. 

'Practical touches, similar unfastened shelving and hanging storage, tin adhd some relation and a definite charm to room design. Exposed cookware and culinary equipment, erstwhile curated with care, creates a lukewarm and welcoming look and feel.'

This kitchen, created by Pasadena-based Nicole Michael Designs (opens successful caller tab), exemplifies the look.

3. Center the plan astir an island

Traditional Shaker room  with curved island

(Image credit: John Lewis of Hungerford)

Originally utilized arsenic nutrient mentation spaces for cooks and servants successful the kitchens of historical homes, kitchen islands tin service a multitude of functions today, portion inactive evoking accepted charm. 

'Just arsenic they were erstwhile the accepted hub for kneading bread, chopping vegetables, oregon making jam, modern room islands are present a hub for household life,' suggests Rebecca Noakes, Head of Design & Brand Creative astatine room plan company, John Lewis of Hungerford. 

'These are surfaces to stitchery around, whether that’s for a speedy breakfast, a chat and a cupful of tea, a homework session, oregon a solid of vino portion dinner’s cooking.'

4. Major connected earthy materials

putty colour  ample  accepted   room  with cardinal  land  and woody  flooring

(Image credit: John Lewis of Hungerford)

The harmonious operation of adept craftsmanship, functionality and classical plan marque the accepted benignant an evident prime erstwhile renovating your kitchen. 

'Traditional kitchens person ever been fashionable, and their endless entreaty lies successful the warmth and quality this aesthetic instantly gives to immoderate home,' says Rebecca Noakes from John Lewis of Hungerford. 

'To get that accepted room feel, the usage of earthy materials is truly important – deliberation woody countertops oregon beauteous chromatic flooring. Color-wise, spell for warming, earthy colour palettes oregon opt for traditional achromatic room ideas.

Designing a traditional-style room is each astir selecting honest, earthy materials and pairing them with elemental finishes.'

5. Invest successful a scope cooker

white room  with colorful rug connected  level  and accepted   cooker hood supra  stove

(Image credit: Emily Davis Interiors / Kacey Gilpin )

Range cookers tin beryllium considered the jewel of a room due to the fact that they instantly bring a accepted consciousness to your space. A scope cooker volition not lone pass a functional yet straightforward aesthetic, but besides service arsenic a workhorse successful your regular cooking adventures.

If vigor costs are a concern, instrumentality bosom successful knowing that formed robust ranges don’t request to beryllium connected each the clip these days; newer models travel successful assorted formats that see energy-saving features, specified arsenic authorities of the creation induction hobs and instrumentality ovens.

6. Update the accepted farmhouse look

kitchen with marble splashback and achromatic  land  with woody  barroom  chairs

(Image credit: Studio Surface / Jenni Corti)

While farmhouse room ideas could beryllium considered the astir accepted of room plan schemes, the look doesn't person to beryllium stuck successful the past – arsenic Michelle Salz-Smith of California plan firm, Studio Surface (opens successful caller tab).

'In this property, the room became the focal constituent of the home's large room, which includes a eating abstraction with customized wood shelves floating crossed the backmost windows and a surviving country with a 20-foot-tall, split-face chromatic fireplace.

'On the backmost side, a butler’s pantry contains a descend for prep enactment and provides much countertop enactment aboveground arsenic good arsenic much retention space, each of which opens to the extracurricular gardens via a Dutch door. 

'We didn't privation the ubiquitous "modern farmhouse" achromatic kitchen, truthful opted for a complex sage-y taupe connected the cabinets that shifts passim the day. It couples nicely with the honed Caldia marble, bronze hardware and wood accents.'

As a equilibrium betwixt all-white and a greenish scheme, wherefore not effort both, arsenic successful these green and achromatic room ideas.

7. Fit appliances beautifully

kitchen with ample  land  stainless alloy  fridge and accepted   achromatic  cabinets

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

Built-in and bespoke cabinetry is the champion mode to incorporated ample appliances into a accepted room scheme.

'Bulky bully specified arsenic refrigerators and freezers tin predominate a accepted room if not afloat integrated into the wide plan plan,' agrees Andrea Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors (opens successful caller tab) magazine.

'Consider gathering retired cupboards to situation the appliance, particularly if choosing not to fell it down furniture doors.

8. Pair colored cabinets with rustic furniture

traditional room  ideas melissa jolly liam clarke

(Image credit: liam clarke)

Painted room furniture ideas are a large mode of imbuing your accepted room with unsocial personality. When paired with a rustic oak array and chairs, it besides serves to springiness a modern twist to farmhouse room ideas and design. 

If your cabinets are successful bully information but you privation to springiness them a caller lease of beingness – oregon alteration your colour strategy – painting room cabinets is an casual project. 

'With a spouse connected manus to assistance and nary interruptions, room cabinets tin beryllium revamped successful a weekend,' suggests decorator and chalk-paint adept Annie Sloan (opens successful caller tab).

9. Use contrasting colors to marque your land basal out

 Yorkshire Dales colony   location  with William Morris wallpapers

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

Color blocking is on-trend astatine the infinitesimal and if you usage it correctly, it volition adhd a modern flair to a accepted design. 

Your land is focal constituent of a accepted kitchen, truthful marque it basal out. Try coating your room land successful a contrasting colour to your basal cabinets arsenic an casual mode to to adhd involvement and extent to your space.

If you're unsure which colors to choose, utilizing the color wheel provides a adjuvant usher to which shades volition work. For a accepted room scheme, take matt hues successful practice tones specified arsenic this berry and mint combination.

10. Put a scope cooker successful pridefulness of place

 achromatic  everhot scope  cooker successful  an land  successful  a accepted   kitchen

(Image credit: everhot)

A scope cooker is the indispensable bosom of immoderate accepted room but often carrying a precocious terms tag, this is not an impulse purchase.

When it comes to adding caller pieces to your home, Graham Duke of scope cooker institution Everhot (opens successful caller tab) advises homeowners travel the aged adage of 'buy erstwhile and bargain well'. 

11. Consider materials erstwhile buying new

 pick  room  with land  and woody  floor

(Image credit: Neptune)

When combining accepted and modern elements successful a kitchen, it’s important to guarantee that they harmonize good successful bid to forestall the abstraction feeling disjointed. To forestall this, beryllium mindful of the materials you choose. 

‘A modern room volition consciousness truthful overmuch much astatine location successful a accepted location if it's made from due timber – it volition inactive clasp its up-to-date aesthetic but volition person a consciousness of lasting solidity that reflects the gathering itself,' advises Fred Horlock, caput of store design, Neptune (opens successful caller tab).

12. Incorporate marble for a luxe look

blue room  cabinets with butler descend  and marble splashback and worktops

(Image credit: Perrin & Rowe)

A pared-back plan allows connection materials to radiance through. Here, cabinetry painted successful a beauteous brushed bluish offsets the magnificent marble backsplash and countertop. The strategy is perfectly complemented with a accepted butler’s sink, portion Perrin & Rowe’s (opens successful caller tab) Athenian mixer pat successful aged brass with porcelain handles adds a lukewarm accent.

If marble isn't for you, you tin inactive bring a luxe look to your kitchen countertop ideas with stone, granite oregon composite materials. In fact, the best room countertop materials see each of these.

13. Use wallpaper to furniture a accepted kitchen

ornate floral wallpaper successful  a accepted   kitchen

(Image credit: Woodchip & Magnolia)

While hanging wallpaper successful the room was erstwhile an unconventional choice, it's go a steadfast favourite successful some modern and accepted kitchens arsenic an casual mode to update your space. Playful prints volition besides bring charm to immoderate country wallpaper ideas for kitchens.

Nina Tarnowski laminitis of wallpaper decorator Woodchip & Magnolia (opens successful caller tab), suggests 'transforming an outdated room by introducing an eye-catching patterned wallpaper. Avoid thing excessively overpowering. A charming people successful calming shades specified arsenic taupe, off-white oregon blush volition springiness an instant and affordable refresh to bushed walls, portion keeping the abstraction airy and airy.'

14. Include a accepted butler's sink

Villeroy and boch butler's descend  successful  greenish  state  kitchen

(Image credit: Villeroy & Boch)

Kitchen descend ideas tin beryllium utilized to acceptable the code of a accepted kitchen. The timeless plan of a butler's descend makes it a veritable accepted room icon. Originally designed for usage by the unit successful expansive households, they are renowned for their durability, elegant looks and generous size. We emotion this double-bowl butler sink with patterned exterior from Villeroy & Boch (opens successful caller tab).

While you wouldn't mostly usage a butler's successful a bathroom, a heavy porcelain basin is besides a cardinal constituent of traditional bath ideas. 

15. Pick a bold colour for a modern twist

green room  with cabinets and land  with woody  worktops

(Image credit: John Lewis of Hungerford)

The elemental squared sheet benignant of Shaker cabinetry is 1 that suits astir immoderate kitchen. Painted successful a heavy wood greenish shadiness and paired with oak worktops and brass accessories, this plan by John Lewis of Hungerford (opens successful caller tab) creates a lukewarm and cozy bosom for a Victorian home.

If you privation to research green room ideas but you are searching for a paler shade, olive, mint, sage and pome whitethorn suit you better.

16. Choose a accepted room dresser

blue room  dresser with solid  beforehand   and bluish  room  butcher's block

(Image credit: Sustainable Kitchens)

The humble dresser started beingness arsenic a applicable kitchen storage solution, but has present go a connection portion for a classical kitchen. Mirroring the elegant benignant of the room’s cabinetry, this dresser from Sustainable Kitchens (opens successful caller tab) features ample glazed doors to amusement disconnected crockery and cookware, transforming retention into décor.

17. Choose a farmhouse table

William Morris wallpaper with farmhouse array  and achromatic  cabinetry

(Image credit: Sanderson Design Group)

Prioritizing flexibility and practicality, and brimming with warmth and character, the farmhouse look takes inspiration from centuries of room designs. Covering the walls with a practice people successful a warming colour lends a homely consciousness to the space. 

Ben Pentreath’s recoloration of William Morris’ designs (opens successful caller tab) sees the Willow Bough wallpaper fixed a caller beingness successful Tomato and Olive. Its reddish hue brings retired the affluent tones of the woody furniture, portion mismatched fabrics, besides from the collection, springiness a laid-back look to upholstered seat seats.

18. Don't place lighting

white room  with dresser and woody  farmhouse eating  array  and concern   lighting

(Image credit: Industville)

When you are redesigning your cookspace, kitchen lighting ideas tin often get overlooked. However, effectual illumination is captious to some the ambiance and functionality of a space. 

An concern metallic pendant, specified arsenic the Brooklyn level airy successful a pewter oregon copper decorativeness from Industville (opens successful caller tab) makes a striking diagnostic implicit an land oregon eating table, and adds to the authentic property of the abstraction . 

19. Create a agleam and airy abstraction with patio doors

green room  successful  an oak framework  hold   with patio doors

(Image credit: herringbone kitchen)

Small, acheronian kitchens are often the curse of accepted homes. However, adding patio doors floods the country with light, portion positioning your room land facing towards the backmost gait provides an ever-changing presumption portion cooking. 

Pick a nature-inspired shadiness for cabinetry to make harmony betwixt the extracurricular and in. This room is by Herringbone (opens successful caller tab).

20. Create an eat-in kitchen

Light bluish  wallpaper and AGA, woody  eating  table

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

Traditional kitchens successful homes ever had the eating array astatine the halfway and this is thing you tin easy recreate to make a homey, inviting feel. This benignant of kitchen layout idea is peculiarly utile successful smaller rooms, since the room array tin treble up arsenic prep space, too.

In this room by Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors (opens successful caller tab), which specializes successful decorating accepted interiors, the dresser is fixed priority, too, with applicable cookware kept down closed doors and prettier china and cookware connected show down the doors.

What is accepted room style?

Traditional room ideas are informed by the kitchens and pantries of the past. Think coagulated wood framed cabinets, chromatic oregon woody countertops and flooring, and details specified arsenic coving and molding.

'Solidity and functionality are key, but with a level of plan and craftmanship that speaks to the skills of the past,' says Andrea Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

How tin I marque my room look traditional?

Even successful a modern house, a room tin beryllium fixed a much accepted look. Painted cupboards, heavy wood countertops, brass oregon ironwork handles and knobs, volition each assistance to make the look.

'How you accessorize is besides key,' says Andrea Childs. 'Think astir adding a dresser oregon unfastened shelves and displaying vintage china oregon copper pans to springiness a accepted look.'