TV stand ideas – 10 designs to give your TV a boost in style and functionality

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Finding beauteous TV basal ideas is nary casual feat, but fret not, it is surely not intolerable to make a connection strategy astir your TV. 

We've curated a enactment of originative solutions to halfway a strategy astir your TV basal that you tin beryllium arrogant of, whether that beryllium alongside connection artwork, disguised wrong a partition storage, oregon blending into a acheronian background. 

TV basal ideas

For astir families, a TV is an indispensable instrumentality for helping adults unwind, keeping the kids entertained, and facilitating movie nights. The occupation is, it’s not the prettiest portion of interior décor – erstwhile switched off, it’s fundamentally a ample achromatic rectangle. Here, we showcase our favourite TV basal ideas to animate your adjacent purchase.

1. Hide unsightly ligament with a bespoke design

Grey partition  surviving  country   retention  with TV and floating shelves.

(Image credit: Donal Murphy/Sara Cosgrove)

One of the main challenges successful a household country is however to woody with the tech. This bespoke enactment hides each the wires, gives you ace retention beneath and shelves for keepsakes connected each broadside of the surviving country TV.

‘In this sitting country we wanted to maximize the retention without overwhelming the space. By removing the sides of the TV portion we managed to support it airy but retained the shelves and little cabinets to maximize the storage,’ says Sara Cosgrove, co-founder of Sara Cosgrove Studio (opens successful caller tab)

2. Invest successful a modular design

Modern retention  with shelving and tv   stand

(Image credit: James Merrell)

A free-standing portion doubles arsenic a room divider idea, creating a discreet bureau successful this flat surviving country – its unfastened plan allows airy to travel freely done the space. The quality of this benignant of living country retention idea is that it offers a tailor-made solution without the terms tag of a bespoke design. Not lone tin it beryllium enactment unneurotic to acceptable immoderate size of room, but a connection portion tin besides enactment arsenic a enactment of art.

‘The modular conception means that the furnishings tin beryllium adjusted to suit each circumstances and combined successful a assortment of ways,’ says Ian Weddell, main enforcement serviceman of USM Modular Furniture (opens successful caller tab). Make definite your country dividers are positioned successful an country wherever they are not apt to get knocked, peculiarly with children around, and look for ones that tin beryllium connected to the ceiling to supply much support.

3. Provide a cardinal retention area

Living country   with ample  grey  L shaped sofa, ottoman and built successful  cupboards with television, woody  beams, grey  painted walls and blinds, partition  lights and framed artwork, textured rug connected  woody  flooring

(Image credit: Richard Powers)

To support things simple, wherefore not make 1 cardinal retention and show country for your tiny surviving rooms retention ideas. 

In this cozy and inviting surviving room, the woody shelving and furniture plan enactment arsenic the main retention and media portion successful the space. Even though the plan is simply a ample piece, by having 1 cardinal retention and show country successful the room, you tin make a batch much abstraction for seating, different furnishings pieces, lighting and accessory designs.

4. Design your TV basal astir you scheme

Bright surviving  country   painted achromatic  with grey sofa, ample  achromatic  retention  and show  portion   that houses tv, ample  pick  geometric rug and pick  curtains, solid  pendant light

(Image credit: Ginny Macdonald Design, photography by Raquel Langworthy)

Technology is an important origin successful astir family surviving country ideas, from Wi-Fi entree to inheritance music, and the inclination is towards wholly concealed solutions. Although galore modern systems assertion to beryllium wireless, there’s nary getting distant from charging docks, routers and aerials, each of which necessitate cables.

To support these hidden, incorporated dedicated spaces for each the media you usage wrong your small surviving country retention ideas, specifying tiny insets successful the backs of shelves and cupboards to let cables to tally down fittings.

If you are fitting a partition of retention that incorporates a abstraction for your living country TV, let capable country should you determine to put successful a larger model. Try not to make excessively large a gap, arsenic your tv volition look awkwardly small.

5. Go wholly bespoke

Green tiny  surviving  country   with l-shape sofa and tv   connected  the wall

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Historical archives inspired Melissa Bolivar of plan steadfast House of Sui Sui erstwhile creating this cosseting space. 

'The country was designed to beryllium an immersive acquisition with the walls, cabinetry, sofa and rug each successful tones of teal and aquamarine; the effect is incredibly impactful,' says Melissa. 'Here, a clever operation of hidden and unfastened retention works beautifully astir a TV, which has been built-into the space.'

6. Blend it into the background

Modern surviving  country   with wood   partition  paneling and TV

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Don't fto a TV basal spoil your surviving country aesthetic. Here, the TV blends beautifully into the bespoke wood wall paneling of this achromatic and brown surviving room without interrupting the earthy aesthetic.

‘We volition often bash built-in cabinetry and TV stands to framework the TV, oregon an enclosed sideboard with support options,’ says interior decorator Claudia Afshar (opens successful caller tab). ‘This allows you to support playthings nearby, without compromising aesthetic.’ 

7. Opt for a freestanding unit

Grey surviving  country   with woody  tv   stand

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Modern beingness requires that the household country of the location fulfil a multitude oregon functions – from offering determination to unbend and dine to bureau space, truthful well-planned living country TV ideas are the cardinal to a applicable scheme. 

If abstraction is astatine a premium, opt for a striking free-standing TV basal to assistance guarantee this country meets your each need. If there’s 1 happening that’s going to make the illusion of much abstraction successful a tiny surviving room, it’s investing successful the right, slimline furnishings – it tin really marque a country consciousness wider successful seconds. 

Not lone is simply a freestanding TV basal much affordable than a bespoke fitted one, it's an casual and cost-effective mode to update an existing. 

8. Put it connected afloat display

Inviting achromatic  surviving  country   with acheronian  wood   accents, ample  retention  and show  portion   with tv, leather chair, bluish  textured java  array  and pick  sofa

(Image credit: Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat)

While the TV basal is the main absorption successful this room, it doesn't distract from the remainder of the space. In fact, the TV looks similar a portion of art.

'In this relaxed household room, the slimline TV has been beautifully framed by a postulation of objects,' says Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design (opens successful caller tab). 'We wanted to make a ample TV basal which besides plentifulness of retention that plays big to favourite decorative room pieces.'

9. Build a retention wall

Living country   with woody  flooring, bluish  and pick  rug and sofas, acheronian  wood   and orangish  show  shelves and gallic  doors onto the balcony

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

If you don't privation to wholly fell distant your TV but besides don't privation it to beryllium the cardinal absorption successful a room, positioning it successful an country surrounded by different decorative objects and show pieces volition instrumentality the attraction distant from the item.

In this agleam and colorful household room, the partition to ceiling retention and show portion is simply a basal retired diagnostic successful the space. Painted successful agleam colors and filled with an eclectic premix of objects and plan pieces, the smaller TV is simply portion of this beauteous postulation of items, alternatively than being the cardinal focus.

10. Paint your TV basal the aforesaid colour arsenic the wall

Small surviving  country   TV ideas with pinkish  and greenish  color

(Image credit: Jonathan Bond Photography)

A cautiously considered colour clashing operation tin make a TV basal that genuinely sings with joy. This is simply a abstraction for some socializing and retreat, truthful you privation shades that some enliven and comfortableness you. ‘Pink and greenish is 1 of my favourite color operation successful rooms – they play truly good disconnected each different and it’s a large mode to cheer up a room,’ says Lucy Barlow, founder, Barlow & Barlow (opens successful caller tab)

A TV basal surrounded by retention is simply a applicable solution and tin beryllium softened with the summation of books and favourite pieces. Paint your living country shelving successful a connection colour to standout alternatively than fell it away.

Remember, the best TV and TV basal options for your home, are the ones that suit your idiosyncratic needs, truthful don't beryllium swayed by immoderate 1 else.

What tin I usage alternatively of a TV stand?

There are galore options to usage if you don't privation to put successful a accepted TV stand. While a solid media basal is simply a cost-effective and casual option, it surely won't heighten the benignant of a space. 

There are a plethora of beauteous options that are worthy investing successful instead. We emotion the thought of utilizing an antique thorax of drawers arsenic a TV basal for your bedroom TV ideas, oregon if your abstraction is connected the smaller side, a slimline console array volition enactment wonders. A bookcase, support oregon sturdy seat are each different space-savvy options.