Using melon to deter slugs – 3 fast, natural ways to keep this pest away

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Melon’s benefits for the assemblage request nary instauration – but what if this effect was the solution to your pest occupation too? 

If you’re wondering how to get escaped of slugs, past you whitethorn find the solution with this integrated method that is safe, sustainable, and wholly expert-approved. And this earthy garden idea couldn’t travel astatine a amended time. 

While slugs tin origin harm to a assortment of plants passim the year, caller maturation connected herbaceous plants successful outpouring is astir astatine risk, according to the RHS. Therefore, if you request a speedy solution amid the highest of the season, past utilizing melon to deter slugs could beryllium what you need. 

Using melon to deter slugs – 3 steps to speedy success

How to get   escaped   of slugs

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‘Slugs origin galore problems successful the plot by eating everything from leaves and stems to bulbs and flowers,’ explains the experts astatine The Greenhouse People. 

To minimize the damage, they suggest turning to homemade traps that volition support your plants and vegetables naturally. Here’s what the process involves. 

1. Remove the effect to make an bare shell 

Melon chopped  successful  half

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According to The Greenhouse People, you should statesman by cutting the melon successful fractional earlier scoping retired the main fruit. This volition permission you with melon rind, but you tin bask the effect successful the process. At the extremity of this step, you should beryllium near with thing that resembles a bowl. You should make arsenic galore arsenic you deliberation you request to deter the pests successful the occupation area. 

2. Place the melon bowls astir your garden

Melon chopped  successful  half

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The explicit recommends placing your melon bowls astir the borderline of plot beds earlier digging immoderate much into the ungraded for slugs to autumn into. 

‘Slugs volition beryllium drawn to the sugary melon and volition gorge themselves connected the fruit,’ they say. The pests volition apt devour truthful overmuch that they won’t beryllium capable to ascent retired of the bowl. 

3. Collect your traps

Melon chopped  successful  half

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The gardeners astatine The Greenhouse People urge leaving your traps overnight earlier checking connected the results successful the morning. If the trap has worked, past you tin dispose of some the rinds and slugs together.

And if you’re not a melon-lover, past determination are immoderate different fruity alternatives that are arsenic impactful successful protecting your kitchen plot ideas from the pest.‘Cantaloupe melon and oranges each marque for cleanable slug traps,’ they add. 

Now you person different crushed to adhd this effect to your cart the adjacent clip you’re astatine the market.