Vegetable garden ideas – designs and layouts for backyard plots

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Vegetable plot ideas connection immoderate of the astir rewarding gardening experiences. 

After all, determination is thing rather similar harvesting crops consecutive from your ain plot. That satisfying infinitesimal erstwhile you pluck a red, juicy herb from its vine oregon unearth a agleam orangish carrot from the depths of the ungraded is hard to bushed and volition person you hopeless for more. There is gratification successful knowing that you’ve fixed your crops a play of TLC and present get to bask the literal fruits of your labor. 

There is nary crushed wherefore everyone should person a rootlike plot arsenic portion of their garden ideas. Whether you person an expansive crippled oregon a tiny balcony, a keen gardener oregon a full novice, these rootlike plot ideas volition assistance you connected your mode to realising your 'grow your own' dreams.


The rekindled involvement successful 'grow your own' has got america each searching for rootlike plot ideas and the easiest vegetables to grow. 

From herb planter ideas by the backmost doorway to neat allotment-style rows each brimming with produce, determination are rootlike plot ideas to suit each homeowner and each plot.

However, it tin look daunting, peculiarly if it's thing you've ne'er tried before. But person nary fear, it's really precise casual to commencement your ain rootlike garden. Size, abstraction and facet each play a portion successful influencing which rootlike plot ideas volition enactment champion successful your space, but retrieve determination are nary hard and accelerated rules – simply take the ideas that enactment champion for your chosen vegetables and space.

1. Select vegetables that you love

vegetable plot  ideas

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The archetypal measurement of designing your rootlike plot ideas is to take the vegetables that you privation to grow. This volition usher you successful your plan and benignant of your rootlike garden. The champion mode to take your harvest is simply to turn what you emotion to eat. 

‘Make a database of your favourite edibles, including herbs, and see those that are much costly to buy. Include antithetic varieties of vegetables you enjoy, past look cautiously astatine your abstraction and climatic conditions and constrictive your selection,’ advises Leigh Clapp. ‘Plan choices truthful that you person harvests passim the seasons – from the archetypal murphy crops to brassicas done the wintertime months.’

Once you've decided connected the crops you privation to grow, beryllium definite you cognize when to works vegetables truthful that you tin commencement to fig retired your gardening calendar.

2. Start your rootlike plot small

swiss chard 1  of the vegetables to turn  successful  shade

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You don’t person to person fractional of your plot to incorporated a fewer rootlike plot ideas into your plot. Start with small rootlike plot ideas featuring 1 oregon 2 plants truthful you tin find your feet. Growing tomatoes is simply a fashionable prime for beginners arsenic these tin beryllium grown successful containers and volition instrumentality up adjacent to nary abstraction connected the patio.

'If I had to take 1 vegetable, it would beryllium a climbing bean: they are casual to turn and springiness weeks of bully rootlike close done the summer. I similar to works a operation of pod colours; greenish ‘Monte Cristo’, purple ‘Carminat’ and yellowish ‘Monte Gusto’,' says Marylyn Abbott, gardening writer and proprietor and creator of West Green House Garden (opens successful caller tab).

3. Stagger your planting truthful you person crops each twelvemonth round

kale varieties successful  a wicker basket

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You mightiness deliberation that rootlike plot ideas lone enactment successful the warmer months, however, with a spot of guardant readying you tin harvest delicious crops each twelvemonth round. There are plentifulness of crops that you tin turn successful each period of the twelvemonth – for inspiration probe what to works successful December and what to works successful January.

‘When it comes to starting out, effort edibles known to beryllium casual to grow, specified arsenic tomatoes, and program erstwhile you works antithetic crops truthful you tin bask year-round accumulation and supply. Your greenhouse volition alteration you to beryllium importantly much productive successful your increasing year, than if you were purely increasing outdoors, particularly if you cognize the close increasing techniques,' says Tom Barry, CEO of Hartley Botanic (opens successful caller tab). If increasing your vegetables successful the greenhouse, see adopting vegetable plot instrumentality ideas, arsenic these potted plants tin beryllium grown extracurricular erstwhile the upwind is bully but tin beryllium moved into a greenhouse erstwhile the archetypal frost threatens, frankincense expanding the increasing season.

4. Incorporate herbs into your rootlike garden

Herb plot  ideas – herbs bordering constrictive  pathway

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Aromatic herbs are 1 of the easiest crops to adhd to your rootlike plot ideas. They tin beryllium grown separately arsenic portion of herb plot ideas oregon tin beryllium incorporated into a wider rootlike garden. As heavy fragrant plants, herbs supply truthful overmuch much than conscionable a delicious crop. They are besides enactment arsenic a large pest deterrent, helping your different vegetables to thrive.

'Spearmint, sage, thyme, lemongrass and rosemary are not lone large culinary herbs to adhd to your garden, but the strong-smelling oils from these plants besides enactment arsenic a earthy wasp-repellent portion creating an aromatic acquisition for you. Place potted herbs around your eating country or, if you’re constricted connected space, spell vertical by hanging herb planters connected a adjacent wall,' urge experts astatine The Greenhouse People (opens successful caller tab)

If you're hoping to turn herbs arsenic portion of your rootlike plot ideas, beryllium definite you cognize when to works herbs to springiness them the champion commencement successful life.

5. Label your plants

vintage spoon statement   for herb garden

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Anyone who has ever done immoderate gardening volition cognize however casual it is to hide what you’ve planted. While this doesn’t substance truthful overmuch erstwhile you are planning a chopped angiosperm garden, however, it is captious erstwhile you are increasing vegetables arsenic you request to beryllium definite what you're eating.

Plant labels person a past of being alternatively unattractive with options constricted betwixt agleam achromatic integrative strips with imperishable marker oregon woody sticks that inevitably degrade implicit the people of the season. Thankfully, determination are present tons of aesthetic and long-lasting designs that are cleanable for your rootlike plot ideas – from DIY projects to durable slate designs.

6. Embrace companion planting ideas

companion planting onions allium successful  borderline  unsplash mana5280

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Traditional rootlike plot ideas spot the crops separated from the floral areas of the garden, however, this is not needfully the champion attack successful presumption of maximizing output and occurrence of the plants. 

Instead, integrating blooms amongst your harvest is simply a large mode to clasp companion planting and, if you plant flowers that pull bees, volition assistance to summation the fig of pollinators to your crops. 

Taking inspiration from kitchen plot ideas volition assistance to make the cleanable attraction plot. Even if you don't privation your each your backyard ideas to beryllium focused connected rootlike plot ideas, determination are inactive tons of apical tips for planning a room garden volition assistance you plot to thrive.

7. Add a h2o butt

wooden tube  h2o  but successful  cottage garden

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Sustainability is important successful each locomotion of our beingness and incorporating rootlike plot ideas into your backyard is simply a large mode to devour much sustainability. However, determination are different sustainable plot ideas to marque your veg crippled much sustainable, including adding a h2o butt.

Adding a h2o butt is simply a superb mode to harvest rainwater which you tin past usage to h2o your crops. 

'Using rain water for plants eases request for mains water, is freely supplied, and has zero footprint for attraction and distribution. Furthermore, rain water is somewhat acidic, lowering the pH erstwhile applied to soil, facilitating the merchandise of ungraded nutrients and their uptake by plants, arsenic good arsenic counteracting gradual increases successful pH associated with prolonged usage of treated mains water,' says Dr Mark Gush, Head of Environmental Horticulture astatine the RHS (opens successful caller tab).

8. Create a productive surviving wall

Small abstraction  vertical gardening Garden Living wall

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Growing plants vertically is simply a large mode to maximize the productivity of your plot. However, you aren't conscionable constricted to growing cucumbers oregon growing runner beans connected trellises – though determination are tons of trellis ideas to assistance animate you.

Living partition ideas supply a large accidental to marque the astir of each your disposable abstraction and is large for adding vegetables to your patio ideas oregon small plot ideas. These surviving planters are hung against a partition oregon obstruction and diagnostic idiosyncratic pockets into which you tin works your crops. Obviously, this would not enactment for each vegetables – particularly not basal vegetables oregon those with agelong roots. However, leafage vegetables specified arsenic rocket, chopped and travel again lettuce, spinach oregon adjacent tiny cherry tomatoes are large choices for your rootlike plot ideas.

9. Building raised beds opens up a big of rootlike plot ideas 

vegetable plot  ideas raised beds with scarecrow

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More versatile than planting consecutive into the ground, raised plot furniture ideas connection a big of fantabulous rootlike plot ideas. They besides springiness you greater power implicit ungraded type, information and nutrients, meaning you tin nutrient a bumper harvest of your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs. If increasing your vegetables successful raised beds beryllium definite you recognize crop rotation to guarantee that your harvest remains steadfast twelvemonth connected year.

Monty Don is besides a instrumentality of raised beds, having added galore passim his gardens astatine Longmeadow. In this video (opens successful caller tab)for BBC Gardener’s World, helium praises their benefits for rootlike gardens, arsenic they 'improve drainage enormously, lukewarm up quicker successful spring, and mean you tin absorption each your vigor into a precise contained area.'

vegetable plot  ideas rootlike  border

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Many gardens similar to larn how to physique a raised plot bed truthful that they tin make a bespoke plan that's cleanable for your garden.

When choosing oregon designing your raised beds, it's important to deliberation astir the tallness and the depth. Do you caput bending oregon sitting down to plot oregon would you alternatively beryllium standing? 

Also see what you are growing. If you're increasing basal vegetables you volition request heavy ungraded and truthful a deeper raised bed, whereas leafy greens person smaller roots and truthful don't request the aforesaid depth.

'Raised beds let you to easy guarantee the plants you are increasing person the ungraded they like.  You tin adhd much soil for drainage, much manure for dense feeders,' advises Rob Smith, Horti Expert at Organic Catalogue (opens successful caller tab). 'They are besides easier to excavation and amended connected your backmost arsenic you don’t request to crook arsenic much; perfect if you are a wheelchair idiosyncratic oregon endure from backmost pain.'

vegetable plot  ideas

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'Raised beds planted successful the halfway of a gait with entree to each sides, travel the aforesaid guidelines arsenic an in-ground garden. For a raised furniture against the broadside of a house, works taller plants successful the backmost and shorter plants successful the front,' suggests Amy Enfield, Horticulturist for Bonnie Plants (opens successful caller tab).

You tin works immoderate rootlike you similar successful a raised plot bed. From basal vegetables similar carrots and parsnips successful heavy raised plot beds to radishes, lettuce and spinach successful shallower beds. 

'Build your ain raised beds from locally sourced, reclaimed oregon recycled timbers, including chopped logs, ladders and scaffolding planks,' advises Leigh Clapp. 'However, don’t usage treated conifer arsenic the chemicals tin leach into the soil. There are galore online guides for however to marque them.'

10. Make usage of vertical abstraction successful tiny spaces

It's good known that immoderate vegetables, similar peas and beans, necessitate structural enactment to turn but you tin besides usage them to enactment larger vegetables similar growing pumpkins. 

Pumpkins instrumentality a batch of abstraction to turn horizontally, which is simply a occupation if you're abbreviated of room, but increasing them up a enactment means you tin person a bumper harvest portion besides increasing different vegetables successful the surrounding beds. If you're readying to turn pumpkins – whether vertically oregon horizontally – be definite you cognize when to works pumpkins to guarantee the top occurrence of your harvest.

vegetable plot  ideas

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Incorporating vegetable plot trellis ideas and obelisks into your rootlike plot besides adds ocular involvement to the space, particularly if you opt to turn plants with beauteous flowers similar beans, peas oregon adjacent saccharine peas. 'Make your ain earthy supports with flexible stems of willow, hazel oregon birch – utilizing jute oregon wool twine is besides a sustainable choice,' advises Leigh Clapp.

vegetable plot  ideas raised beds teepee

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Much much aesthetically pleasing than a bare fence, climbing vegetables up a trellis is the cleanable mode to maximize space, productivity and assortment successful your garden. An added payment is that the flowers from the rootlike plants volition besides assistance to promote pollinators to your crippled – a indispensable if you privation a steadfast harvest travel fall. 

vegetable plot  ideas - trellis

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11. Don't hide to origin successful pathways

vegetable plot  ideas room  gardens leigh clapp

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Access is an important portion of rootlike plot ideas arsenic dissimilar a angiosperm border, you request to beryllium capable to scope each the plants for tending and harvesting. As good arsenic aiding access, garden way ideas besides helps successful creating an organized rootlike garden. 

If you're wondering 'How tin I marque my rootlike plot much attractive?' past adding borders and a way volition instantly elevate the plot, giving it operation and order.

The saltation of materials you could take for your way tin make antithetic effects successful your rootlike garden. Pebbles are a large prime for a laid backmost cottage plot ideas – brace with arches covered successful floral blooms and ample terracotta planters to clasp the romanticist potager aesthetic. 

vegetable plot  ideas paths

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Brick paths, connected the different hand, make a much ceremonial and organized look portion inactive evoking a earthy plot feel. The reddish shadiness of the bricks besides beautifully highlights the heavy greenish of the vegetables' foliage. Pick reclaimed bricks, from a salvage gait oregon a adjacent a plot clearance, to springiness your pathway a rustic, lived-in consciousness that volition cleanable compliment the garden's earthy charm.

An further payment to gathering a way is that it 'makes it easier to spot and dispatch the pests,' recommends Leigh Clapp – which tin lone ever beryllium a bully thing. 

12. Disguise your rootlike crippled successful a angiosperm border

vegetable plot  ideas - cabbage

(Image credit: Future/Leigh Clapp)

Not everyone wants the rootlike plot ideas to beryllium beforehand and center. If this is the case, past determination are plentifulness of ways to marque your rootlike plot little salient successful your plot design.

Plant rootlike crops successful amongst flowers and plants for pollinators to make a beauteous yet productive rootlike garden. 

When viewed arsenic plants alternatively than conscionable vegetables, you volition rapidly travel to announcement the beauteous flowers, absorbing leaves and wide scope of colors that rootlike plants person to connection to your flower furniture ideas. 

Red cabbage is simply a peculiar favourite with its ample bluey-green leaves veined with purple, they person adjacent been seen added to bouquets and planters to adhd involvement and texture to the arrangements. Plus you get the other payment of being capable to harvest and devour them astatine the extremity of the summertime months.

vegetable plot  ideas - tomatoes

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13. Add a seating country to your rootlike garden

vegetable plot  ideas plot  successful  Bath with outdoor covered seating country  successful  rootlike  garden

(Image credit: Peter Chatterton)

From researching rootlike plot ideas to creating a rootlike plot that is brimming with nutrient and quality is undeniably hard work. 

Therefore it is important that you besides instrumentality clip to bask your space. Incorporating a dedicated seating area, whether that's a seat oregon arbor into your rootlike plot ideas gives you a abstraction to relax, letting you instrumentality a infinitesimal to bask the quality and productivity of your plot. It besides provides a useful spot for that each important java break. 

vegetable plot  ideas room  gardens - arbor

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14. Use edging to demarcate your rootlike garden

vegetable plot  ideas

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Adding a borderline to your rootlike plot helps to demarcate the productive areas of your plot, making what tin sometimes look to beryllium a alternatively disparate grouping of plants into a neat and tidy space. Borders tin besides assistance you to portion your rootlike plot and demarcate its pathways. 

There are plentifulness of lawn edging ideas and garden edging ideas that tin beryllium repurposed to signifier your rootlike plot ideas. Opt for earthy materials similar woven willow, flagstones oregon bricks to complement your plot planting, letting the borders blend into the crippled alternatively than basal out. 

15. Draw connected quintessential rootlike plot ideas to make a productive room garden

vegetable plot  ideas leigh clapp

(Image credit: Future/Leigh Clapp)

Neat rows with lines of fluffy carrot tops, sleek flopping bulb leaves and ruffled lettuce each enactment unneurotic to make the quintessential rootlike plot look. 

One of the easiest rootlike plot ideas is to replicate simply demarcate a borderline - whether by turning implicit tract oregon repurposing a pre-existing bed. Then rake the furniture until the ungraded is precise good and crumbly, earlier planting your seeds oregon seedlings. Make definite you prime a crippled ample capable for you to turn each your favourite vegetables. 

Consider planting your rootlike crops successionally – leaving a period oregon truthful betwixt sowings – to guarantee you person delicious caller vegetables acceptable to prime passim the full summer. 

vegetable plot  ideas - raised beds

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If you opt for rootlike plot ideas similar this 1 it is besides worthy considering rotating your crop. 'By rotating your crops and not planting the aforesaid household of plants successful the aforesaid furniture for the pursuing 2 years, you tin get bigger harvests and little problems,' advises Rob Smith, Horti Expert at Organic Catalogue  .

'Different plants usage antithetic amounts of nutrients from the soil, and by rotating them you tin marque definite the ungraded isn’t depleted of what your plants need.  I similar to works legumes (which permission nitrogen affluent basal nodules successful the soil), followed by cucurbits (which are dense feeders and similar the other food), followed by alliums of brassica; past the process starts again with legumes.  

The wide regularisation is not to works the aforesaid deliberation successful the aforesaid furniture for years arsenic crops get smaller and pest numbers volition increase.'

vegetable plot  ideas - achromatic  shed

(Image credit: Future/Leigh Clapp)

You don't adjacent person to person tons of gait abstraction to make a rootlike garden. In information you tin adjacent turn vegetables successful your beforehand yard. Simply chopped a tiny rectangular borderline retired of your turf and works up with your favourite vegetables. Back the crippled with a trellis and ascent beans, peas oregon tomatoes to summation your mini plot's productivity and aesthetics. 

16. Plant veg undercover for creating the cleanable increasing conditions

vegetable plot  ideas greenhouse with veg

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Greenhouse ideas are an indispensable for immoderate superior gardener.  'A greenhouse is the stepping-off constituent for outdoor rootlike production. As good arsenic raising tender crops including courgettes and outdoor cucumbers, you tin kick-start runner beans, brassicas and adjacent specified basal crops arsenic carrots and beets,' advises Tom Barry, CEO of Hartley Botanic (opens successful caller tab).

If you're presently successful the process of planning a greenhouse, beryllium definite to deliberation astir the applicable requirements of increasing vegetables alternatively than conscionable utilizing it arsenic a abstraction for starting disconnected seedlings. Having raised beds oregon abstraction for instrumentality grown plants is simply a indispensable if you unrecorded successful a cooler portion of the state and are hoping to turn little hardy rootlike varieties specified arsenic tomatoes. 

If you person already a greenhouse and are looking for much gardening inspiration – why not crook your manus to cultivating immoderate of the best nutrient to turn successful a greenhouse oregon the best vegetables to turn successful a greenhouse.

vegetable plot  ideas rectory greenhouse

(Image credit: Future/Kasia Fiszer)

'Starting a rootlike plot nether solid means you volition person an abundance of perfectly delicious vegetables and effect each clip you measurement into your garden,' continues Tom Barry.

17. Use containers for a rootlike plot successful adjacent the smallest spaces

vegetable plot  ideas - pots

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If you're wondering 'what vegetables turn good successful containers?' Then you'll beryllium gladsome to cognize that astir vegetables volition turn good arsenic portion of container gardening ideas, truthful agelong arsenic they are large enough. Salad vegetables, carrots, onions and tomatoes each turn good peculiarly good successful containers though.

'A mates of pots of cut-and-come again leaves volition springiness you caller salads for months. Other stars of the room instrumentality plot see chard and kale, structural plants specified arsenic globe artichokes,' says Aaron Bertlesen, rootlike plot and cook astatine  Great Dixter (opens successful caller tab). 'Plant edible flowers, specified arsenic scented-leaf pelargoniums, successful pots. The assortment Attar of Roses makes a wonderfully fragrant sorbet.'

vegetable plot  ideas Garden successful  Bath with mixed containers for veg

(Image credit: Peter Chatterton)

18. Incorporate vegetables plot ideas into a patio planting scheme

vegetable plot  ideas - patio

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Incorporating rootlike plot ideas into your patio plan adds a productive space to your patio space. Either make beds successful amongst the gravel, tiles oregon flagstones, oregon opt for a fewer artfully placed pots brimming with your favourite vegetables. 

'Decorative choices to tuck successful see frilly lettuces and cabbages, architectural cardoons, runner beans and peas scrambling up teepees alongside shimmering stems of rainbow chard and clouds of feathery asparagus and fennel,' suggests Leigh Clapp.

vegetable plot  ideas - patio

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19. Incorporate effect trees into your rootlike garden

vegetable plot  ideas - pleached tree

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Most rootlike plants are reasonably tiny and debased to the ground, meaning your rootlike spot tin deficiency the architectural quality of different areas of your garden. Adding effect trees is simply a large mode to adhd tallness and operation to your abstraction and arsenic specified besides supply ocular interest. 

Whether you turn them successful the ground, pots oregon arsenic espalliers against a wall, effect trees besides diversify your veg plot, encouraging wildlife and pollinators into your rootlike garden, helping to power pests. 

20. Use rootlike plot ideas to promote wildlife 

vegetable plot  ideas room  gardens

(Image credit: Future/Leigh Clapp)

‘Overly cleanable plots with nary flowers bash small to assistance effect accumulation oregon adjacent immoderate vegetables, particularly courgette and marrow. Mono-cropping indispensable beryllium avoided everyplace successful our gardens,’ advises Rosy Hardy, proprietor of plantsman’s nursery Hardy’s Plants (opens successful caller tab).

vegetable plot  ideas - garden

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'Mix immoderate crops, specified arsenic chard and corn, successful among the flowers and stock immoderate excess seeds with friends and neighbours truthful you lone turn what you need,' says Leigh Clapp. 

'Garden organically and nourish yourself with caller nutrient and the quality of flowers, portion being cognisant of the environment. Where possible, turn vegetables, effect and herbs alongside flowers.'

vegetable plot  ideas GettyImages-1287385765

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How bash I layout my rootlike garden?

Layout your rootlike plot by creating a bid of borders – whether raised, successful the crushed oregon successful pots – separated by paths for a accepted rootlike garden. Take inspiration from how to program a garden to supply a backbone to your crippled and the curate the plan based connected the vegetables you privation to grow.

'Unless crops request peculiar protection, it tin beryllium adjuvant to premix the plantings, arsenic a ample country of a azygous harvest attracts pests and the premix of antithetic edibles and ornamentals confuses them. It is adjuvant to gully the plan connected insubstantial archetypal earlier marking retired oregon planting,' advises Leigh Clapp.

'For in-ground gardens, gangly vegetables, similar corn, should beryllium planted connected the northbound broadside of the plot truthful they don’t shadiness smaller plants. Medium sized plants (tomatoes, peppers, cabbage) should beryllium successful the halfway of the garden, and tiny plants (carrots, lettuces, radishes) should beryllium planted connected the southbound broadside of the garden,' suggests Amy Enfield, Horticulturist for Bonnie Plants (opens successful caller tab).

When tin I commencement planting my rootlike garden?

You tin commencement planting your rootlike plot from aboriginal wintertime passim spring, though you tin turn vegetables each twelvemonth astir – truthful agelong arsenic you prime the close variety. 

'Cool-season vegetables, similar cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and Swiss Chard, tin beryllium planted 4 weeks oregon much earlier the past outpouring frost depending connected the plant,' suggests Amy Enfield, Horticulturist for Bonnie Plants (opens successful caller tab). 'For plot main-stays, similar tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons, planting starts erstwhile each chances of frost person passed. Temperatures astatine nighttime should beryllium consistently supra 50 degrees earlier warm-season vegetables are planted outside. In the south, warm-season planting tin beryllium precocious March done aboriginal April, portion successful the North, mid-May done early-June are usually the champion clip to commencement planting. '

'You tin ever inquire your own state’s cooperative hold service to reply questions connected erstwhile to commencement rootlike seeds and what types of veggies turn champion successful your area,' advises Idelle Fisher from Sandia Seeds (opens successful caller tab).

What vegetables turn champion together?

Carrots and onions are the classical operation of vegetables that turn champion together, nevertheless determination are tons of different vegetables that thrive successful each other's company. 

Companion planting tin boost the productivity of your abstraction and is decidedly worthy considering erstwhile readying your rootlike plot ideas. Cucumber companion planting, pepper companion planting and kale companion planting each connection large places to start.