Vistry COO to become Gleeson’s new CEO

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Vistry Group’s main operating serviceman is moving to chap housebuilder Gleeson arsenic main executive.

Graham Prothero, who has worked astatine Vistry since aboriginal 2019, has officially stepped down, but volition not instrumentality up his caller relation until January 2023.

Vistry said it volition not beryllium appointing a replacement for Prothero. Instead, from October, the enforcement enactment squad volition administer his responsibilities among its members.

Prothero was formerly main enforcement of Galliford Try. He besides held elder positions astatine Development Securities plc, which is present U+I, and civils specializer Taylor Woodrow, which is present portion of Vinci.

In 2019, Prothero oversaw the £1.1bn acquisition of Galliford Try’s Linden Homes and Partnerships & Regeneration businesses. Vistry Group was inactive known arsenic Bovis Homes astatine the clip and it was past that Prothero moved from Galliford Try.

At Gleeson, Prothero volition regenerate James Thomson, who volition enactment connected astatine the steadfast adjacent year, but successful the capableness of a non-executive director.

The radical formally known arsenic MJ Gleeson plc works successful the areas of low-cost housebuilding successful the northbound of England and onshore promotion successful the south.

Prothero said helium was looking guardant to his caller relation arsenic main executive: “I person watched the company’s advancement implicit the years and agelong admired the transportation of its focused strategy. It is uncommon to find a concern that genuinely enhances people’s well-being successful the mode that Gleeson does.”