Wates starts work on National Quantum Computing Centre

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Wates has started enactment connected a £31.5m subject centre successful Oxfordshire, which volition see bureau space, gathering areas and laboratories for quantum computing.

The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) is being built astatine Harwell, with the volition of bringing unneurotic experts successful the academic, concern and backstage sectors.

Research volition absorption connected uncovering solutions to making quantum computing exertion much scalable and commercially viable. The abstraction volition besides supply the infrastructure to physique and run quantum computers.

Quantum computers are machines that usage the properties of quantum physics to store ample amounts of information and execute computations. They tin assistance successful a scope of applications, including amended usage of transport networks by providing the optimal way to prevention connected clip and substance costs.

Wates has decided to usage sustainable materials and methods of operation for the build. Cross-laminated timber volition beryllium utilized for the gathering frame. The interior riser, corridor modules and plant-room skids volition beryllium produced astatine Wates’ off-site mill successful Coventry.

The contractor plans to usage electrically-powered works and machinery wherever possible, alternatively of diesel. The task volition divert 98 per cent of discarded distant from landfill.

The squad volition besides make 12 apprenticeships and enactment acquisition placements on its proviso chain.

Wates Construction Group enforcement managing manager Paul Chandler said: “The task volition let accrued collaboration and supply caller ways of moving to assistance tackle the problems that classical computers can’t resolve.”

The programme is funded done UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), successful concern with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

Construction started connected tract earlier this year, and is owed to beryllium completed betwixt July and September 2023.

In December 2021, Wates won a £450m job to physique a gigafactory for battery-run vehicles successful Sunderland.