What are the best countertops for a kitchen? Choose the right one for you

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If you're remodelling, it's apt you are asking what the champion countertops are for a room truthful that you tin take the champion worldly for your caller abstraction and your needs. 

Looking for kitchen countertop ideas is simply a good equilibrium betwixt relation and form, but you tin person both.

The champion spot to start, erstwhile designing a kitchen and choosing the champion room countertops is to see what is required from the space. Who volition beryllium utilizing the room astir and however volition it beryllium used? Deciding connected room countertop materials tin often origin immoderate superior head-scratching owed to endless options, each with their pros and cons, truthful it's worthy moving retired your astir important requirements upfront. 

For example, if yours is simply a room for a engaged household with children – who whitethorn not retrieve to not enactment that blistery cookware connected the countertop oregon hitch that acidic citrus foodstuff with a cloth – past you whitethorn determine to debar porous materials to guarantee a longer lasting finish. Or, possibly you mightiness similar to take a pugnacious material, possibly for your much-used island countertop ideas, and 1 that didn't marque our database (notably: wood) for countertops that won't instrumentality truthful overmuch deterioration and tear.

To assistance debunk immoderate of the myths, we spoke to immoderate large names successful kitchens to explicate the antithetic surfaces and however they tin beryllium utilized wrong our homes. 

What are the champion countertops for a kitchen?

We haven't provided you with an endless database of room countertop materials. Instead, we person narrowed the prime to the champion countertops for a kitchen, based connected the champion looks and functionality combined. These are what our experts suggest you use.

1. Marble

A astute  room  with greenish  marble for the worktops and leather banquet seating

(Image credit: Blakes London)

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Long appreciated for its classical quality and mineral veining, earthy marble varies from milky achromatic rippled with grey veins to a myriad of different colors, including greens, reds, blacks, browns and adjacent blues. Each slab volition beryllium unique.

‘Marble is simply a multi-sensory material, not lone visually striking but besides amazingly tactile,’ says Annie Ebenston, pb decorator astatine Blakes London (opens successful caller tab)

It is much porous than different earthy stones, specified arsenic granite, and astir composite materials, truthful volition necessitate much attraction and care. ‘Our presumption is that you observe its inevitable imperfections and stains and spot them arsenic telling a communicative of the enjoyable experiences wrong your kitchen,’ adds Annie.

Above, Green Guatemala marble has been utilized to make a melodramatic focal constituent land successful this plan by Blakes London. 

2. Quartz

A modern   room  with quartz room  land  and gangly  woody  room  storage

(Image credit: DesignSpace London)

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‘Quartz composite worktops are among the astir applicable solutions for a room countertop, arsenic they are mostly precise resistant to staining,’ advises Richard Atkins, director, DesignSpace London (opens successful caller tab)

Typically made of quartz mineral mixed with resin to nutrient a resilient, debased porosity worldly that is harder than marble and granite, it does not usually necessitate sealing and is casual to maintain. Available successful galore realistic marble and factual effects, arsenic good arsenic plain colors, it offers a wholly accordant look.

‘Quartz composite is progressively disposable successful ample slab sizes, which helps support joints to a minimum,’ helium says.

Above, a chromatic Italiana Marmorea Golden Polished quartz aboveground makes a durable and eye-catching marble-effect land by DesignSpace London.

3. Stainless steel

Monochrome room  with alloy  worktops and achromatic  cabinets by Roundhouse

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

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Durable, vigor and stain resistant, hygienic and impervious to water, it’s nary wonderment that stainless alloy is the edifice room favorite. And successful a home setting, ‘it tin bring a sharp, cleanable look to the kitchen, and erstwhile paired alongside earthy materials, specified arsenic wood, it forms a striking contrast,’ explains Jane Powell, elder designer, Roundhouse Design (opens successful caller tab)

Stainless alloy worktops tin beryllium fabricated with integrated sinks for a seamless look, but beryllium alert that this worldly volition scratch, though immoderate consciousness this adds to its well-worn entreaty and enhances its concern aesthetic.

Above, stainless alloy surfaces are shown successful a bespoke room by Roundhouse Design.

4. Copper and brass

A charming rustic looking room  with woody  cupboards and copper worktops and a belfast sink

(Image credit: DeVOL)

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‘Copper has an incredibly fluid, ever-changing patina,’ says Helen Parker, originative manager of deVOL Kitchens (opens successful caller tab)

‘It looks uncommon and precious and turns retired to person anti-bacterial properties, which marque it adjacent much desirable,’ she adds. 

Brass is different metallic with a surviving finish, people processing its ain patina implicit time, adding earthy warmth to your kitchen. Both metals thin to beryllium susceptible to scratches and stains, truthful champion utilized by those who bask a much weathered look. 

Usually cleaned with elemental crockery soap and a brushed cloth, ever travel your supplier’s recommendations.

Above, a bespoke aged copper countertop is shown successful the Haberdasher’s Kitchen by deVOL. 

5. Ultra-compacts

A modern   woody  room  with neolith beton worktop and airy   pinkish  plaster wall

(Image credit: Sustainable Kitchens )

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A caller procreation of ultra-compact surfaces, besides known arsenic sintered stones, porcelains and ceramics, are made from materials exposed to highly precocious unit and temperature, producing a pugnacious surface, mostly considered a measurement up from quartz successful strength. ‘They are incredibly hardwearing surfaces that volition past for galore years,’ says Matt Higgins, elder designer, Sustainable Kitchens (opens successful caller tab)

With astir zero porosity, these materials, specified arsenic Dekton and Neolith, are hygienic, resistant to precocious temperatures (useful with blistery pans) and scratching and staining, arsenic good arsenic being casual to clean. They tin besides beryllium utilized successful outdoor kitchens.

Shown: The Neolith Beton worktop is inspired by the earthy look of concrete, successful a plan by Sustainable Kitchens. 

What is the astir durable worldly for room countertops?

There is immoderate treatment astir which is the astir durable worldly for room countertops – but the apical 2 are granite and quartz. Granite is simply a earthy material, with each slab unique, and beauteous colors and veining available. Man-made quartz is incredibly durable, stain-resistant, volition not ace oregon chip. 

What is the easiest countertop to maintain?

The easiest countertop to support is quartz. Stain-resistant, it won't crack, spot oregon scratch. 

Is quartz oregon granite better?

While some are incredibly durable, quartz is harder than granite and truthful withstands each kinds of maltreatment from knives and pans, though blistery pans tin harm it. Granite, connected the different hand, offers earthy bully looks. So, you request to determine which is much important to you, though you can't spell excessively acold incorrect with either.