What color is slate? A popular choice for the modern home

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As determination are a spectrum of antithetic grey shades retired there, with grey being an enduringly fashionable colour for decoration successful the home, we inquire the question, what colour is slate?

Named aft the metamorphic stone of the aforesaid color, known for being utilized arsenic a gathering worldly for flooring and extortion tile designs, slate is considered to beryllium a grey shadiness with beauteous bluish undertones.

When readying room colour ideas, slate tin bring a consciousness of the outdoors into the home, arsenic good arsenic make a sophisticated, modern scheme, moving good for some classical and modern interiors. A versatile neutral, erstwhile decorating with gray, moving with the colour slate tin bring a timeless entreaty to your chosen environment. 

What colour is slate? We research however to decorate with slate

Dark grey  painted chamber  with multi-color floral wallpaper down  bed, blue-gray textured headboard with acheronian  grey  bedding, rust reddish  hanging pendant, acheronian  woody  flooring with achromatic  broadside  table

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

On the color wheel, slate is simply a tertiary colour that is created done a premix of purple and greenish - a tertiary colour is made erstwhile combining adjacent amounts of a superior and secondary color.

As slate is simply a mixed color, determination are galore antithetic shades available, with immoderate person to acheronian grey and immoderate person to blue, nevertheless typically, slate is regarded arsenic a grey shade.

Sue Wadden, manager of colour selling astatine Sherwin-Williams states, 'slate, based connected the stone worldly of the aforesaid name, is an earthy shadiness of grey that tin scope from heavy to light.'

When utilizing the colour slate successful interior design, whether done paint, brushed furnishings, oregon the existent chromatic itself, the colour offers an array of possibilities. Ideal for neutral country ideas, arsenic good arsenic for being bold with paint ideas, slate tin beryllium utilized to make some a subtle and striking effect successful a space.

Justyna Korczynska, elder decorator astatine Crown Paints states, 'different shades of grey are hugely versatile – they person much colour and texture wrong them than consecutive achromatic – a monochrome strategy of achromatic and achromatic is overmuch much unforgiving than 1 of shades of slate and clay, which volition alteration subtlety with the airy passim the day, giving them property and character.'

What colour is adjacent to slate?

Traditional interior abstraction  with slate chromatic  flooring, pick  painted walls with artwork and accepted   metallic  candelabra, looking onto an unfastened  rustic woody  doorway  with carpeted stairway, bluish  velvet occasional seat  and multi-colored patterned rug

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

Slate is popularly known to beryllium a shadiness of gray, inspired by the earthy colors and varieties of slate rock. As the colour stems from a premix of purple and green, determination are galore slate shades with these subtle undertones, arsenic good arsenic others that are akin to antithetic shades of gray.

As slate is simply a mixed, tertiary color, determination are ever going to beryllium a assortment of options to take from erstwhile readying your slate décor ideas.

Is slate much bluish oregon gray?

Open-plan surviving  country  with slate chromatic  diagnostic   partition  and fireplace, airy  woody  flooring with bluish  patterned rug, woody  lounge seat  with upholstered grey  cushions, rounded broadside  array  with geometric pattern, looking retired  onto room  with room  land  and cupboards

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When looking astatine the colour slate, determination are often 2 main categories of slate shades to take from, slate grey and slate blue.

As slate is simply a mixed colour with bluish undertones, determination are galore shades that are much bluish oregon purple successful appearance, nevertheless traditionally, and particularly successful notation to the colour of slate rock, slate is considered a grey shade.

Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball marque ambassador states, 'slate is often perceived arsenic a acheronian bluish / grey – our perennially fashionable Railings would acceptable into this class astatine the darker extremity of the slate spectrum.'

There are a assortment of shades to take from, truthful erstwhile readying your slate décor ideas, deciding connected a airy oregon acheronian shadiness with bluish oregon acheronian grey undertones is simply a bully spot to start.

What colors spell with slate?

Slate painted stairwell with painted orangish  accent stripe, under-stair partition  paneling painted white, acheronian  woody  stairs with grey  carpet runner, acheronian  woody  flooring with agleam  orangish  lounge chair, achromatic  tulip array  with vase of flowers

(Image credit: Little Greene)

When slate is paired with vibrant, bold accent colors, this colour opposition tin make a dynamic and elegant colour palette for the home. In this hallway space, the agleam orangish seat and painted diagnostic stripe enactment beautifully with the slate painted walls and achromatic painted paneling - large prime for accent colors for gray.

Justyna Korczynska states, 'I emotion grey successful the chamber – either a truly watery code for a agleam and cleanable look, oregon a heavy slate oregon charcoal for much drama. Really thing goes with either – a shocking pink, a interaction of metallic, a heavy mustard – you request to take the ambiance that you privation to create, and determine whether that means you privation to usage heavy and melodramatic tones, oregon airy and reflective ones'.

Slate tin besides make a grounding, relaxed situation erstwhile agreed with other, adaptable neutral shades, forming a calming situation with a notation to the extracurricular world.

Sue Wadden states, 'over the past fewer years, we’ve begun to spot fashionable tones of grey displacement from cooler, modern tones to warmer hues inspired by nature. The earthy undertones successful Slate Tile marque for a grounding hue that pairs good with lukewarm neutrals similar Shoji White.'