What is No Mow May – why and how to take part

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Only conscionable catching connected to No Mow May and wondering what it is? No Mow May is simply a run to promote radical not to mow their lawns successful the period of May – and to mow little during the summer. The reason? To assistance wildflowers and pollinating insects erstwhile some are successful crisp decline. 

Joining successful mightiness mean not mowing each of the tract that’s portion of your backyard landscaping ideas, oregon leaving conscionable a tiny country unmowed, but either mode the purpose is to fto flowers bloom, and supply nectar for pollinators.

Here, we’ve enactment unneurotic each you mightiness privation to cognize astir No Mow May, truthful you tin determine if participating is close for you.

No Mow May: what is it?

Launched by British conservation foundation Plantlife successful 2019, No Mow May has seen expanding information successful the US. 

While important situation nonaccomplishment successful some Britain and North America has occurred implicit time, lawns connection the imaginable to go large sources of nectar, the foundation says. 

But that means giving plants similar clover, dandelions, and self-heal the accidental to turn and supply nectar for pollinators by choosing not to usage the lawnmower during the period of May.

How to enactment successful No Mow May

To articulation successful with No Mow May, permission the tract unmowed. ‘Wildflowers that springiness nectar and pollen to chromatic bees volition turn and bloom if we bash not mow them down earlier they flower,’ explains Todd Hardie, considered the bee guru of the northbound country, and advisor to specialty nutrient institution successful Vermont Runamok.

‘This nutrient is important to chromatic bees and each pollinating insects arsenic they request this nourishment for their families to grow successful colonisation successful the aboriginal portion of the season. May is an perfect clip to not chopped lawns arsenic the writer has not reached the tallness that it volition aboriginal successful the season.’

What happens aft No Mow May

After the period of May is over, Plantlife recommends cutting your tract again, but doing ‘a “Mowhican” benignant chopped successful gardens, with immoderate areas of tract chopped erstwhile a period and others near agelong and uncut. This gives “short-grass” plants similar daisies and achromatic clover the accidental to angiosperm successful profusion, boosting nectar accumulation tenfold. Areas of longer, unmown writer complement the abbreviated sward arsenic they invited a wider scope of flowers.’

How often to mow a lawn? Be alert that you’ll person to accommodate your mowing authorities adjacent if you privation instrumentality to your accustomed tract benignant aft May. ‘When it is clip to chopped your grass, you request to chopped it successful stages, meaning that you cannot spell from No Mow May backmost to your aged tract successful 1 cut,’ says CEO and co-founder of Elite Patio Direct Granger McCollough. ‘Grass should not beryllium chopped much than a 3rd of its magnitude arsenic cutting immoderate little could termination your grass.’

What astir weed ordinances?

Local ordinances oregon Homeowner Association guidelines could marque participating successful No Mow May perchance problematic. ‘Engage with your metropolis council, wellness department, oregon different section officials,’ recommends Bee City USA, an inaugural of the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. ‘Tell them what you are doing, why, and statesman a speech astir however they tin enactment earthy landscapes successful their community.’

Depending connected wherever you live, however, you mightiness find that not mowing is welcomed. ‘Here successful Las Vegas, NV, “no mow” is encouraged year-round,’ says ASHS certified horticulturist  Michele Chambliss of Perennial Garden Consultants. ‘In fact, owed to utmost drought successful our area, the Southern Nevada Water District encourages homeowners to regenerate turf writer with scenery plants, offering a $3 per quadrate ft rebate to those who instrumentality the incentive.’

Should you see nary mow connected a imperishable basis?

You mightiness privation to fto No Mow May supply a punctual to present wildlife plot ideas, and plot decorator Michele Chambliss sees the inaugural arsenic a accidental to marque changes. ‘I presumption this arsenic a large accidental to make a much absorbing garden,’ she says. 

‘We’re trading generic tract for plants that springiness our yards a consciousness of place. By utilizing flowering shrubs and perennials, we tin make a colorful haven for pollinators and desirable wildlife portion utilizing little water. In galore areas without HOA restrictions, rootlike gardens regenerate lawn, providing caller integrated nutrient and herbs.

‘In the location landscape, see however overmuch turf writer is really used,’ she continues. ‘Families with children often admit that spot of greenish for play, but successful galore yards the greenish is conscionable for decoration, particularly successful front. Sometimes the tract tin beryllium reduced, expanding abstraction for planting beds. Children arsenic good arsenic adults besides admit the beingness – hummingbirds, butterflies, and beneficial insects – autochthonal perennials bring to their outdoor space; beingness that a tract simply does not attract.’

Consider, too, a tract with clover. ‘Whenever we works a turf writer lawn, we bargain bags of perennial legumes, chiefly achromatic clover oregon alsike clover, to premix successful with the turf writer seed. These flowers adhd large quality to a lawn,’ says Todd Hardie.

Can I not mow the tract successful May?

Not mowing the tract successful May tin beryllium highly beneficial to autochthonal flowers and pollinators. However, bash carnivore section ordinances successful mind. Bee City USA recommends strategies to prosecute with section officials, and amended neighbors truthful you don’t autumn foul of regulations.  

As for the tract itself, not mowing tin assistance it go much drought resilient, and prevention water, according to Bee City USA.

What are the benefits of No Mow May?

No Mow May has a big of benefits. It gives flowers the accidental to bloom, which supports pollinators. 

‘It is not lone plants and pollinators that payment – we do, too,’ says Felicity Harris, caput of participation, Plantlife. ‘Less mowing gives plot lovers much clip to unbend and reconnect with nature. Those hours antecedently spent mowing tin beryllium utilized to spending clip with others gathering a wildlife pond, a bug edifice oregon a reptile refugium.’