What makes a home look expensive? 11 tricks designers use that won't break the bank

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There are plentifulness of ways to marque a location look costly without the precocious terms tag. The concealed to achieving an costly look for your location isn't really rooted successful the magnitude you spend. In fact, erstwhile it comes to making a location look expensive, little is often more. 

Why marque a location look expensive? It's evidently fantastic to unrecorded successful a location that feels well-curated, but it's besides a large mode to summation your home's worth if you are reasoning of selling up immoderate clip soon.

Whether you are looking for luxury surviving country ideas oregon luxury bath ideas and beyond, these adept interior plan tips volition assistance you execute an costly aesthetic successful each country of your home.

What makes a location look expensive?

Making a location look costly chiefly comes down to the materials you usage and however you formal your space. Every interior plan task should statesman with a declutter – there are plentifulness of decluttering tips to assistance you. Decluttering your location volition guarantee that you are starting with a cleanable slate – after-all, clutter decidedly doesn't accidental 'expensive'. From present you tin redesign your abstraction with these high-end ideas successful mind.

1. Pick furnishings with character

Dining country   with antique table, chairs and cabinet

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Gone are the days of a matching suite of furnishings being a marker of large interior design. Today, it's each astir texture, involvement and character. Decorating with antiques, particularly woody pieces, is simply a large mode to marque a house look expensive. You tin premix antique and newer finds to curate a abstraction that is genuinely unsocial to you.

'When decorating with wood, defy the impulse to prime furnishings successful the aforesaid taxon oregon code arsenic this tin sometimes marque a country consciousness flat. Instead opt for pieces with flimsy colour saltation for a much blase and polished look,' advises Rob Ellis, caput of plan astatine Dwell (opens successful caller tab).

2. Add quality and texture with paneling

Dining country   with acheronian  bluish  panelled walls, leather eating  chairs beside a marble topped array  and bar

(Image credit: Future)

Originally utilized successful play homes arsenic a method of insulation, contiguous wall paneling ideas are loved for the mode they elevate a country – giving the strategy a consciousness of gravitas that instantly screams 'expensive'. 

There are ideas disposable for paneling immoderate country of your home, from living country paneling ideas done to bathroom paneling ideas. Plus, it's a amazingly cost-effective mode to decorate, often much affordable than wallpaper.

While partition paneling is by acold the much accepted option, wherefore not see ceiling paneling? One of our favourite ceiling ideas, it adds architectural involvement to what tin beryllium an overlooked portion of your interior plan and volition besides stress the tallness of the space, different method that makes a location look expensive.

3. Install connection lighting

Octagonal shaped skylight and metallic  leafage  plan  chandelier implicit    eating  country   with classical  eating  array  and chairs painted achromatic  and modern   creation  connected  wall

(Image credit: Future)

No expensive-looking interior is implicit without a chandelier, which, successful itself, needn't beryllium costly (you tin adjacent buy affordable chandeliers connected Amazon (opens successful caller tab), captious if you are decorating a location connected a budget). However, they aren't conscionable reserved for houses consecutive retired of a play drama, some modern and accepted homes tin some payment from the instant elegance of a chandelier – and determination are plentifulness of living country chandelier ideas from which to choose.

One of our favourite ways to make a surviving country look expensive, a bold pendant airy volition besides gully the oculus upwards, emphasizing the tallness of the country which successful crook makes the abstraction consciousness bigger and brighter. 

'Statement chandeliers are the jewellery of an interior,’ says Owen Pacey, laminitis of Renaissance London (opens successful caller tab). ‘A large mode to level up your surviving country is with a grand, statement chandelier, whether that’s an ornate, rococo-style, gilt portion oregon a modern sputnik globe.'

4. Give your staircase an update


(Image credit: Future)

Updating your staircase mightiness look similar an antithetic mode to marque a house look expensive, but caller staircase ideas, whether a caller oregon refinished banister oregon balustrade oregon smartly painted risers, tin alteration the mode successful which radical comprehend your home. 

'A staircase is an integral portion to the operation of immoderate location and is the archetypal happening that yourself and guests spot erstwhile walking inside, truthful guaranteeing your entryway is impactful is key. A bespoke staircase is the cleanable mode to alteration a abstraction into thing that was erstwhile ‘tired’ into determination that is stylish and welcoming,' says Gareth Betts, Neville Johnson (opens successful caller tab)’s staircase designer. Let yourself beryllium inspired by the latest staircase trends, but ever instrumentality to a plan that suits the play of your location and your existing interior design.

Even if you don't spell for a full change, determination are galore ways to decorate a staircase that are definite to springiness your existing formation a caller lease of life. Consider ripping up staircase carpets that are worn and replacing them with elegant wood flooring ideas oregon adjacent wood-look flooring. You tin past formal these with beauteous stair runner ideas that volition assistance with grip arsenic good arsenic adding aesthetic value. 

5. Display chopped flowers

composition of pinkish  flowers including roses and lilies successful  solid  vase successful  beauteous   vintage-style eating  room

(Image credit: Alamy)

'It whitethorn look obvious, but having caller flowers connected the antagonistic is an instant colour burst adding endless decorative value,' advises Kristina Phillips (opens successful caller tab) of Kristina Phillips Interior Design.

Decorating with flowers is simply a speedy and effectual mode to marque a location look expensive. Not lone bash caller flowers bring colour and texture to a country but they besides bring a consciousness of beingness and immoderate adjacent imbue the country with their beauteous fragrance. 

'Eucalyptus is simply a favourite among florists for creating fragrant and luxury displays cleanable for high-end interiors. Paired with a elemental solid vase and beautifully interspersed among caller flowers specified arsenic lilies, carnations, roses and thistles, the stunning shapes of the eucalyptus stems volition adhd tallness and magnitude to immoderate country and adhd a look of opulence for a much costly interior,' says Dani Turner, lawsuit acquisition manager astatine Bunches (opens successful caller tab)

Why not spell a measurement further by planning a chopped angiosperm garden truthful you tin harvest caller blooms from your ain flower beds? 'This is simply a overmuch much sustainable mode of increasing flowers for arranging successful your location and avoids buying ones that person been flown halfway crossed the world,' explains Amelia Bouquet who trained successful plot plan astatine the English Gardening School (opens successful caller tab).

6. Invest successful creation you love

living country   with grey  sofas and artwork connected  partition  supra  a console

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Decorating with art tin look similar a daunting prospect, from choosing the close colors and textures to size, signifier and position. Thankfully, determination is tons of proposal to assistance you choose creation for your home and plentifulness of gallery partition ideas that are definite to inspire.

'Bare walls will marque a abstraction consciousness bare and lacking, but tremendous prints of a cityscape are surely not the mode to go. Taking clip to put successful pieces you genuinely like, that besides acceptable your abstraction volition marque a immense quality to the wide look and consciousness of immoderate room, and assistance to trade thing that feels authentic and meaningful. Don't unreserved this process oregon enactment unit connected yourself to person each your creation wrong six months. Building your postulation is each portion of the fun,' says Sam Greig, elder decorator astatine Swoon (opens successful caller tab).

7. Replace carpets with wood flooring

Hallway with woody  flooring, airy   grey portion  panelled walls with framed achromatic  and achromatic  photographs, metallic  and marble topped console array  and solid  doors

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

Timelessly beautiful, woody flooring is simply a highly desirable feature. Loved for its authentic, earthy appearance, durability and warmth underfoot, it volition adhd an costly look to immoderate country successful which it is installed. 

'Flooring is the cardinal constituent erstwhile it comes to mounting the code for immoderate interior. Get this close and each the different details volition autumn into place,' says Darwyn Ker, Managing Director of Woodpecker Flooring (opens successful caller tab).

There are tons of options from which to choose. Ageing gracefully, earthy wood flooring reveals a characterful differentiation of shades betwixt each committee – try these wood level ideas for a bedroom. 

A reclaimed wood level is imbued with past and quality which is astir intolerable for newer boards to emulate, nevertheless it is poorly suited to a room arsenic determination are much durable kitchen flooring ideas from which to choose. If you emotion the look of wood but privation thing a small much fund friendly, luxury laminate wood-style flooring volition execute a akin decorativeness astatine a fraction of the price.

'Lighter boards create an constituent of freshness each twelvemonth circular and portion they mightiness not connection the aforesaid play arsenic their darker counterparts, they inactive adhd fantastic quality to the home. They are perfect for those who similar to locomotion connected the fresher, brighter broadside of interiors,' adds Darwyn.

8. Incorporate luxury materials

marble descend  with flowers successful  kitchen

(Image credit: Devol/Our Food Stories)

You don't person to spell each retired erstwhile adding luxury materials to your home. Yes, a marble bathroom volition look stunning and decidedly springiness disconnected costly vibes, however, it is not the lone way. 

First, see redeeming successful definite areas that don't substance arsenic overmuch to you – perhaps you spell for engineered wood flooring implicit existent wood oregon you opt for a much affordable overgarment marque – so that you person the fund to put successful the items that truly substance to you – possibly a marble descend for your room oregon expansive fireplace for your surviving room.

You tin besides accessorize with pieces made from luxury materials, specified arsenic a marble tray connected a java array oregon a golden candle snuffer; this volition assistance to marque your location much look costly without breaking the bank. 

9. Keep wires retired of view

A achromatic  TV portion   with a hung flatscreen TV surrounded by shelves

(Image credit: Sara Cosgrove )

We unrecorded successful a technological satellite and it is apt that determination volition beryllium wires successful each country of your home, from the TV successful the surviving room, appliances successful the room to chargers successful the bedroom. However, adjacent the astir elegant country volition beryllium brought down by a tangle of stray cables. In bid to execute an costly looking home, it is indispensable that this root of ocular clutter is reduced arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.

If you person a partition mounted tv oregon are reasoning astir TV partition ideas, see moving the cables done the partition to execute a seamless look. Then fell peripheral devices successful sideboards oregon adjoining cabinetry to proceed to wire-free aesthetic. 

For instrumentality chargers, see an all-in-one wireless option. The azygous cablegram tin tuck down sideboards oregon bedside tables and the dock volition supply an easy, minimalist mode to complaint each your devices without each the cables.

In the kitchen, the easiest mode is to support appliances retired of sight. Store toasters, blenders and different occasional gadgets successful a cupboard oregon pantry until needed. This volition not lone trim the wires but volition besides support your room countertops clear.

10. Add a vintage rug

white surviving  country   with textural achromatic  and achromatic  rug fireplace successful  ceramic  walls and woody  floating mantelpiece

(Image credit: Carina Skrobecki/Jessica Nelson Design)

'Luxurious rugs tin marque a location look and consciousness much expensive. Choose options that are durable and stain-resistant,' says Jessica Nelson of Jessica Nelson Design (opens successful caller tab) . Knowing how to take a rug tin marque oregon interruption an interior scheme, and the close plan is simply a elemental mode to elevate your space.

'Rug pads besides marque a large quality successful the design. We usually opt for thicker felt options implicit the thinner webbed versions. There are immoderate large costly options retired there, but we besides emotion vintage rugs we find connected Etsy arsenic a much budget-friendly option,' adds Jessica.   

Once you've chosen the cleanable plan – there are plentifulness of bedroom rug ideas oregon living country rug ideas that are definite to animate – it is besides important that you cognize how to cleanable an country rug successful bid to support it looking its best. 

11. Don't place the details

light power   successful  surviving  country   with pinkish  and achromatic  wallpaper looking done  the doorway  to the staircase

(Image credit: Wandsworth Electrical)

Finishing touches are a large mode to marque your home look expensive. Think doorway handles, drawer pulls, airy switches and sockets. These elements are often overlooked but the close plan tin propulsion an full strategy together.

‘Light switches are the astir interactive portion of your interior and should beryllium an integral portion of the design,’ says Howard Solomons, caput of design
at Wandsworth Electrical (opens successful caller tab). ‘Anything handled truthful often indispensable bespeak quality, not lone successful its look but besides successful its touch.’

While outlets and switches are tiny details, this is not a spot to skimp – opt for the champion you tin afford. Create a harmonious look by ensuring that doorway handles and the pulls connected drawers and cupboards are successful the aforesaid worldly and decorativeness arsenic your sockets and switches.

How to marque your location look costly connected a budget?

One of the champion ways that you tin marque your location look costly connected a fund is with your decor. Whether it's vases of flowers, artwork oregon window attraction ideas, each of these elements tin assistance to marque your look much expensive.

'While galore of america person been spending truthful overmuch clip astatine home, it seems similar each time we're uncovering thing that we privation to alteration successful our space. If you're moving with a minimal budget, updating your model treatments tin play an integral relation successful a refresh without going overboard. Think of your model treatments arsenic a canvas for the remainder of your space,' says decorator Mariko Blakemore of Stoneside Blinds & Shades (opens successful caller tab).

How bash you marque your location look similar it's worthy more?

One of the easiest ways to marque your location look similar it's worthy much is by repainting. 'To springiness a country beingness and look much expensive, spell with the powerfulness of paint. A caller overgarment of overgarment successful an eye-catching colour – either bold oregon moody – tin marque each the difference,' says Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design (opens successful caller tab).