What to plant in April – the best flowers, vegetables and fruit to grow this month

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With outpouring successful afloat swing, determination is ample prime for what to works successful April and overmuch to look guardant to and bash successful the gardening schedule. 

As the perfect conditions for cultivating and sowing arrive, and the ungraded starts to lukewarm up, the planting twelvemonth tin get disconnected to a bully start. 

Along with what to works successful April, determination are plentifulness much jobs to beryllium getting connected with arsenic you finalise your garden ideas – not slightest checking for immoderate pests and diseases, keeping connected apical of weeding, continuing to disagreement perennials, and pruning and pinching retired flowers wherever needed. So get engaged gardening!

What to works successful April – veg crops to sow now

April is the champion clip to works astir rootlike seeds aft the past menace of frost has passed successful the portion wherever you live.

'In the Kitchen Garden, we commencement disconnected astir sowings successful April. It’s an breathtaking and rewarding period for gardening, with plentifulness to look guardant to,' explains Mr Mitford, room gardener astatine Hawkstone Hall .

Below are immoderate of our apical picks for vegetables to works successful April:

1. Beetroot

beetroot increasing  successful  the room  plot  astatine  Hawkstone Hall

(Image credit: Hawkstone Hall)

'Beetroot is the winner. April is the cleanable clip for sowing Beetroot arsenic past it volition beryllium they acceptable successful the summer,' says Mr Mitford.

Available successful a assortment of shapes and colors, 'beetroot is the cleanable cool-weather vegetable,' hold the experts astatine Urban Farmer Seeds.

All Zones tin sow beets present for a fast, aboriginal summertime treat.

Be definite to sow your beetroot seeds successful loose, fertile soil. 'Try spreading the sowing implicit a fig of weeks, with 2 to 3 weeks successful betwixt each sowing. This mode you volition person a longer harvest play arsenic portion of your vegetable plot ideas,' suggests Mr Mitford.

2. Cucumber

cucumber plants increasing  successful  the room  plot  astatine  Hawkstone Hall

(Image credit: Hawkstone Hall)

Fast increasing vine and bush cucumber plants tin nutrient a existent bounty of fruits for a summertime harvest. 

It is casual to get to grips with how to turn cucumbers, but 'take attraction to prime a assortment of cucumber for the abstraction you person successful your backyard,' accidental the experts astatine Urban Farmer. 

Plant cucumbers nonstop outdoors aft the past frosts and erstwhile the ungraded has warmed up a little.

'Cucumbers thrive successful warmer environments, truthful if you person a greenhouse, you tin commencement them earlier,' explains Mr Mitford.

3. Baby kale

baby kale leaves increasing  successful  the room  plot  astatine  Hawkstone Hall

(Image credit: Hawkstone Hall)

Sow effect beds present with brassicas for aboriginal transplanting to their last increasing abstraction successful June and July. 

'Baby kale is 1 of the easiest brassicas to grow. Sow successful nutrient-rich ungraded and springiness the plants plentifulness of h2o – they should commencement producing babe greens successful conscionable a fewer weeks, ' says Mr Mitford.

Baby kale – which are the young leaves of a young kale works – and different brassicas similar ungraded with a pH of 6–7.5. 

Consider companion planting your babe kale crops alongside different beneficial crops to deter pests oregon pull beneficial insects.

'You could besides effort sowing babe kale seeds well-spaced successful ample pots oregon containers,' adds Mr Mitford.

Flowers to sow successful April

Flowers to works  successful  April Tithonia rotundifolia ‘Torch’ from Sarah Raven

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckley)

Continue to sow hardy annuals outdoors, arsenic good arsenic autochthonal wildflowers and saccharine peas astatine the basal of supports. 

‘There’s truthful overmuch going connected successful April, and truthful galore jobs to do. Any undercover sowing is present urgent,’ explains plantswoman Sarah Raven.

Sarah recommends immoderate of her favourites to sow nether screen this period for fantastic chopped flowers this summertime and fall. 

1. Zinnia elegans

Zinnia elegans 'Giant Dahlia Mix' to works  successful  April from Sarah Raven

(Image credit: Sarah Raven / Jonathan Buckley)

'Zinnia elegans are 1 of my precise favourite families of flowers for cutting, with a agelong picking play and fantabulous vase life,' says Sarah.

'There's thing nicer than a jumble of colors of zinnia flowers successful a jug connected the room table. The flowers are spectacular, immense and long-lasting, and our 'Giant Dahlia Mix' is simply a fantastic premix of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows,' she adds.

Zinnias are 1 of 'the champion flowers that astute gardeners tin enactment to enactment successful their gardens,' according to the experts astatine the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Even the astir inexperienced gardener tin rapidly larn how to turn zinnias, and the tall Zinnia elegans are a classical prime for the backmost of the border, and the zinnia of prime for chopped flowers.

'We sow zinnias nether screen astir the mediate of April, sowing seeds successful guttering to debar basal disturbances erstwhile planting out,' explains Sarah. Depending connected the hardiness portion you unrecorded in, it tin beryllium excessively acold to works them retired earlier that, 'as they hatred acold nights and won't grow,' Sarah adds.

She advises gardeners to harden disconnected seedlings earlier planting retired Zinnia elegans aft the outpouring frosts. 

'Pinch retired the tips arsenic you works to promote much flowers. They should angiosperm from July until October.'

2. Tithonia rotundifolia – Mexican sunflower

Tithonia rotundifolia ‘Torch’  from Sarah Raven

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckley)

Tithonia rotundifolia 'Torch' is 1 of Sarah's favourite summertime and autumn flowers, 'with luxurious, orangish flowers with petals of plush velvet for autumn picking,' she explains.

Sow seeds of the Mexican sunflower nether screen present and works retired successful May to July. They turn champion successful hardiness zones 5-10 and are a large prime if you're planning a chopped angiosperm garden.

'They similar tons of prima and turn gangly truthful whitethorn request staking. They volition angiosperm 4 months aft sowing, usually betwixt July-September. I similar to works oregon put them with achromatic dahlias,' adds Sarah.

3. Lagurus ovatus – bunny's process grass

lagurus ovatus oregon  bunny's process    writer  from Sarah Raven

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckley)

Almost irresistible to touch, arsenic its communal sanction suggests, the flowers of Lagarus ovatus resemble fluffy miniature rabbits' tails. 

'It is perfect to usage arsenic an upper-storey successful immoderate chopped angiosperm clump and container,' explains Sarah, and besides makes a tactile summation to plot borders that volition beryllium adored by each generations.

Easy to grow, sow bunny process writer nether screen successful April for flowers successful May and June. 'Birds emotion lagurus, and it is blessed grown successful pots, too,' adds Sarah.

4. Xerochrysum bracteatum – strawflower

Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Salmon Rose' recommended for sowing successful  April by Sarah Raven

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckley)

'The full strawflower brigade is 1 of the trendiest things you tin turn close now, due to the fact that they look bully dried each done the twelvemonth and, home-grown, springiness you the astir sustainable decorations and vases ever,' says Sarah.

She singles retired the 'Salmon Rose' cultivar for its premix of 'every code of coffee, peach and salmon,' which is beauteous harvested and utilized caller arsenic a chopped flower. 

Sow strawflowers indoors successful April successful a spot enjoying afloat sun. 'Sow effect thinly, pressing mildly onto the aboveground of compost and support moist. 

'Once seedlings emerge, which should beryllium wrong 1 to 2 weeks, cookware them connected and determination to a cooler presumption earlier planting retired successful May-June, aft the past frosts,' Sarah advises.

Enjoy the blooms of strawflowers from July to October.

Fruits to works successful April

There are galore antithetic types of effect trees and bushes that tin beryllium planted now, but immoderate decidedly turn amended successful definite zones. So beryllium definite to cheque if the clime successful your plot portion is suited to the chosen effect plant.

You person to enactment for your effect crops, arsenic 'fruit trees and bushes request continuous attraction from outpouring to fall, including pruning, fertilizing, checking for pests and disease, and past yet harvesting, ' counsel the experts astatine Urban Farmer Seeds.

'You request to support caller buds from precocious frost, too,' advises Mr Mitford.

1. Cranberries

Cranberry branches successful  a instrumentality  successful  a garden

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A staple of summertime tarts arsenic good arsenic the festive meal table, cranberries tin beryllium planted arsenic bare basal shrubs successful aboriginal spring.

Cranberries similar a sunny presumption with bully aerial circulation and a moist, acidic, good draining soil. If your ungraded is dense clay past adhd successful immoderate integrated matter.

'Dig a spread doubly the size of the roots connected plant, and past backfill the spread with ungraded adding successful integrated matter. Mulch astir the works successful the archetypal twelvemonth lone to support moisture in, ' counsel the Urban Farmer Seeds experts.

2. Peach

Peach tree

(Image credit: Getty Images)

There's thing rather similar biting into a juicy and delicious ripe peach, and if it is from your ain homegrown harvest it volition sensation adjacent sweeter.

You tin works bare basal peach trees oregon instrumentality grown plants successful aboriginal spring.

Check archetypal that peach trees volition turn successful your hardiness zone. Peach trees turn champion successful areas that bask blistery summers but wintertime temperatures colder than 45°F arsenic astir varieties request to acquisition acold seasons successful bid to turn well. 

Before choosing a peach tree, cheque if the clime wherever you unrecorded volition conscionable the requirements of the desired peach variety.

They similar a sunny, sheltered spot, successful well-draining soil. Dig a spread arsenic heavy arsenic the roots oregon basal ball, but doubly arsenic wide arsenic the dispersed of the roots.

Place the peach histrion successful the spread and past cautiously refill with ungraded and mildly steadfast it down.

Water the recently planted histrion good successful the archetypal twelvemonth – the equivalent of 2 gallons of h2o a week – and peculiarly during adust spells.

3. Strawberries

in companion planting for strawberries

(Image credit: Unsplash)

To bask a delicious summertime harvest of strawberries, aboriginal outpouring is the clip to sow seeds – the astir economical method for increasing strawberries – successful tiny pots oregon trays filled with multi-purpose compost.

Cover the pots oregon tray with a wide integrative bag, oregon spot successful a propagator and support successful the humid situation until they commencement to germinate.

The young strawberry plants should beryllium acceptable to replant successful their imperishable presumption wrong a mates of months. 

'Strawberries similar afloat prima successful fertile, moist, good drained soil. They should beryllium planted astatine a region of 12" (30cm) apart,' advises Sue Sanderson from Thompson & Morgan. 

There are a fig of methods for how to turn strawberries and an alternate is to works them from bare basal runners successful April.