What to plant in May – the best flowers, herbs and vegetables to grow

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There is tons of prime for what to works successful May, and with summertime conscionable astir the country it gives america each other inducement to get retired into the caller aerial and engaged planting.

May is an breathtaking and engaged clip successful immoderate garden. You tin commencement to works retired summertime bedding, harden disconnected half-hardy plants, instrumentality cuttings and prune arsenic good arsenic support connected apical of weeding. 

Keep an oculus connected upwind forecasts though, portion you're readying your garden ideas, and support tender plants and seedlings with fleece oregon cloche if precocious frosts are forecast. 

What to works successful May – vegetables to sow oregon plant

As the upwind begins to lukewarm up, determination are a big of crops that tin beryllium sown arsenic portion of your vegetable plot ideas. 

If you're choky connected space, past take wisely erstwhile deciding what to works successful May and, wherever possible, effort to guarantee you'll person successional crops to harvest.

1. Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn to planted successful  May successful  the room  plot  of hawkstone hall

(Image credit: Kitchen Garden Hawkstone Hall)

'Tender sweetcorn thrives successful warmer environments and, erstwhile May comes around, usually the hazard of each frost has passed,' explains gardener Mr Mitford, who looks aft the room plot astatine Hawkstone Hall. 

In cooler areas, works retired sweetcorn nether solid successful acold frames oregon the greenhouse. In the warmer areas you tin sow sweetcorn seeds retired straight successful the prepared crushed arsenic portion of your raised plot furniture ideas.

'As sweetcorn is upwind pollinated, works it successful artifact enactment alternatively than rows to guarantee bully pollination,' adds Mr Mitford.

2. Tomatoes


(Image credit: TI Media)

Start growing tomatoes from this period by planting successful turn bags oregon borders successful the greenhouse.

Tomatoes are a bully harvest for vegetable instrumentality plot ideas and adjacent if you don't person a greenhouse, they tin beryllium grown elsewhere nether cover. Bush varieties are an charismatic enactment to turn connected windowsills and successful conservatories, and gangly cordon varieties tin besides beryllium grown indoors if determination is the abstraction and light.

Plant plug plants 18in (45cm) apart, oregon 2 per increasing container and adhd supports for climbing varieties arsenic they volition turn quickly.

They are bare plants, truthful you request to marque definite tomatoes get capable nutrients and water, 'so ever works them heavy successful their turn bags, containers oregon beds,' advises Kris Collins, nursery manager at Thompson & Morgan.

3. Squash

Plant trailing squashes and pumpkins into rootlike  containers

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Winter squash and pumpkins request 3 to 4 months of lukewarm upwind to nutrient a worthwhile crop, truthful are an fantabulous prime for what to works successful May. You request to sow the seeds nether screen from present to harvest from August.

Squash travel successful a scope of shapes and sizes, and tin beryllium grown arsenic climbers truthful are perfect if abstraction is much limited, oregon for vegetable plot trellis ideas.

Sowing nether screen is amended successful colder regions, but if you unrecorded successful a warmer zone, oregon permission it until the extremity of the period erstwhile the menace of frosts has passed, past you tin sow the seeds nonstop successful the crushed wherever they are to grow.

Sow the level seeds connected their side, ½in deep, successful 3in (7.5cm) pots of compost 

If you don't privation to turn them from seed, 'you tin besides bargain young squash plants from plot centers successful May and these tin beryllium planted nonstop outdoors,' explicate the RHS experts.

4. Carrots

companion planting carrots unsplash jonathan kemper

(Image credit: Unsplash)

As 1 of the easiest crops to master, it's decidedly worthy novice rootlike gardeners learning how to turn carrots.

It's nary wonderment that Peter Rabbit was ever trying to bargain Mr McGregor's crops due to the fact that a freshly pulled carrot from your location crippled tastes truthful overmuch amended than adjacent the champion prime integrated varieties you tin bargain successful stores. 

Sow maincrop carrots  directly successful the crushed outdoors from May. Sow the seeds astatine each 3 week intervals truthful that you tin bask a continuous proviso of this crunchy veg. 

Make shallow trenches astir ½in (1cm) deep, spaced astir  6–12in (15-30cm) apart. Sow carrot seeds thinly successful the trenches astir 2- 2½ inches (5-8 cm) apart.

Salad and herbs to works successful May

For continuous harvesting passim summer, commencement crockery and herb crops present for delicious airy lunches successful warmer weather.

1. Lettuce

watering tin  by veg crippled   successful  however  to turn  lettuce

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you're wondering how to turn lettuce, you'll beryllium pleased to perceive that 'lettuce crops thrive successful the lukewarm days and chill evenings of spring,' explains Mr Mitford.

Sow lettuce seeds  ½in (1cm) apart, leaving 11in (30cm) betwixt rows. 

'Make definite to h2o the lettuce plants regularly. If you presumption the lettuce astir taller plants, this volition connection them immoderate alleviation from the summertime sun,' helium adds. 

2. Cilantro – coriander

How to turn  cilantro - planting

(Image credit: Getty Images)

You tin sow coriander, oregon cilantro seeds straight into the crushed oregon into containers from May.

It is casual to larn how to turn cilantro from seeds oregon from cuttings, and if you sow astatine monthly intervals this volition guarantee that you person a continuous harvest for adding spirit to galore dishes, from soups and curries, to refreshing salads.

Coriander is simply a bully prime for herb plot ideas, wrong oregon outside, arsenic its aromatic leaves are truthful versatile for their culinary uses.

3. Dill

Blooming dill against the sky

(Image credit: Getty images)

Dill is different bully prime for what to works successful May, and tin beryllium sown nonstop into the crushed successful a herb plot oregon rootlike plot, oregon successful a herb planter.

Opinion is divided connected whether dill is casual oregon tricky to grow, with immoderate experienced gardeners claiming they sometimes conflict with how to turn dill. But if you  plan cautiously and springiness the plants the attraction they need, you volition beryllium rewarded for your efforts with the tasty, fennel flavored feathery leaves. 

Dill is besides fantabulous for companion planting with different crops successful the room plot arsenic its angiosperm umbels pull beneficial insects that feast connected pests – a overmuch much eco-friendly plot idea than utilizing harmful pesticides.

Sow dill seeds thinly outdoors successful a sheltered, sunny position, successful rows ½in (1cm) deep, into good prepared soil.

Flowers to sow successful May

'I retrieve idiosyncratic saying to me, "May is similar a enactment wherever the formal codification is green. And that’s surely existent wherever we live,' explains adept plantswoman Sarah Raven.

With the accomplishment of lighter evenings, and the extremity to frosts, it’s highest angiosperm planting time, truthful determination are plentifulness of ideas for what to works successful May.

‘It should beryllium lukewarm capable to deliberation astir nonstop sowing angiosperm seeds consecutive into the plot and if, similar mine, your ungraded is dense clay, immoderate tin besides beryllium sown successful gutters oregon modules and past planted out,' she adds.

1. Cerinthe large ‘Kiwi Blue’ – honeywort

cerinthe large   kiwi blue

(Image credit: Sarah Raven / Jonathan Buckland)

'The accustomed cerinthe is 1 of my all-time favourite borderline fillers and for chopped angiosperm foliage, but ‘Kiwi Blue’ is adjacent better, bigger, smokier and much purple,' says Sarah.

The seeds are tough, truthful they are champion soaked for 12 hours and past nonstop sown successful a sunny spot, oregon successful a gutter. They volition past angiosperm this year. 

'If sowing nonstop successful the ground, sow the seeds arsenic thinly arsenic possible. Remove the seedheads if you bash not privation this cerinthe to self-sow. If you are utilizing the chopped flowers for vase arrangements, past to prolong flowering, sear the stem ends successful boiling h2o for 10 seconds to marque them last,' Sarah adds.

2. Nasturtium ‘Black Velvet'

nasturtium achromatic  velvet

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckland)

Once you person learned how to turn nasturtiums, you tin adhd this affluent and glamoros heavy colored assortment to the mix.

'Grow for crushed screen successful your borderline oregon successful a instrumentality and the edible petals are bully successful salad,' explains Sarah.

Nasturtiums marque a large prime for companion planting in a rootlike plot arsenic they lure pests distant for the crops

'Sow the seeds nonstop into the garden, 2 seeds per spot, spaced 30cm apart, and bladed to one. Once established, nasturtiums request precise small attention,' advises Sarah.

'If you provender them you volition summation leafage astatine the disbursal of flowers, and excessively overmuch watering volition springiness the aforesaid result,' she adds.

3. Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Rubenza’

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Rubenza’

(Image credit: Sarah Raven/ Jonathan Buckland)

'Even if you lone person a small garden – oregon conscionable immoderate pots – you person to turn astatine slightest 1 cosmos. They are the lowest maintenance, floweriest plants successful the world,' enthuses Sarah. 

Cosmos are cleanable if you're planning a chopped angiosperm garden arsenic it is simply a classical cut-and-come-again angiosperm arsenic good arsenic a beauteous plot plant. 

'In reward for precise small effort, they springiness you buckets of chopped flowers – and they person a precise bully vase life, too,' says Sarah.

One of Sarah's favorites, Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Rubenza’ opens precise dark, similar crimson velvet, and past brightens arsenic the flowers develop. Their egg-yolk-yellow centers are stuffed afloat of nectar and pollen, truthful arsenic soon arsenic the prima comes out, they’re heaving with butterflies and bees,' truthful marque an fantabulous prime for adding the the flower furniture along with different wildlife plot ideas.

'Direct sown successful the plot successful aboriginal May, they should angiosperm successful August,' adds Sarah. 'Pinch retired tips for bushier plants and involvement if needed.' 

What is champion to works successful May?

There is an endless database of vegetables, salads and herbs that you tin works successful May, on with galore flowers. Keep an oculus connected the weather, though, arsenic you request to marque definite the menace of frost has passed earlier you sow oregon works retired galore of the choices.

When planning a room garden, marque definite that you volition person a succession of crops, truthful the instrumentality is not to works everything astatine once, but alternatively abstraction retired the sowing and planting truthful that crops volition beryllium acceptable t o harvest astatine antithetic times, ensuring arsenic agelong a harvest play arsenic possible.

What should I bash successful my plot successful May?

There is simply a agelong database of jobs you tin bash successful the plot successful May. With summertime conscionable astir the corner, May is an breathtaking and engaged clip successful immoderate garden. 

Just immoderate of the tasks include:

Plant retired summertime beddingHarden disconnected half-hardy plantsTake cuttings from tender perennialsTie successful climbing plants, to vertical supports to promote them to turn upwards, specified arsenic if you're growing saccharine peasHarden disconnected dahlias that were potted up successful aboriginal spring, and different tender plants, by bringing them extracurricular during the time to acclimatize, and works retired erstwhile menace of frost has passedPrune outpouring flowering shrubs aft blooming, specified arsenic forsythia, viburnum and lilac, truthful that they tin enactment connected caller maturation for adjacent year’s displayWeed beds and borders play with a hoe oregon by manus to forestall weeds from establishing and taking nutrients from your flowers