When to harvest radishes – how to pick this hardy, easy-to-grow root vegetable

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If you’re wondering erstwhile to harvest radishes, you’re successful the close place. This crunchy, delicious basal harvest is 1 of the easiest vegetables to turn and we’ve got immoderate apical tips from adept gardeners connected erstwhile to harvest this tasty vegetable. 

The astir important archetypal measurement successful how to turn radishes and when to works radishes is erstwhile to harvest them erstwhile afloat grown. Get this right, and you tin beryllium enjoying a homegrown harvest, precocious successful vitamin C and packed with antioxidants, twelvemonth round. 

When to harvest radishes 

Radishes successful  How to turn  radishes

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Check the size of your radishes earlier picking by removing conscionable the apical furniture of ungraded astir 1 of the plants successful the row. Radishes are acceptable to harvest erstwhile they've grown to astir 1in/2.5cm successful diameter. 

Summer radishes are champion harvested young. Pull and devour fresh, erstwhile crunchy and delicious. Winter radishes tin beryllium near successful the crushed and dug up arsenic required, oregon lifted successful November and stored.

Don’t permission radishes successful the crushed erstwhile they are acceptable – they volition go pugnacious and woody and the spirit won’t beryllium anyplace adjacent arsenic bully arsenic the young plants.

How agelong should radishes beryllium successful the ground?

Radishes volition beryllium acceptable to harvest rather rapidly, arsenic soon arsenic 3 weeks aft planting for immoderate varieties. 

Pull 1 retired and trial it earlier harvesting the rest. You'll privation your radish to beryllium steadfast to the touch. Do not permission radishes successful the crushed agelong aft their mature stage. Their information volition deteriorate rapidly aft the archetypal harvesting play has passed.

How bash you prime radishes?

A bully mode to archer if the radishes are acceptable to beryllium harvested is to simply propulsion 1 from the soil. If the ungraded is peculiarly crusted oregon hard, usage a plot fork oregon trowel to mildly assistance the basal from the soil. Cut the tops and process basal from the radishes and lavation them. Dry them good and store them successful the refrigerator successful a cooler container until acceptable to use. 

Don’t hide astir the radish greens too. They are besides edible and tin beryllium stored separately successful a crockery crisper for up to 3 days. Radishes adhd a fresh, peppery enactment to salads, but did you cognize you tin besides roast them on with different basal vegetables? Roasting radishes reduces their tongue-biting kick, and the spirit becomes much earthy and mellow. If you’re harvesting your own, it’s surely worthy a try.