When to plant asparagus – the vitamin rich superfood

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It's important to larn erstwhile to works asparagus to get it disconnected to a bully start, peculiarly arsenic asparagus is not your emblematic one-hit vegetable. 

When increasing carrots we devour the roots and with potatoes we devour the tubers, but similar rhubarb, asparagus  – Asparagus officinalis – is simply a perennial works from which we harvest the stems oregon ‘spears’. This is done annually during a abbreviated outpouring to aboriginal summertime window, and lone builds to important harvest quantities by the 3rd and 4th years. 

Patience is the sanction of the crippled erstwhile learning how to turn asparagus  – and if you'll beryllium dedicating an country of your vegetable garden to this perennial harvest past it's important to get it close by planting asparagus astatine the close time.

You'll reap the rewards of timing it close arsenic it's costly to bargain asparagus astatine the market store, but a well-planned asparagus furniture tin spell connected to nutrient delicious spears successful precocious measurement for 20 years oregon more. 

how to turn  asparagus

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When to works asparagus – spring

If you're wondering erstwhile to works asparagus, it is typically successful aboriginal outpouring erstwhile the information of predominant frosts person begun to walk and drier upwind is much regular than prolonged spells of dense rainfall oregon snow. 

Asparagus tin beryllium grown from effect but this adds an other twelvemonth to the wide maturation cycle. Instead, astir asparagus growers statesman by planting bare-root crowns. These brownish dried basal systems, which lucifer bundles of tiny octopus tentacles, are successful information dormant one-year-old plants.

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What period is champion to works asparagus?

The champion period for erstwhile to works asparagus crowns successful Europe and the United States is mostly successful precocious March oregon April. US growers successful USDA zones 1 to 5, however, thin to hold until precocious April oregon adjacent mid-May. 

Indeed determination are circumstantial varieties of asparagus bred for growers successful colder bluish states. Asparagus ‘Millennium’ was bred successful Ontario astatine Canada’s University of Guelph and is much suited to colder climes due to the fact that it goes dormant earlier successful the autumn and emerges aboriginal successful spring, offering accrued extortion from frost damage.

Daniel Yoder, asparagus proceedings technician astatine Johnny’s Selected Seeds is based successful a USDA portion 3-6 and highlights that steadfast crowns request to beryllium planted aft the information of frost has passed. 'On our Research Farm successful Maine, we would works crowns with each our archetypal outpouring crops successful mid-May. However, I wouldn’t works until mid-June erstwhile it comes to seedlings,' helium explains.

Asapargus Millenium from Johnny's Selected Seeds

(Image credit: Asapargus Millenium from Johnny's Selected Seeds)

Can you works asparagus successful fall?

It is accepted to works asparagus crowns successful the outpouring but immoderate varieties bash lend themselves to autumn planting. This should beryllium done during the aboriginal months of the season, portion the ungraded is inactive lukewarm from the vigor of summer. This gives the roots clip to aftermath up a small arsenic they go accustomed to their caller location anterior to the accomplishment of wintertime temperatures.

'Asparagus crowns tin besides beryllium planted successful the autumn erstwhile the ungraded is warmer. This gives plants a caput commencement connected establishing. We urge asparagus ‘Mondeo’, an all-male hybrid that crops early, produces precocious yields and has bully illness resistance,' explains Annalise Brilli, horticultural adept astatine UK effect supplier Thompson & Morgan. 

To further assistance the output of your asparagus crops, you tin look astatine companion planting beneficial crops alongside them to support them from pests and pull pollinators.

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When tin you bargain asparagus crowns for planting?

Asparagus crowns tin beryllium purchased online, straight from plot centers oregon from nurseries and are mostly disposable from mid-March into April for planting successful spring. 

It is precise communal for growers to marque pre-order purchases online successful the aboriginal months of the twelvemonth to guarantee that stocks are inactive disposable successful April. It is good worthy buying astir for the champion prices due to the fact that determination tin beryllium rather a variance connected price.

Plant asparagus successful afloat sun, and fertile, well-drained soil. The request to debar perpetually bedewed oregon boggy conditions cannot beryllium overstated – asparagus crowns bash not turn good if they are planted successful bedewed beds. 

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When tin you replant existing asparagus plants?

Existing asparagus tin beryllium transplanted oregon replanted  in aboriginal outpouring portion crowns stay dormant, though transplanting oregon replanting is mostly not recommended owed to ‘transplant shock’. 

Once lifted and relocated, they should beryllium near unharvested for a further 2 years whilst they re-establish themselves.